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  1. Did you watch the video? Anthem has been estimated (not confirmed) to have had a budget of around $100 million. Ubisoft have already spent $120 million on Skull and Bones and it's still at bare minimum 3 years away from release. They've changed directors, fundamental concepts, re-started and re-tooled multiple times. It is a financial hell hole that Ubisoft stand little to no chance of making any money on.
  2. I was VERY exited about this game when it was first announced. The whole ship battles and mechanics from Assassin's Creed Black Flag expanded into it's own game with multiplayer and I heard at one point there would be a campaign and PVE as well. It sounded like a dream game... but now it seems to be a nightmare. If Ubisoft do release this it will likely be just slapped together to make up at least some of the development costs, and that's really sad. I feel sorry for the devs because this still has a lot of potential that might be forever lost.
  3. I won't point fingers but I feel there are some users here that overpost. It comes down to things like posting the same things on multiple topics, starting topics that are very similar to others that they end up posting on multiple times as well or posting things that don't really have any relevance. It is a problem because other posts and topics that are more in tune with what the form Is about end up getting buried more quickly. I don't want to tell people what they can and can't put out on here or in what volume but may a conservative daily limit is worth considering. When I'm browsing through the forum I generally just select "All activity" and scroll through. I think it's most efficient way of seeing what's been happening since you don't have to click through multiple sections on the forum.
  4. It might be because I have zero interest games of this type but I don't really see what all the fuss is about. A FTP hero shooter spin off in the Tom Clancy series. It's uninspired, generic and just following a trend which is already kinda dying out but is it really merit this much negative press? It seems like something that can be quite easily ignored and I'm sure most of us ultimately will.
  5. Well your admitting yourself that their using the term wrong and it creates a lot of confusion. Call them small studios or small developers. If your talking about size or budget you wouldn't put games like Undertale, Fez or Cuphead in the same bracket as Grand Theft Auto 4, Skyrim or Cyberpunk 2077 even though these are ALL indie games. You also wouldn't put It Takes Two, Child of Light or Journey in the same bracket as Battlefield V, Assassin's Creed Valhalla or Horizon Zero Dawn even though these are all NOT indie games. So why use the term "indie"? I admit that it's a bit irrational but it is a real peeve of mine when use the term "indie" to describe a game and/studio as "small". The reason for this is that it ties up with unstated assumptions that it's a small studio with only a handful of struggling employees that we should feel sympathetic towards, but this is often not the case. It's not like developers that are working with a publisher have it any better and in fact, they often have it worse.
  6. No, independent only means that they are operating without a third party publisher. CD Project Red is an independent studio and they have hundreds of employees. It's a common misconception, the term "independent" has absolutely nothing to do with the size or scale of the business.
  7. A good portion of that was no doubt born out of pressure and frustration on the part of EA, but he has made some questionable creative decisions. Maybe without that pressure he can do better but won't know until we see what he and his studio can accomplish on thier own merit.
  8. A robot apocalypse would be way more frightening if you ask me. When I think of examples of robot apocalypse in fiction I think of the war with the machines in Terminator, the use of humans batteries in the Matrix. But, when it comes to a fucked up robot apocalypse I think the Faro Plauge in Horizon Zero Dawn has to take it. The machines process bio material such as plants and animals (including humans) to create bio fuel and replicate themselves literally stripping the planet of all life.
  9. I don't think I'll ever be sold on mobile gaming. As far as I can tell it's all greedy, microtransaction fueled trash designed by people who simply couldn't care less about storytelling, artistic expression or fun gameplay.
  10. I've played a bit of it. Although it is better than many of the other movie/TV tie in games that were common 10 or 15 years ago, it's not great. The retro style graphics suit the show perfectly and I love that, but the gameplay is pretty ham fisted and you don't really learn anything about the characters or lore that you don't the show (maybe less so). I'd like it better if it were a little more RPG like but it's really just a beat-em-up.
  11. I've seen it. I thought it was alright at first but then I started to learn more about it and the truth about some of the deaths that they "represent". The deaths are real and they state that the don't use their real names and that's fair enough. The people involved however, are often misrepresented in a very over-the-top negative way that's a LONG way from the truth. Once you know this it comes across as really tasteless and hard to watch. For example, their is one story of a man who died in a jacuzzi when one of the valves sucked out part of his guts through his anus. The character is a parody of Mel Gibson with all his anti-Semitic and abusive comments toward his wife. He is of course a total asshole and it's done that way intentionally so that you laugh at him rather than feel any sympathy... The actual person who died in the incident was a 6 year old girl... That kinda takes the fun out of it.
  12. Now a little disclaimer before the mods close the door on this topic. This is NOT about piracy and I would expect any post drawing any attention to sites that allow access to illegal ROM's or BIOS' to be deleted and rightly so. I'm posting this topic because there are points and purposes to emulators that have nothing to do with piracy. The first one I'll point out is preserving gaming history. There are games that were released on older platforms and arcades that now cannot be played in any other way... Unless you have access to the original hardware but that won't last forever. Game's (including demo's like PT) should be archived and be playable because they are part of our culture. With the gaming industry moving more and more into the realms of DRM and digital distribution aspects of this piece of our cultural heritage is a greater risk than ever of being reduced or lost completely. The only way to save it is through emulation. The second is that despite continuous complaint's for publishers, there are game's that they are not making and most likely will never make any money on, often through willful negligence. One example would be Ubisoft and Driver San Francisco. This is considered to one the best if the THE best game in the franchise despite not being a huge commercial hit. To this day Ubisoft do not distribute the game on any platform, not even on their own UPlay storefront on PC. There have even petitions from fans asking Ubisoft to release the game on UPlay but they have refused. So unless you have an original disc there is no way to buy the game outside the second hand market which generates Ubisoft no revenue anyway. So should one really feel guilty about playing this game through other means? It is Ubisoft that continue to slam the door shut on it. The third being that emulators by themselves are not illegal. It all depends on how you get the ROM's. There are exceptions but these are mostly older games that can no longer be purchased by any legitimate means. So if there is no way for the publisher to make money off the game anyway is it really wrong to download and/emulate it for free? Well that's my two cents, how about you? Do you use them and if so which ones? Post but of course keep it clean.
  13. To be honest I don't think it's particularly relevant. I don't see discs or cartridges having a future. I'm the next 5 to 10 years it's going to be all digital downloads and cloud streaming.
  14. If it's a competitive PVP game then yes, I would consider it cheating. Otherwise have at it! It's not the gamer's fault that the developers failed to spot an exploit during testing.
  15. Windows Phones do exist... Still doesn't explain the joke though.
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