How to Unlock and Specialise Battlefield 5 Weapons

There is a sizeable list of weapons to unlock in Battlefield 5, from precise, long-range rifles to powerful machine guns. However, with the soldier class weapon restrictions, specialising your weapons is really just as important as unlocking them, if not more so. Here’s everything you need to know to get started with the Battlefield 5 weapons system.

Battlefield 5 Weapons Are Restricted by Class

How to Unlock and Specialise the Battlefield 5 Weapons

When you first start playing Battlefield 5, you’ll find that each of the four soldier classes have a single default primary weapon available. Each of the classes can only choose weapons from one or two specific categories. Assault soldiers can choose from Assault Rifles or Semi-Automatic Rifles. Medics can only choose Submachine Guns. Recon class soldiers can choose either a Bolt Action Rifle or Self-Loading Rifle. Finally, Support soldiers can choose from the Light Machine Guns and Medium Machine Guns categories.

To unlock new guns beyond the default starting ones, the best thing to do is simply to play each class. You’ll earn XP, your rank will increase, and over time, you’ll be able to unlock new guns. The first of these unlocks comes at Rank 5. When you earn a new weapon, head to the game’s Armoury tab to find your reward icons. Of course, the new weapons you unlock won’t necessarily be better than what you already have. Rather, they may simply be better-suited to particular play-styles.

Battlefield 5 Weapons Can be Specialised

As a result, you ought to focus as much on Weapon Specialisations as on unlocking. Every one of the Battlefield 5 weapons can be customised and specialised in a variety of ways. The more you use a weapon in the game, the more you’ll progress towards new specialisation unlocks. You can also spend Company Coin to unlock specialisations. The weapon specialisation tree allow you to gain various performance tweaks and enhancements, although most come with some associated drawbacks to counterbalance it. By fine-tuning your weapon specialisations, you can perfect loadouts which are ideal for how you play the game.