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  1. If it's anything like this can film from a couple of years ago then it might turn out to be pretty good. Here's hoping.
  2. There seems to be a few airlines that offer games as part of their flight entertainment systems but it's certainly not common yet. I still think more people would prefer to just simply bring a portable system like the Switch on the plane with them.
  3. You think the sex in Heavy Rain was awkard? It's public peck on the cheek compard to the sex in his previous game Farenheight: Indigo Prophecy. Forget NSFW, they ain't suitable for anything!
  4. For a service that advertised itself as and I quote "Makes it easy to play your favourite games on any screen in your life" this is one of several things that should have been availible from day, damn, one! This launch has been pathetic.
  5. Cellular and WiFi signals can cause interference with some cockpit instruments and equipment, that's why flight attendants will usually ask you to turn your phone or tablet off or at least onto airplane mode. They should still let use them and other devices like the Switch offline.
  6. Can you be more specific? Like was it so laughably bad that to the point of entertaining like The Room or Dungeons and Dragons or was it equistly well crafted but full itself to the point of distraction like The Cell or Deathproof.
  7. I used to use Teamspeak, then I started using Discord and it's WAY better. More sociable, cleaner and easier to use interface and (at least the last time I used it) the scaling on Teamspeak at higher resolutions is so bad that parts of it can become almost impossible to read.
  8. That's because it's a piece of crap, borderline scam. More recent videos.
  9. No, the idea of paying for a game I know I can't play sounds kinda daft to me.
  10. Most of the time I don't really care. There are times when I will wait for a certain time of day to do somthing for sake of thematics in accordance of somthing that is going on in the story. For example when playing Skyrim I always like to enter Solitude for the first time in the morning becuase that's when you would expect an execution to take place. Of course there are some games where time of day actully has an effect on the gameplay. Like Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Dying Light or Final Fantasy XV.
  11. I got a 3 screen set up, 2 27' 1440p monitors on a corner desk (one G-Sync) and a 42' 4K TV on the adjacent wall. I use my G-Symc monitor for for both PC and console gaming for the simple reason it's easier and more convieniant to sit at my desk, I only really use the TV if I have company around. While technically true in real world the difference is barley ever noticable. The only real issue with using a TV as a monitor is that most of them (especically at 4K) tend to be a bit to be big to confortably sit on top of a desk. Sitting further away using a wireless mouse and keybord can a real pain in the ass to. Likewise you don't really want to sit on the other side of the room playing a console game with a 27' screen. To put it simply, which type of panel is best all depends on the enviorment you are playing in.
  12. Reminds me of destiny with the setting and those elemental powers, but from what it's not a "looter shooter" and more of a Gears of War with Co-op campaign. It's definitely got potential. l don't get it, what exactly are people expecting here? Graphics are already beginning to plateau this generation so it's obvious it's not going as significant a leap as it was visually. The improvements I want and expect are beyond skin deep. Better AI, physics, framerates, faster loading and so on. I'm not saying graphics don't matter at all and that there shouldn't be any improvement, they do and there should be, but it should clearly not be the focus at this stage. Graphics are not going to get much better so let’s focus on other aspects.
  13. Crazycrab

    Xbox Series X Shape

    From what I understand the unit will sit hoirzonally allthough I could see allot of issues with width for many TV units.
  14. Crazycrab

    Xbox Series X Shape

    That actually looks pretty rad! I'd tottaly buy that!
  15. It was the Nintendo Creators Program, basically you could monetize Nintendo content on YouTube, Twitch and so on. The catch was you give up significantly more of the revenue to Nintendo and they could restrict your content so if you covered anything outside Ninteno's content or said anything negative they could block the video or even ban you. It was a ludacrisily stupid policy thought up by Nintendo of Japan that even high ups representing Nintendon in other regions like America where constantly arguing against. Thankfully in November 2018 the program was scrapped.
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