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Metal Gear Solid cast has reunited for an unknown project

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Ooooh, I hope this means we're getting a new Metal Gear Solid. But, with the old cast returning, I wonder if we'll end up seeing a remake of the original game. Remakes are all the rage these days, and I think the first MGS could do with a remake. 

David Hayter, the man behind the original voice of Solid Snake, and Big Boss tweeted this bit of news:

You can also read about this bit of news here - Gamesradar

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On 1/26/2021 at 12:46 PM, Reality vs Adventure said:

I have MGS 5 and feel I've missed out on the older games that led to the latest story. So I would like to see a remake of an earlier game. Would be good to see how they formed and where Snake and others came from. 

You should give the original titles a shot before you do. In this day and age, studios like to change and add things to reboots. So if you want the best experience, I'd say play the originals if you can. You can get the 2nd, 3rd and a portable game in the HD collection that came out a while back. I suggest checking that out for 2 and 3. But get the PS1 version of MGS1 and play that. For it's time, it was revolutionary and I think it's aged fairly well for what it is. Even with the really outdated graphics, the game plays great imo. 

I remember playing the MGS1 demo years ago as a kid, and replayed the hell out of that demo. I finally got the game in my collection. 🙂 

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