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Xbox Series X will be in short supply until at least June, Microsoft admits

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3 hours ago, Yaramaki said:

Where i live the series x is becoming more and more avaible i've seen it in a few stores here and there where you can just grab one, even a couple of local online stores like bol.com have it in stock.

Ps5 on the other hand i've yet to see one for sale well at normal retail price.

This is exactly the same situation down here too. People are not even looking for Xbox Series X much and it's almost in every store you walk into. 

But when it comes to Playstation 5, you won't see it at all. It's only available at hiked price by scalpers. 

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9 hours ago, HowHammerYou said:

The wal-mart nearest me has been getting Series X consoles pretty regularly since late August. I've seen 4 or 5 so far, and it's the first time they've ever had them in stock. Still no PS5s, though.

Sony have very much frustrating a lot of gamers that have been waiting for Playstation 5 to come back in stock massively. With the kind of demand that's on ground waiting the console to be available, I'm afraid Sony might not be able to supply what's going to be enough. The console will be in and out of stock for a long time. 

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