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What is called traveling in the game of basketball?

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Thesse two topics were similiar enough I decided to just merge them togeather.


Travelling is a foul whare a player takes more than (I think) 3 steps holding the ball. That's why players tend to bounce the ball when they move with it becasue that's technically not holding onto it, it's way for a player to hold onto possesion without violating the travelling rule.


A 3 point basket is scored when a basket is scored from outside a certain zone marked on the court (see the picture) further from the basket than a regular 2 point basket. The 3 point line is the large semi-circle.





If may recommend doing an interent search when you don't undertand sports rules. It's a faster, more reliable way to obtain that information when compared to video game forum. Just saying.

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Traveling happens when a player takes more than 2 steps. Traveling is also when a player puts his palm facing upward towards the ceiling while underneath the ball during dribbling, as if to scoop the ball. While dribbling the hand should always be on top or side of ball. Also traveling happens if a player with the ball loses control of it without it touching another player and he runs to get the ball back in his hands and starts dribbling again. Traveling happens if you shoot the ball and miss the backboard and the rim and still get the ball back again. But that is controversial. Traveling happens when you stop dribbling with the ball in your hand and your pivot foot moves. Traveling happens when you have the ball while player is on the ground and get up to dribble and move again. 

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