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  1. I don't think that we have any Game Stop stores in my country. There are great deals for the console users in Game Stop. Most people which play on PC prefer digital download and in some countries ( like my one ) pirating is legal and there are also people who just pirate most of the singleplayer games.
  2. Currently, you can get Insurgency for free in Steam. Just log in to your account and click on Play Game. It will be associated with your account permanently. But you better hurry up because the deal will no longer be available after 48 hours. Insurgency on Steam
  3. What is your favourite thing to play in GTA V - deathmach, race, heists, LTS or something else? My favourite ones are deathmach, race and the heists.
  4. I have looked at some videos in YouTube before how to pass a level in Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag. There was a mission where I have failed more than 15 times and finally decided to watch a guide on how to pass it.
  5. I don't think that mobile gaming will die. There are plenty of successful games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and much more where people spend a lot of money for micro-transactions.
  6. I think that the Playstation 4 Pro has better GPU and a CPU which is working on a higher clock rate. You can check the full specs here: https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/explore/ps4/tech-specs/
  7. Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I had an amazing match as well as teammates. Played mainly AWP in this one and made some good kills from T spawn on mid.
  8. Have anybody here ever sold any in-game items for real money? I did once and it was just a case from Counter Strike: Global Offensive which costed 4 euros and I put it in the Steam community market. Got sold instantly.
  9. To be honest I think that I prefer more the open world games. Something like Grand Theft Auto V but I also like games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Players' Unknown Battlegrounds. Good games with a nice story are amazing too.
  10. For me it was the P90 weapon in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It's a very good weapon to shoot a big amount of zombies. No problems!
  11. It was scamming random people in a Minecraft server back in the time. I think that it was just items and there weren't any problems at all.
  12. Currently you can grab Fallout 4 at half the price - only 14,99 euros. It's available in Steam and if you haven't played it I would recommend you to do it. 🙂
  13. I have been playing mainly Grand Theft Auto V, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Euro Truck Simulator 2 recently. Dead by Daylight and Players' Unknown Battlegrounds are good games too.
  14. I'm 99% sure this is 1:1 copy-pasted from a thread created by me in another forum. My answer to the question is the same as the thread starter here.
  15. There are a lot of Wrong Turn movies and I think if they get turned into video games they would be very successful. Great horror games with amazing stories.
  16. I really enjoyed Grand Theft Auto San Andreas back in the time and I used to play it all the day. I have played the multiplayer too and I think that it's still a good game. It has the best story from all GTAs!
  17. This month Humble Bundle is giving Rise of the Tomb Raider for $12 USD if you subscribe to Humble Monthly. You can subscribe by clicking here and after you get the game you can unsubscribe.
  18. In the years I had a lot of different games like Minecraft, Counter Strike 1.6, Team Fortress 2, GTA Vice City and San Adeas and much more. But at the moment my favourite ones are Grand Theft Auto V and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
  19. My Steam level is 10 too. I haven't did anything to grind Steam levels but in the future I would like to start. Having a high level account sounds good and it's pretty cool.
  20. I always have purchased my video games from Steam. I think that it's the best place to do it. But I think that I will try Humble Bundle in the near future too. Also, sites like Kinguin are good to save some money.
  21. Once I got bored of playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 after spending 3-4 hours in it without a stop. But generally from gaming - never!
  22. I have played a Dust 2 deathmach in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I was hoping that I would get one more of the new Horizon cases but the game didn't drop it.
  23. I never have bought any game merchandise. But I would like to get a few Counter Strike: Global Offensive knives. They are pretty cool!
  24. I think that I was 7 years old when I first played a video game. The game was Yu-Gi-Oh but I don't remember which one exactly.
  25. I don't really remember what got me into gaming but I think it's the fun to play video games and relax. It's just something like a thing that I do everyday to not get bored.
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