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  1. I remember playing it on the PS2, it was one of the first what I would call "interactive Narrative" type games that I can remember playing. It was a pretty unique idea at the time but of course these days they are fairly common like with Life is Strange, Telltale games and of course Quantic Dream/David Cage's other games like Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and Detroit Become Human. The funny thing is when you look at these other games from Cage it’s funny the most trippy and odd was most definitely the first one! As for answering the question “Did you guys like Indigo Prophecy?” well… Yes
  2. Ok, a bit of a correction here. It was WWF Smackdown Just Bring it, not Raw vs Smackdown.
  3. https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2020/09/21/microsoft-bethesda-xbox-exclusive-doom-starfield-fallout-elder-scrolls/ Many of us have been saying that Microsoft needs more exclusives for the XBox platform, and they seem to agree. They have acquired a number of studios over the past few years announcing many acquisitions during their 2018 E3 conference like Ninja Theory and Undead Labs. This time however, they are REALLY throwing their money around by acquiring Bethesda's parent company ZeniMax Media for $7.5 Billion. This has given Microsoft a big bin of IP's to rummage around in that
  4. It will be longer than that, we might see an announcement for GTA VI by the end of 2021 but that's it. An actual release is years away assuming that they are even working on it. I think remasters of the earlier games might plug the gap between now and then but I kinda doubt that 2K would consider it worth the effort, especially if they need to re-license a bunch of music for the radio stations again.
  5. Crazycrab


    If you genuinely believe that Marijuana does not (or maybe more specifically cannot) get people addicted, drawn to criminal activity and subsequent personal and financial ruin then you are ignorant my friend. There are plenty of people (and I'm pushing medical use to one side here) that regularly smoke weed, drink or even do harder drugs and manage to live relatively normal lives. However, just because the consequences of using these substances outside of moderation to the point of it becoming abuse aren't happening to some does not mean they aren't happening and you have no right
  6. I've had some instances of PC's shutting down due to thermals but they've always worked again after allowing them to cool down. On a completely unrelated note dont play a graphically intensive game on a hot day with the front fans off and the front panel door closed... just a general tip... never happend to me... 😳
  7. The only wrestling game I played at length was RAW vs Smackdown Just Bring it on the PS2 and me and my brothers had a ton of fun with it. I've been thinking about getting WWE 2K Battlegrounds since the gameplay and overall style sounds up my ally, but I've heard it's loaded with microtransactions and that's putting me off big time.
  8. I've got 3 drives. The first is an intentionally small 256GB SATA SSD that I use for my OS and core applications only. This is something that I feel anyone building a PC should do because this way if anything goes badly wrong and you have to reinstall your OS all your games, documents, pictures, music, videos and whatever else stored on the other drives(s) are unaffected. The second is a 1TB NVMe SSD that I use for most of my bigger and/or more recent games that benefit the most from the faster loads times and such. The third is a standard 2TB Hard Drive that I use fo
  9. I'm certian they wanted to charge more but knocked the price down in responce to the XBox, which is the right call since even at these prices the XBox is deffintly offering better value right now with XBox Game Pass.
  10. I like that there is a bit more color, it helps things stand out.
  11. The short answer is yes. These are porpriitory PCI 4.0 NVMe SSD's, so if you want an extra 1TB or so at launch don't be shocked to pay $200 or more. I hope that they can maybe do them for less but I understand that they are taking a loss on the upfront cost of the systems and these SSD's are very expensive.
  12. I'd like to see a reboot of Perfect Dark, pretty much and Konami IP NOT made by Konami or a new entry in the Golden Axe franchise that isnt this:
  13. Apparntly we are embryo's spawninng evil twins! 🤪
  14. Before anyone breathe's anything into this, this is mere wordplay.
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