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  1. I certainly won't argue. It's the only console I can think of where every single aspect (aside from controlers, which were pretty much the same) was an upgrade. It had improved asthetics, UI, build quality, graphics and media playback. It also had the best games on the market and it was FULLY backwards compatible needing nothing but a copy of a PS1 game. No other console in the PlayStation, XBox or even Nintendo line up has ever achieved all that including the PS5. It was quite a system.
  2. I use them for quite a lot. Gaming, Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, locally stored videos and websites. I'm actually making this post on my PS4 !
  3. Axiom Verge 2 is due to release on Nintendo Switch and Epic Games Store this year, but there's no specific window yet. It's a little disappointing that it's not releasing on Steam or the other consoles but I can't exactly blame a developer working solo for accepting exclusively deals. https://www.axiomverge2.com/
  4. I could be mistaken but I do vaguely recall there being some kind of explanation as to why the men outpopulate the woman in this universe. I think it was something to do with the Cordyceps infection rate being higher among women. It's something that tied into David's town and how they needed to capture woman and girls (like Ellie) in order to maintain the population. If I find the exact reference I'll post it here.
  5. I don't tend to play anything on easy unless there are some specific unlocks or Easter eggs or something. I always start my experience on normal then move onto hard if I'm finding it a bit to easy.
  6. 129Gb of RAM is not only completely unnecessary for any gaming or even productivity set up but it actually slows things down unless it's quad channel. I stand by my earlier argument, most games these days are GPU heavy and don't need that much system RAM. It's productivity tasks like video editing or running multiple applications where system RAM comes into play. For 95% of user's 32Gb is more than enough, borderline overkill in fact.
  7. It's not really that complicated. Untill Final Fantasy X-2 each was one is its own self contained universe unrelated to any of the others. They have common elements like enemies, abilities, weapons and a guy called Sid (weird) but if your playing a Final Fantasy game for the first time you don't need to know anything about the others. Now Kingdom Hearts... Try to explain THAT franchise to a newcomer and their brain will melt. It's more complicated that the Space Shuttle!
  8. A little update on this, today I took the pluge and got a Redmi Note 9T, pretty much the cheapest 5G phone on the market. It turns out 5G is not rolled out in my area on the network I use but the phone itself is still a significant upgrade from what I had before. More importantly, despite the fact that I'm not in 5G area I did an internet speed test on my old and new phone using same SIM and network via hotspot and performance almost doubled from 3.3Mbps to 6.1Mbps with the new one. So even just having a phone that's 5G compatible can make a significant difference.
  9. This might sound crazy but I like satisfying endings, whether they be happy, sad or down to interpretation. If it concludes the story in a manner that works then I'm down with it. The endings I'm not satisfied with are those that aren't really endings but when they just stop.
  10. I was raised Catholic but I certainly don't practice THAT anymore, I'm atheist these days. My interest in religion these day is purly intellectual, I have no intention of practicing again. However with that being said if I ever were to practice TST does fall in line with my own moral compass than certainly Christianity does now. I'll check that link out.
  11. Satanism is starting to sound listen like my kind of religion.
  12. The last of us: The story it's is actually not that unique when you think about it, but it far surpasses other games and even TV shows and movies based on this genre because of how it takes advantage of it's platformto tell an otherwise liner story. It's SO engrossing and makes you really care and sympathize with the characters, even when their doing some pretty bad things. The characters, writing, pacing, music and performance's are all spot on, it is a quite simply a masterpiece. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater: Coming of the convoluted, nonsensical mess of Metal Gear Solid 2 my ex
  13. A person who compliments other people for being fun loving.
  14. I'm with @skyfire on this one. I live in UK in a semi rural area and I get 4G and apparently 5G is available here to although I haven't tested it. Even if your area doesn't get 5G your still better of future proofing yourself. If you knowingly buy a new 4G phone now you're throwing your money down the pisser since it's going to be worth next to nothing probably by the end of this year. The next phone I buy will definitely be a 5G model, I'm just waiting for a good sim free deal. Their not even that expensive now, I've seen them on Amazon for less than £200.
  15. Final Fantasy X is probably my favourite too. It might be that I have a bit of a soft spot for it being the first FF I played (I had an N64 and not a PlayStation). You don't necessarily need to brush the dust off your PS2, the FF X/X-2 HD Remaster is available on pretty much every modern platform. I've been replying Final Fantasy XII (Zodiac version) lately and I find that it often got the cold sholder, at least when it first came out. The new Zodiac version fixes the majority of the problems by re-introducing the Zodiac class system and It's now one of the best in imo.
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