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  1. I don't know about you but there's always been a game that I seem to return to after some prolonged absences. For me, that game is Runescape. I'm not sure why, but I always seem to play it intensely for many months before giving up for an equal amount of time and then repeating that cycle. I've played it since I was like 12 years old so I've invested a lot of my time into it and my youth in some respects. However, it's always a fun one to jump back into every now and then. During the initial lockdown last year, it was the one game I played and it kind of kept me going by having something to achieve in game (Got that 120 herblore cape yo'). Now I haven't touched the game since August last year! What's the one game or series that keeps dragging you back?
  2. The last year been a bit rubbish for all given the global situation so let's get those minds thinking. Is there a specific game you'd like to see come out this year (whether it's a planned one or a dream addition to the lineup) and why is that game the one you want to see. For me, I've got most of the games I really want to play some I'm going for something that isn't out yet and I've no idea when it's meant to be. But the Timesplitters fan project remake of the game. I'd love for that to make it's way out somewhere, I used to love playing TS when I was younger and I would love to play it again now I'm older. It would be the perfect game for me to come out this year. What's on your wishlist for 2021?
  3. What is the best expansion/add-on or DLC you've found yourself downloading? For me, DLC really comes into life in the simulation games - like Civilization and Cities: Skyline. Really adds a breath of fresh air and puts more on the plate for me to play with. For those types of games, I'll generally always look to purchase as I get a lot of enjoyment from them. I've even had all the expansion packs for the SIMs at one point, it just breathed a bit of new life into it for me! So what would you say is your favorite DLC pack? Or are you not a fan of DLC at all?
  4. I can't remember the exact name as it was a few years ago now but I remember the sheer frustration. It was on Ninja Gaiden 2 (Which I heard was notoriously hard anyway so we know where that's going...) but I remember fighting my way through a level and thinking thank god I've finally made it to the boss. Out comes the boss and I've no idea how the heck to get back them. I remember sitting there for hours, over several days, trying to defeat this damn boss and I never did. I threw the game away in anger and haven't played it since!
  5. Honestly every time I've pre-ordered a game and received something (whether it's a code for some downloadable content or otherwise) - it's never made me sit back and think "Yes, that was worth it". I don't really care for the micro-transaction culture anyway and all the fashionista things of buying skins/outfits/etc. so I just generally don't care lol. Like M76 says above me, the only real benefit I suppose is ensuring you actually have the game in your hands on/near release date, the only good thing I can think off anyway!
  6. To be fair, the only reason I have an Epic Game account is because they offered a game for free. I don't even play it anymore but the EG launcher still sits pretty on my PC. I've no personal desire to buy any games anytime soon but if EPIC pops out with a decent free game that takes my fancy, I'll be right back on getting whatever they want filled in, shared etc. because it beats paying actual money. Benefits them, benefits me.
  7. Honestly, the amount of XBOX drops I've seen being done lately (here in the UK at least anyway) I wouldn't have been able to tell. The PS5 has been the harder one to get in my experience, took me about 5 weeks of trying to get one, I know people who have been trying to get one for months! I really feel like they shouldn't have released the consoles though until they had some idea around continuous stock but It's all fed into the hype and Sony/Microsoft will love that I suppose!
  8. I can't lie, that sounds hella cool. Like you though, I'm surprised to hear that's been out for a good few years now, I've never heard of it at all! Being able to 'GTA' my way around the Bully map will be amazing though, I've always loved the Bully game. Really hoping that get around to making a sequel sometime soon, even a remastered Bully would be brilliant. San Andreas is still my top GTA game though, I'd love GTA SA remapped to GTA V's style/graphics. Would be amazing.
  9. I suppose this one is for the PC gamers, or the select games that I know allows you to mod on console. What's your favorite game to mod and why that one? For me, I love modding in general because it can just add another dimension to a game. Skyrim has to be right up there in terms of games that I enjoy modding, I've had hours of endless fun seeing a massive Charizard flying about the place in place of the actual dragon. Just injects some fun into it for me. What about you? Do you mod your games? What's your fave game and why do you like modding it?
  10. If you could only have one console, past or present, for the rest of your life - which console would you choose and why? For me, being an XBOX boy, I think I'd stick with my trusty XBOX mainly because it's what I know and if I have to stick with one forever, I might as well stay affiliated with the one console I definitely know how to work! I feel like the games would get boring after a while though and I'd want some juicy PS exclusives. What about you? What console would you pick and why?
  11. For me, when it comes to looking over what game I want to add to my collection next, the last thing on my list of things to do is check what the gaming reviewer from whatever website thought about it. I much prefer gameplay videos (I suppose that can be a form of review but still). I consider reviews to be a personal thing, and as such, are opinionated and personal. Who's to say Mr Reviewer will love the game whilst I may hate it? Naturally, I don't tend to read them or take notice. What about you? Do you take notice or do you do your own thing?
  12. I'd love to spend the day in Skyrim's world - minus the death and arrows to the knee of course. Whenever I sit down to play the game it always just looks so enticing, especially Whitehaven haha. I do love older, more medieval things though so maybe it's just the right fit for me in terms of the city. Just wish there was a supermarket and electricity though...
  13. I think we should return to the days of when Colina graced the cover of PES and make FIFA great again. I would suspect in some form this year though they may give more prominence to someone in women's football given the recent coverage of the World Cup. Rightly so in my eyes, no reason not to consider having both a female and a male star on the cover really.
  14. Cyberpunk has to be on my list for this one really. I can't say I've heard of the game before that iconic Keanu moment but ever since then, I've been taking in an interest in the game because it looks pretty dang good. Can't wait to pick it up actually and play something different although it's a shame that it's still a year away lol.
  15. Out of all the things I consider when I'm looking to grab myself a game, I wouldn't say that frame-rate comes to the top of my list of considerations. All I care about at the end of the day is that my game plays well and that I am going to enjoy it. It's certainly not something I pay attention to anyway,
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