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  1. I've been thinking for a long time now that I would love to see a game based on Stranger Things or Dark. But not that announced cartoony Telltale Stranger Things, I want a full horror 4K experience of that thing! What's your pick?
  2. If we're talking real gaming then Ni No Kuni 2 was the last one on PC. If mobile games count though, I'm switching from Darkness Rises to Summoners War to Pokemon GO pretty much all day 😄
  3. It was Ninding of Isaac Afterbirth on Nintendo Switch. After 700 hours on Steam and my first "perfect game", this had to happen!
  4. Definitely Starcraft. Then again I remember that horse racing game on Neo Geo and Samurai Showdown and King of Fighters. Man, those were the days. One game I never got over as well was Syberia, I must have played it more than 10 times. This game is SOOOO good. Too bad the next two sequels didn't live up to their expectations 😞
  5. Technically yes, my League of Legends account got a soft ban a few years ago. It was the only day that I gave my account to a friend to play a few silver game with his girlfriend. The chat log Riot sent me to justify the soft ban was so amusing. This guy gave everything he had on that chat 😄
  6. For me it's players that consider themselves gods and blame everyone else. I used to play HotS with a guy that was doing one bad play after another and then blamed me as a healer that I wasn't there. Those guys are outerly annoying.
  7. I used to spend more than 10-12 hours per day back in my university years. It wasn't even anything special I just kept jumping from one indie game to another, try out all popular mmo's and card games. Now I play 1-2 hours per day on my Nintendo Switch right before bed BUT I usually have some kind of mobile game online on my phone for more than 6 hours during work. Damn, mobile games are SOOO good right now!
  8. Nintendo has said recently that they want to release at least 20 indies per week. That's huge! And as an indie lover, I'm glad to have picked the Switch as my first ever console 😛
  9. Daamn, I knew that something was missing there! I can't believe I forgot that masterpiece 😄
  10. I loved No Man's Sky from the first time I saw it a few months before release. I promised myself to buy it on launch day but coincidentally I was on vacation abroad at the time. When I got home after vacations I was bombarded by bad reviews, memes and friends dissing on the game was waiting for so long. Well, they wouldn't get to me. I bought NMS and gave it all my time. I loved how sirene and peaceful it is and the only thing that I found negative was the lack of narrative storyline and a proper ending. Those things have been fixed with more coming later this summer so... I'm jumping on the HYPE TRAIN again, will you join me?
  11. I don't believe that Fortnite is THAT good but I can't deny that Epic made some pretty good choices. The ever changing map, the battle pass, the frequent new content and modes. All those make Fortnite a service that other franchises should be jealous of. Personally, I started playing Fortnite when it released on Nintendo Switch and it's been a good time playing it ever since. I'm glad to see Fortnite reigning over PUBG which is nothing but a money grabbing title, with net code issues and unstable gameplay. Can't wait to see where Fortnite will be in a year from now.
  12. I'll take up on your recommendation! It really looks interesting, should have added it too 😄
  13. I'll have to agree with Spec Ops. That was a definite "BOOM". CoD is heading the wrong way right now. Us narrative lovers won't even bother with another sequel if it doesn't include that strong campaign that brought us to tears a few years back.
  14. I'll go with Metal Gear Solid. I want to play the first game so badly but the controls are barely acceptable in 2018. Guess that will never happen though 😕
  15. Indie games are the best ones to play on the go. With Nintendo giving us access to possibly every indie title we could ever ask for, it's hard to choose among them. What would you choose as a must-have indie game on your Switch? I'll go with Binding of Isaac. Replayability, low battery consumption, challenge and excellent performance make it a perfect match for me.
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