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  1. I don't know much about esports but I don't see any good reason why their should be all female leagues, at least not at a professional level. It's not like Athletics or Weightlifting or whatever where one gender has an advantage. If men and women can compete together and the competition is still fair then what's the point in a gender split?
  2. Additional: If you are someone who thinks that stealth tactics are cowardly. I double dare you to bet $10 to say that these women in the videos I posted above were cowardly while maintaining a streight face. Spoiler: Your about to lose $10.
  3. I personally disagree with that statement completely. There was and still is merit to stealth and ambush tactics. Hell, it's what most elite military and special forces units like the US Navy SEALS and British SAS are trained to do. In feudal Japan the "Ninja's" who represented the lower class knew that they couldn't best the better equipped and decadent royal Samurai in a fair fight... So they didn't fight fair. That's how the whole ideas of the Ninja's stealth tactics came about. In World War 2 there was a particular squadron of all female bomber pilots
  4. Scalping doesn't really cut into Sony's profits, if anything it increases them since they still need to sell the units at retail in order for the reseller's to get them.
  5. I played Mariokart 64 a lot back in the day and honestly, In many ways the SNES version is superior. The biggest issue with 64 was the rubberbanding A.I. In single player it would always make sure that it was always the same A.I character finishing in front of the rest, and if that character ever got ahead of you they were impossible to catch. I think it was a feature they added to make GP mode more of a challenge since you would have to win most of if not all the races but it was so blatantly obvious and unfair.
  6. I used to have a PC like this...
  7. I'm sorry but you don't know what you are talking about. I've used these kinda things for quite some time now and they don't hyperextend your thumbs at all. I don't know about anyone else but in 25 years I have never experienced this so called "gamer's thumb" or even heard of it. Not to mention there are tons of everyday home and workbased tools and Instruments that manipulate the thumbs the same way so I really don't think it's an injury commonly associated with gaming alone. In answer to the OP's question I do feel like they make a subtle difference but they certainly don't su
  8. I find the best way to deal with it is to get up and walk once in a while. A chair with lumber support helps to.
  9. The first one listed is a stand alone release of the Freedom Cry DLC that does not require the origional game. The second is the origional Freedom Cry DLC and requires Assassins Creed Black Flag in order to use it. So which one you buy really depends on if you have Black Flag or not.
  10. I like these casting choices, I hope the adaptation turns out well.
  11. They can be fixed, bit it's not worth it anymore. The cost of the repair is about the same as a used working console if not more.
  12. I think the most disgusting game I'm aware of is RapeLay. It's a game where you literally play as a man who stalks, gropes and sexualy assaults a woman and other members of her family. It's pure fucking filth.
  13. ^What he said There are non-chemical addictions to activities like gaming, gambling, exercise, compulsive shopping, sex and more that can be just as if not more damaging than chemical addictions like food, drugs or alcohol... And people don't seem to know or care that it is a problem. If your eating to much then they say "go on a diet". If your anorexic then they say "eat a steak". If they are gambling or compulsive shopping then they say "stop wasting your money you idiot!". But it's never that simple. People need to have a more open minded and educated view of
  14. There really shouldn't be any type of distractions for the driver while the vehicle is moving as far as I'm concerned.
  15. I'm glad Trump is out but I'm not jumping to conclusions. Biden and Harris still have a lot to prove.
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