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  1. For Honor was also available for free in uPlay before Steam. I have got the 2 deals and now I have 2 copies of the game, so basically 2x $40.
  2. There is a game called Grand Fantasia which was popular before. But now, only around 5% of the players who have been playing it before are still active.
  3. These games were bundled in one on Humble Bundle for a total of $15 USD. White Noise 2, Layers of Fear, How to Survive, How to Survive 2, Detention, BioShock Remastered, Yomawari: Night Alone, Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th: The Game.
  4. When you are getting a new phone do you spend a lot of money on it? If so, why? I don't need a high end mobile phone because the only things I do on a phone is playing some basic games, Facebook and calling.
  5. Do you prefer to play on a tablet due to the bigger screen or you prefer to play on your mobile phone due to its portability? I prefer to use my phone to play mobile games. It's easier to bring it with me.
  6. Have you ever broke any piece of equipment or something else from raging at a video game? I don't think that I have broke anything from raging at a game.
  7. Have you ever played in a video game tournament? If so, what was the video game and how big was the tournament? I never have visited any game tournament but if I was going to it would be for CS:GO.
  8. The only active players left are the AP buyers basically. The game was very fun 2010-2012 but everything has its end.
  9. When you was a kid did you have to share your PC or console with other people of the family like brother or sister? When we had only 1 PC at home I had to share it with all of my family but mainly my sister.
  10. When you was a kid and wished for video games for Christmas did you receive any? I haven't wished for video games as younger so I didn't.
  11. There are some professional players in Grand Theft Auto V who can do awesome stunts. Can you do any stunts? I'm a noobie in this game and can barely drive a car without hitting any other cars.
  12. For those of us who play Counter Strike: Global Offensive, what is your competitive rank? I'm currently Legendary Eagle. Hope I will reach Global Elite soon.
  13. Nope, never heard of. I have a 91 Shadowlord, 76 Propher and 80 Mystic. It's a dead game now, was pretty fun before.
  14. Almost every RPG game out there gets better and better as you get deeper in the story. I can give an example with The Walking Dead - the more you play the more interesting it becomes.
  15. Ah, my favourite one. I have stopped playing it, by the way. What is your name there and what level and class are you?
  16. Yep, Payback is the newest one. I didn't like this one as I have been liking the Most Wanted one. Good old times.
  17. Keranov

    NBA 2K

    Is anyone here a fan of the NBA 2K games? I have played some of them - 2K10, 2K11, 2K12 and 2K17 (only for 30 mins at a friend) and really enjoyed them. I'm going to get NBA 2K18 in the Steam Winter Sale and try it.
  18. Where do you want the Grand Theft Auto VI's map to be? I would prefer it to be in multiple countries, preferably in Russia. It should be quite fun to play and go in multiple countries.
  19. From the games I have played I'm going to vote for Grand Theft Auto V. The game starts directly into a robbing mission and let you play the game.
  20. Thank you for sharing the awesome deal! I will be sure to check it out and maybe purchase it.
  21. The ending in Dying Light could be more interesting. For the bomb option they could have showed us the explosion itself rather just one white screen.
  22. For me I think that it was Need for Speed: Payback. The tutorial was so long that it made me to quit and directly uninstall the video game. I wasn't even able to enter the options menu to fix my resolution...
  23. I'm going to say that FPS and MMORPG are my top favourite genres. I haven't played an MMORPG game in a while but I play FPS games everyday.
  24. Some games don't have auto saves and then it gets really bad. I remember that when I was playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive the power went out 2 times while playing a competitive match.
  25. Welcome to the forum, Marthameza! Nice to meet you. I hope that you will have fun posting around. Also, what other games do you like expect League of Legends?
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