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  1. I always hated the early Thieves guild missions. It's just the Dragonborn wandering around Riften being a dick and Maven Black-Briar's bitch. I just push through it to get the much better Nightingale stuff.
  2. I think they can learn allot from what the modding community has done. They have been fixing issues, making quality of life improvements and adding substantially to the these games for years. Like in Skyrim with the unofficial patch, Sky UI and Legacy of the Dragonborn in which add cool custom displays for all your loot. That's not exactly true, I believe in the Dark Brotherhood and College of Winterhold you can be kicked and have to pay a fine or complete a short quest to be let back in an continue. One think I would to to see is more non-liner paths and endings through guild quests. There to some degree in Skyrim but If, for example, in Skyrim if you had the option to join up with Mjol The Loiness and work together to take down the Thieves guild as an alternative to joining them I think that would be really cool.
  3. Well it's clear that you knowledge on dealing with the notorious issues with Bethesda RPG's on PS3 has far exceeded my own. I guess I haven't to deal with those issues since I moved onto other platforms. Nice work!
  4. I am so sick of people that make the claim that: If you had the slightest clue what you where talking about you would know that's nonsense. You know what, prove It! Go to PC Part Picker and just try to assemble a build that is a rough match for the XBox One X for it's current price on Amazon.com which is $450 new. Or if you truly can buy used PC parts for that "ridiculously cheap", try to match the current second hand price which is about $250 - $300.
  5. You have conclusively proved (at least in part) the proplem with everyone who uses that pathetic hashtag. They are some of the bias, ignorant and arrogant fanboys on the internet and see their shite everywhere. The are abusuve, insulting and constantly lie through their teeth about PC and consoles in attempts to prove their absolute nonsense. Not to mention the "joke" is a parody of a fascist regime responsible for the deaths of millions. Before you go off on a tirade calling me "Console Peasant", I game primarily on a custom built water-cooled PC with a 1080ti and a 1440p 144Hz GSnyc monitor and I I've forgotten more about PC technology than most of the posers on that reddit page will ever even know, and I don't even consider myself an expert. My apologies everyone especially @The Blackangel. I don't want your topic to go off the rails but "PCMaster Race" is a trigger for me.
  6. It's called Picture-in-Picture or PIP, it's a fairly common feature in video editing/streaming software.
  7. I actually can't believe their bothering at all. It was realeasd in incomplete state, reviews were mixed, and it was a commercial flop having only sold around 630,000 copies worldwide. The only reason I can think of is that their trying to cash in on the success of the far better NieR: Automata.
  8. How ironic would it be if Square Enix release a "Complete Edition" 😆
  9. SOCOM, Now that's a franchise I haven't heard from in a while.... I'll keep an eye but this still seems a long way from that kind of quality. Still it sounds good in concept, especially for multiplayer.
  10. Your kidding right? It's been on consoles since day one! How could you have possibly not realised that? There even exist numerous memes and jokes about the sheer number of platforms that the game has been released and re-released on like... ...Ok, Is that legit? I thought it was a joke that Amazon and Bethesda made for E3 on the expense on how many times it's been re-released. I hope that does (and it should) work better for you. From what I've read the Switch version still has the usual minor hic ups that exist in every port like floating NPC's and some audio issues but most of the truly game breaking bugs have been ironed out.
  11. I still think you should wait, but If you insist a can prepare a build for you on PCPartPicker. I just need a few bits of information: Location: To get accurate pricing and availability your local currency I need to know roughly where you are. Send me a PM if you don't want this public. Budget: How much are you willing to spend? Including essential peripherals like mouse, keyboard and monitor(s) in the budget if you need them. If budget isn't a concern then let me know about... ...Performance: You say you "want to be able to run graphics smoothly and have the ram and space needed for speed and being able to have digital copies of games" but this isn't very specific. If you can give a bit more detail about the resolution and refresh rate of the the monitor(s) that would be helpful. If you can't I'll match your budget as best I can. NAS Storage: You say you are willing to buy and run your games from Network Access Storage, but I don't recommend this for gaming since as it can slow up load times and some clients might not be compatible. If you do decide to go for it how much storage do you need? You may also want to consider the state of your home network as I defiantly don't recommend doing this through WiFi, at least not for you main gaining rig. You will also to consider this in your budget and there are alternatives like Steam Link if it is ultimately impractical. Is it JUST for gaming? Judging by what you have said so far I'd assume yes but if there is anything else you would use it for (work, video editing, streaming ect) let me know. Space: I'll assume again based on your earlier posted that you do have a space for it but is it limited in any way? Like the size of your desk and anything else already on it. Astetics: Do looks matter and if they do describe how. Well I think that covers it. You can replay or let me know through a PM.
  12. This was due to known issue with the creation engine and the PS3 memory, it affected Skyrim as well with one attempt at a fix resulting in the infamous "Dragon's flying backwards" bug!
  13. I personally would advise against buying/building a gaming PC right now because next gen consoles are right round the corner. You don't want to spend $1000 on a PC and then 6 months later a $500 console arrives on the market that out-performs it. You will get better parts or at least the same parts cheaper if wait a little longer.
  14. Well... Did you actully enjoy the experience or is useless trophies all that matter?
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