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    Right now I've got one of these for my Xbox One X. I lost the HDMI that the Xbox came with, and only recently found out the visuals depends on that type of HDMI you use. So I'm wondering what is the best HDMI cable that works best on a Xbox One X?
  2. I can't seem to get any notifications from my PS Pro or my Xbox One X when I plug in my old 500gb hard drive from my ps4. Is this compatible?
  3. Also, unlike the Xbox Series X, once you download a game it is permanently yours and you can sell it to GameStop.
  4. Really the difference between the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X is that the S will only put out a maximum screen resolution of 1440p, and it will not be able to hold the same framerate.
  5. The games for the Xbox Series S are 30% smaller than what they would be for the Xbox Series X.
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