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  1. I agree with what you wrote here. TVs have bad response time, lower refresh rate and a lot of input lag. For a gamer like me who plays mainly Counter Strike: Global Offensive and other shooting games using a TV would be a very bad experience.
  2. Yep, I completely agree with that. Battle Royale games can be grindy sometimes but Fortnite is a fast-playing game which makes it feel even more grindy. Anyway, I just saw in Steam that there is a new Battle Royale game but underwater. That's something new and I hope it will be a good game.
  3. PC Building Simulator represents most of the building process but some things are just made simple and easy. But we know that it's just a video game, doing the things in real life will be more complicated. Overall, it's a good game.
  4. Keranov


    I listen to music from YouTube. I just open a playlist which I like and let the music play while I browse or do other things. It's the easiest way for me to listen to music everyday. The music also helps when I play grinding games.
  5. I think that everyone has seen a video game which you think it's an overrated game. Which video game do you think is overrated for you? Personally, I find Fortnite as an example of that. It's just a simple game without much to do in it. I'm not saying that it's bad but I'm saying I'm a not a fan of it.
  6. I have played some tycoon games before and enjoyed them - YouTubers Life, Game Dev Tycoon and some others. I like to waste time in this type of games when I have nothing to do. Is anyone else here that likes this type of games? Can you recommend some other tycoon games?
  7. Is anyone here ever have ever tried the Windows 10 night mode? How was the experience compared when it's turned off? Do you think it's better for late night gaming? I have tried it once and I didn't like it. I prefer to see the original colors and I simply have the lights turned on.
  8. RGB is cool and a lot of people like it. Are you one of those people? Do you spend extra money on RGB parts, peripherals and accessories? For me it doesn't matter if I get RGB or no. I'm more on the price-performance side.
  9. Is anyone here a streamer? Where do you stream - Twitch, YouTube or somewhere else? What video games are you playing mostly at the stream? Do you think it could become a full time job or it's just a hobby for you? Personally, I never have got into streaming but maybe after some years I will try.
  10. PC Building Simulator became famous when it firstly came to Steam. Is anyone here playing that game? How much time did you spend in PC Build Simulator? Do you like it? I have seen only a couple videos about this game but it looks interesting for me. Maybe I will buy it in the future.
  11. I would probably choose Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It's the main game which I play on my PC and I think I'm having most fun with it.
  12. I don't play the games for achievements and trophies. I play the video games the way I want to have fun. I think it's the most important thing when you are gaming.
  13. I would like to play a zombie shooter. Something like Counter Strike: Global Offensive but zombie themed. I think it would be great.
  14. Layers of Fear actually was free for a limited time before. I'm mainly interested in Dead by Daylight. I think that it's better than Friday the 13th, just my opinion. Both games looks pretty similar in terms of gameplay.
  15. Welcome to the VGR forum, Demon_Skeith! It's nice to see you around! Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy your time here. 🙂
  16. I'm not sure but some games can detect if they are launched on an emulator and if so they won't work. I don't think Fortnite will run on Bluestacks/NOX Player but you still might try. Some Samsung phones can download Fortnite but just Samsung.
  17. It would feel that they just released the PS4 Pro, made some quick money and boom - a new console. Yeah, it wouldn't be a good thing. But still 2019 sounds the best for me.
  18. Keranov

    Gaming on Linux?

    Most of the games aren't supported for Linux. It's just that the operating system isn't created with that aim. If I get a release of Linux with a good game support I would probably switch to it.
  19. I also would like to receive invincibility. This means that I would be able to do everywhere I want to and do whatever I want to without having to worry. Flying is also a good superpower but I think living forever will be better.
  20. Keranov

    Clash Royale

    When it first came out, Clash Royale turned into the most popular and discussed mobile game. I have been playing it everyday for hours and hours. But after a year I stopped playing that game. Do you still play Clash Royale? If so, which arena you are in? Have you spent money on that game?
  21. Keranov

    Gaming on Linux?

    There are Linux versions which have support for some games but still Linux isn't a good OS for most type of gaming. Has anyone here ever tried to play video games on Linux? What was the experience like? I never have tried that because I'm not into Linux. For the gaming part, only 1 of my video games has Linux support.
  22. There are some monitors with a touchscreen available. If you are a PC gamer would you get one of these? Any reason? Personally, I don't think that type of technology is for the PC market so I would never get a touchscreen monitor. It's just useless for me.
  23. If you are a content creator or a streamer would you prefer to have another PC to do the tasks while recording or streaming? If I was in this I wouldn't get a second PC until I'm able to do YouTube/Twitch as a full time job.
  24. Welcome to the VGR forum, Ron! What are some of your favourite video games? I hope that you will enjoy your time here. 🙂
  25. I just saw this deal today. You can get some great horror games for just $15. I think that the best video games from the deal are Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th: The Game. There are 7 other tittles which I never have heard of. Here is the link to the bundle.
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