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  1. I suppose this one is for the PC gamers, or the select games that I know allows you to mod on console. What's your favorite game to mod and why that one? For me, I love modding in general because it can just add another dimension to a game. Skyrim has to be right up there in terms of games that I enjoy modding, I've had hours of endless fun seeing a massive Charizard flying about the place in place of the actual dragon. Just injects some fun into it for me. What about you? Do you mod your games? What's your fave game and why do you like modding it?
  2. If you could only have one console, past or present, for the rest of your life - which console would you choose and why? For me, being an XBOX boy, I think I'd stick with my trusty XBOX mainly because it's what I know and if I have to stick with one forever, I might as well stay affiliated with the one console I definitely know how to work! I feel like the games would get boring after a while though and I'd want some juicy PS exclusives. What about you? What console would you pick and why?
  3. For me, when it comes to looking over what game I want to add to my collection next, the last thing on my list of things to do is check what the gaming reviewer from whatever website thought about it. I much prefer gameplay videos (I suppose that can be a form of review but still). I consider reviews to be a personal thing, and as such, are opinionated and personal. Who's to say Mr Reviewer will love the game whilst I may hate it? Naturally, I don't tend to read them or take notice. What about you? Do you take notice or do you do your own thing?
  4. I'd love to spend the day in Skyrim's world - minus the death and arrows to the knee of course. Whenever I sit down to play the game it always just looks so enticing, especially Whitehaven haha. I do love older, more medieval things though so maybe it's just the right fit for me in terms of the city. Just wish there was a supermarket and electricity though...
  5. I think we should return to the days of when Colina graced the cover of PES and make FIFA great again. I would suspect in some form this year though they may give more prominence to someone in women's football given the recent coverage of the World Cup. Rightly so in my eyes, no reason not to consider having both a female and a male star on the cover really.
  6. Cyberpunk has to be on my list for this one really. I can't say I've heard of the game before that iconic Keanu moment but ever since then, I've been taking in an interest in the game because it looks pretty dang good. Can't wait to pick it up actually and play something different although it's a shame that it's still a year away lol.
  7. Out of all the things I consider when I'm looking to grab myself a game, I wouldn't say that frame-rate comes to the top of my list of considerations. All I care about at the end of the day is that my game plays well and that I am going to enjoy it. It's certainly not something I pay attention to anyway,
  8. As an adult no, I haven't ever felt burnt out with respect to playing games as a whole. Certain games sure, I've more than done the time with them lol. Back when I was teenager, I was playing MMORPG's for probably 10-12 hours per day, getting minimal sleep, school and then repeat. After I finished secondary school, that was certainly a time where I felt burnt out with things. I probably stopped playing for a good year actually as I made the move to University. I needed to get my life in order lol. Nowadays, with work and all that, it's easy to not get burnt out because I have minimal time to p
  9. This one is really in the title! I'm looking for new game ideas so I wanted to know what was the last game(s) you've played that really stoked your fire, got you on the edge of your seat and unable to wait to play it even more? For me, the last couple games I've played that got me like that was back when GTA V was first release, I just got such a high playing that game - it really hit a 10/10 for me. Also PUBG (I only started playing the other month) but boy that game has got me hooked. I can't even get in APEX because I'm so hooked onto PUBG! What about you?
  10. This year I've probably spent a good 100 or 200 pound on games from stores and I just feel like wow, this is an expensive hobby lol.I think the crux of my issue is that I'm too impatient to wait, especially for new release games on my Xbox One. When I play PC games I know I can get around the cost issue by going to CD Keys for example and getting the game at a reduced price. I'm not personally sure of an alternative for Xbox so if someone has one, please send it my way! What do you think? Are games a tad too expensive now?
  11. I've my Xbox One since day one (even got the controller!) and given that it's now all this time later - I've been considering lately if it is worth splashing the cash a little and getting the One X but I'm not sure it's even going to be worth it if it's just like a display upgrade. I'm not much of a guy who cares about all this 4K display stuff. Is it even worth upgrading if the Xbox Scarlett that I'm hearing about also rears it's head? Not sure if it's better to wait for that or bite the bullet. What do you think?
  12. I usually leave it on 24/7 - I'm generally working on lots of things and despite the fact I know I'm saving my stuff and I got backups in place all over, i get very paranoid that I'll lose my stuff if I shut it off or something similar. I know it's a bit of a silly thing but hey, that's my thing lol. Marginal effects on my bills so I don't mind the added pence here and there!
  13. I'd always recommend either going via the Steam store for your games. Or as an alternative, and to make the money go further, head of to cdkey's, buy your game code there and then take that over to Steam to 'authorise' your game. That way you're saving money, getting the game(s) you want but also the added benefit of the Steam software! I would not touch the EPIC software, yuck.
  14. Wow, seems like a rarity for someone not to play GTA at time of our lives haha. All I can really say is that all the GTA's, but especially V, have been the most amazing and most replayable games I've ever played. The open world aspect, the 'freedom' to do whatever I want and unleash the more...unethical side of me shall we say, is a blast. It's always well written, and when I played GTASA, I always found myself just taking a drive as if it was real life listening to the great soundtracks. I suppose all I can say is I can't recommend it highly enough!
  15. Ah, I suppose this is down to the judicial system of the country you reside in really. I know for example here in the UK, whilst we're not fully lax we do offer our prisoners a bit more creature comforts that some of the general populace would like. If you're in for a **relatively** minor crime and you're on your way to early release or something, I can see the benefit in slowly reintegrating someone into life as opposed to just plopping them back on the streets wondering what am I doing here lol. I understand other countries have a rehab-focused style so i can also see that working. It all de
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