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Rust has been blowing up lately

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Has anyone noticed that Rust has become more popular than it once was? I hear it started to get an increase of people streaming it and doing lets plays of it. Why are people jumping now all of a sudden? Is it worth checking out now? I hear it was in early access forever and was released a year or two ago. 

Who here plays it? And would you recommend it? I saw some gameplay of it, and I don't know if it's really my thing, but everyone I know has jumped on the bandwagon and I figure I may as well too. 

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Is it? I love playing it from time to time, but it's hard to find good servers due to my internet speed. I love playing more modded servers where I don't have to waste 20 days to build a base just to be raded by two guys with spears lol

It was I had it since early access, and it changed so much. At the start you had to like turn off grass and such to be able to paly it even with a beast pc.

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