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  1. Prisoner of War on PS2. You play as an American Pilot during WW2 who is captive in Stalag Luft and Colditz. It's a fictional story but there are a lot of elements of reality within it.
  2. Ok I'm confused, when did Elden Ring release on mobile? Am I missing something? OilI know it's playable on mobile through Steam Link but I don't think that counts. I'll make my opinion clear here and say that I completely agree that Elden Ring and pretty much every other From Software title are overhyped as fuck. They all seem to be pretty much the same depressing elitist sludge and the fanbase consistently declare each one the second coming of Jesus. But I still have to be honest @Lens, I don't know where you're coming from here.
  3. I'm not gonna lie, Real Emotion is a guilty pleasure of mine!
  4. I get your point about having this kind of system adding suspense. Being able to save whenever you want does remove a lot of that tension since loosing really has little to no consequence. So I agree that it's not good to let a save anytime and anywhere they want with no restrictions. With that being said, the more traditional save point system did used to really drive me nuts back in the day when I was playing some of the older Final Fantasy games. I could loose 10 minutes or more of progress not because I got a fail state, but I because had to stop playing to go to work, school or run some other errand and didn't have time to go back to a save point. I think the best system is the one in Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West. You need to get to a campfire to manually save like in those older games but: It autosaves as well. You can fast travel. A campfire is never more than a few minutes away. As a player you should only be at risk of failure, not of having to stop.
  5. From what I understand the second "volume" is just the last two episodes. I really don't know why they're splitting it like this. Maybe it will make more sense when I done watching episodes 1 through 7.
  6. Well season 4 premiers as of this post in about 11 hours, who else is exited?
  7. That's surprising, I thought it took at least 6 months. I'll have to check myself when I get home!
  8. It was only in theatres a few months ago so it won't be on Netflix yet.
  9. A small correction, the filming on The Last of Us hasn't wrapped up yet but is expected to do so very soon.
  10. On the wake of The Last of Us HBO series recently wrapping up filming and predicted to release in 2023. It has been revealed from Sony President Jim Ryan that several other series based on PlayStation games are in the works for several different TV/Streaming platforms. https://www.gamesradar.com/horizon-zero-dawn-tv-show-heading-to-netflix-while-god-of-war-goes-to-amazon/ What has been revealed so far is that a series based on Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to Netflix and another based on God of War will be arriving on Amazon. They also confirmed a Gran Turismo series but it's platform has not been confirmed. So what are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to these? Do you think that Sony are doing the right thing by using multiple streaming platforms? Who would be your ideal cast? Share down below.
  11. Well if on average you buy 1 $60 game a month then $20 - $25 on in game purchases each month that's ~$1000 a year. So I'd describe $2000 a year as a lot but not insane.
  12. I've always found the point of "gaming is better with friends" kinda redundant. Of course gaming is better with friends. Going to a bar is better with friends. Going to a movie is better with friends. Watching the news is better with friends. Going for a skinny dip in a disgusting septic tank is better with friends. It's the freinds that make the difference, not the activity.
  13. Sometimes I play daily, then there are other periods when I go for weeks without playing at all. I don't even take that much notice.
  14. What a lot of people, and apparently Hideo Kojima don't realise is that voice acting is quite a different skill to performing in live action. Most live actors can to both and are often required to so even in live action productions for ADR. It's like a Guitar player picking up a Bass for the first time, they would probably manage but not as well as someone who has been trained in Bass exclusively. You will find that many actors will be stronger in one or the other.
  15. Well that's not good marketing strategy. You might have no problem buying two full price games at the same time but lots of other people would. They would obviously want to their customer base to buy both titles but if they released around the same time most would only buy one, literally shooting themselves in foot. In this particular situation with Elden Ring and Bloodborne 2 this situation would actually be even worse. Although it was developed by From Software, a third party developer that Sony don't own, the Bloodborne IP is actually owned by Sony. So on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being rage quit and 10 being orchestrated mass extinction. How pissed would Sony if they found out a developer that they are working with on a major exclusive were releasing another game in same genre with another publisher to be released within the same year? I'm thinking maybe a...... 7? Even if it were plausible releasing Bloodborne 2 this year would be terrible idea. Even if it on the cards it might not necessarily be From Software that are making it. Sony might contact someone else like Bluepoint Games, the same team behind the Demon's Remake instead. You really need get of this horse until we something definitive.
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