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  1. MacBook is certainly not the ideal machine to play games but what one can do if he loves playing games and only have MacBook? Well he can certainly play some games on its MacBook but he must use some cooling pad to prevent it from overheating. All the Best with your gaming and your MacBook 🙂
  2. I watched The Invisible Man about a month ago.
  3. Hopefully the games go ahead in 2021. Otherwise the games are likely to be called off and all the hard work of the last 4 year (now 5 years) will be wasted.
  4. Yes, racing can still work without crowd as the riders/drivers would not be listening to the crowd voice anyway with engines producing so much noise.
  5. Activision is certainly taking good steps in order to keep happy most of its players. After a strong demand, they have now introduced the duos mode as well which has certainly make lots of people happy who want to have just one best buddy in their team.
  6. People are spending most of their time at home and playing games is a good way to spend quality time while enjoying yourself. For me, gaming industry is still doing very good all around the world and COVID-19 hasn't impacted the gaming industry as much as it has some of the other industries.
  7. Hello all members of vgr forum. My name is Victor and I have just joined this forum. I have been spending lots of time playing games at the moment because of the lockdown and have found some great content here. I have now joined the forum and looking forward to meet great gamers here who surely help me to improve my gaming skills.
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