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Are AtGames getting better at making devices?

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I often steer clear of AtGames devices, as the Sega console they made years ago was awful. And most of their recent releases haven't really been that great. Now they're starting to make their own arcade cabinets, and I sure hope their production quality goes up there, because if they're still facing the same problems, I wouldn't put any money in an arcade machine from them. 

Have you purchased any devices through them recently? I remember when Sega backed out from working with them for the Genesis Classic that came out a while back. Sega actually made that one, but AtGames were originally hired on to make it happen. But after fan backlash, that was dropped. 

Do you think AtGames can deliver quality products? I'm not going to bet on it. But I am kind of curious about their arcade cabinets, but that's really about it. 

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