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  1. For me this hasn't really worked out very well. The ironically named Ubisoft Connect constantly disconnects which kicks me out of any game I'm playing on the service. I've managed to play a little bit of Immortals Fenyx Rising and Assassin's Creed Valhalla but I'm quite content to cancel my subscription to this and use another service like Game Pass instead which has some of these games and seems to have a more consistent connection. I might even just buy these games at a sale price and not have to deal with such a strict DRM.
  2. In MGS2 when he was introduced there were 2 major problems: Number 1: All the promotional material including the playable demo only ever showed Snake. When the game came out and the fans realized they played most of the game as some other character many of them felt like they were mislead. Number 2: In my opinion definitely the much bigger issue, Raiden was a whiner! He spend most of MGS2 in his codec moaning and complaining! This didn't exactly warm him up to fans very well. I get what Kojima was going for with the guy, he wanted the to see snake from the perspective as a mentor, someone to look up and aspire to. It worked fine for Snake but it made Raiden look like such a bitch! He clearly knew he fuck up because fixed it in MGS4 by making Raiden... pretty much the exact opposite to what he was.
  3. I'm a little ambivalent about this. One one hand 2K are essentially copying her art and using in paid entertainment products. In most other circumstances it's a clear violation of copyright. That being said, I also think it's kinda petty on the part of the artist. The art is permanently inked on Randy Orton's body who obviously agreed to have his likeness used in the games. Assumably he paid for the tattoos so isn't it up to him where they can and cannot be displayed right? It's kinda sad now that fans won't get the true likness of Randy Orton in future games. I think the main point to come out of this is that this situation and conditions need to be made more clear in the future.
  4. What? How did that work?
  5. Small Correction here. I couldn't see it on the browser version of the EShop (probably because I don't have the game on Switch) but it turns out you can upgrade for $20. However, the upgrade path is still cheaper on PC and the other consoles.
  6. I'm fucking sick of Apple. They keep coming up with really dumb anti-consumer ideas that everyone inevitably copies.. They took away removable batteries, they took away the SD Cards, they took away the headphone jack and now their doing away with physical SIM cards. So in future if you want to switch networks or use an alternative SIM going abroad or international calls were going to have to go through some god forsaken online verification process. Not to mention you can now officially forget about any SIM free options or choosing your own network. FUCK THIS!!!!! Apple can take long walk off a short dick!
  7. It doesn't really extend the time it takes to take down the biggest machines by very, it just makes it more difficult. Their more aggressive, do more damage, spot you from a further distance, the health bars are removed, stuff like that. Weather you kill them or they kill you most fights are less than 5 minuets.
  8. Oh come on! I already don't give a shit about trophies! I don't need yet another gimmick to not give a flying fuck about!
  9. I don't know but I think it will vary from game to game. Steam does have optimization options for different controller sets including PlayStation controllers, but in my experience (again, it varies from game to game) XBox orientated controllers tend to work better in terms of functionality. When it comes the particular issue of sensitivity, I've used both XBox and PlayStation controllers and they tend to be about the same. Even if you do find the sensitivity not to your liking most games have sensitivity adjustments in their own in game setting options.
  10. Well it's a continuous event so I think you could without any issue. I think you could include Scottish, International, European and other leagues in the same thread without confusion. I'm not trying to take a dump on this interest, I'm actually trying to help. Spreading multiple leagues and tournaments over multiple topics will only result in most (if not all) of them flaming out. Having one or two threads dedicated to the discussion will keep active for longer if not indefinitely.
  11. I have to disagree. There are lots of threads discussing the topic that this fits into and I personally don't feel like one this specifically is necessary on a forum that isn't focused on this sport. It's like having a thread on a forum for Manchester United exclusively about the heavy metal band Alestorm, how much traffic does that really need given the nature of the people involved? One topic under the banner "Heavy Metal" would be more than enough.
  12. Crazycrab

    Brag about

    "Look! I can play Dragonforce Through the Fire and Flames on Guitar Hero on Expert!". Whatever pal, play it a real guitar then I'll be impressed.
  13. I've heard endless complaints about the Water Temple in OoT and at risk of pissing some people of, I've never seen what all the fuss is about. By my recollection all you really have to do is sink to bottom, explore every accessible room, raise the water level, rinse and repeat. Sure you are punished with some pain in the ass backtracking if you miss something but if you just follow that pattern that won't happen. I always remember the Spirit Temple being more complicated and the Shadow Temple being more of a mindfuck, I mean the final boos is literally a bongo playing penis with disembodied hands!
  14. Nvidea are being very disingenuous when it comes to their marketing on these. There are variants in the line up that have different amounts of RAM on board. That's fine, we've seen different amounts of memory being put on the same chipsets before. What they are being really sly about that they different boost clocks and CUDA core counts as well. So the 4080 12Gb isn't really a 4080 at all because it has 26% less CUDA cores that 3080 16Gb.
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