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  1. I don't know much about the franchise personally. However, I know my little brother actually seemed to quite enjoy the newer games for awhile. I don't know that he still plays any of the newer games now that he's more into the PC realm.
  2. Haha oh my word, they sound like pretty neat concepts but the execution may not have been very good. Either that or too early for it's time. There must be a reason they didn't continue making these with newer consoles.
  3. It really is too bad to see Blizzard going down like this. I miss the day's when they were their own entity and not with Activision. I've not seen much good since those two companies came together.
  4. The last game I played was Kingdoms of Heck Fire through Mist Play. Had to get my 5 minutes in for the day 😛
  5. Did you end up doing something else? Often times I will be hanging out with family all day so there isn't really opportunity to play any video games.
  6. Do you have a hard time finding good mobile games? I personally do and it's kinda frustrating. Google tries to serve up these "Recommended" games and most of the time I'm not actually interested. Often times to find a good game I have to either scroll forever or find out from someone on a forum and then search for it.
  7. When was the last time you went an entire day not playing a single video game? It's been over a month for me 😛 I've been using this App called Mist Play and they give you streaks for playing a game for at least 5 minutes a day.
  8. I absolutely enjoy Mario Kart to begin with so when I heard that it was coming to mobile...first I was excited. Then I groaned, but then I got to play it and it ended up being fun and not riddled with trying to force me to pay money at every turn. Have you played this yet? Do you like it?
  9. When I start off for the first time with a game I will usually go for a normal mode. I do this because it is my belief that the "Normal" mode is how the game will be most enjoyed as it is a baseline in regards to difficulty. If I can manage to master Normal I will increase difficulty.
  10. If the app is free and the ads aren't super intrusive I have no problem with ads. I also prefer the ads to be at least mostly G because I don't want to see ads for Viagra or any porn advertisements...
  11. Interesting that these companies all want to get a piece of this. I knew that game streaming was a thing but apparently these bigger companies are starting to see a market for it. I just read an article this morning that said Google just ran a project where they ran a test of running a newer Assassins Creed game through a game streaming service they're experimenting with.
  12. I was thinking that this would be the solution. I have heard rumors that the cooling pad can potentially make your laptop work harder and heat it up more. This to me doesn't seem quite right though 😕
  13. Eh Christmas tree is only up for a short period of time and disco-ball shines it's light all over 😛 Our apartment right now looks so bland cause there isn't hardly any color to speak of so I really enjoy when we get to put up lights 🙂
  14. By this, I do not mean, how can we keep them hip and slick. I mean, keeping the laptop from burning your leg off and bursting into flames. I haven't ever owned a gaming laptop but I do know that it is a pain to keep them cool. Has anyone here figured out a practical way to keep your laptop moderately cool?
  15. I should make sure I clarify my statements in the title of this thread. By build I mean you go to retailers like NewEgg and buy the individual parts for your computer and have them delivered to your home. Then with those parts you put together your computer piece by piece. By out of the box I mean you go to a manufacturer like Alien Ware, BestBuy, etc and it's already pre-built when you receive it. With all of that, do you build your gaming rigs or do you let a manufacturer do it for you?
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