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  1. In a word, framerates. Most PS3 and even PS4 games were locked to 30 fps. The PS5 is easily capable of playing these games at 60 fps or more should the devs choose to release a patch that allows it, like Guerrilla recently did with Horizon Zero Dawn. At this point we have kind of a plateau in terms of graphical fidelity, so now gamer's have shifted their focus to getting smoother gameplay with higher framerates. So naturally devs and publishers have responded.
  2. I'm not a fan of those things, in my experience they tend to set it to dark.
  3. If there is one that EA does deserve some credit for, (and it might actually be the only thing,) they have been able to licence some pretty good soundtracks for their games over the years. I loved the soundtrack in games like Burnout 3.
  4. I watch F1 but I don't really watch that much stuff retaining to the game. I tend to watch news and discussion channels like The Formula 1 Official, Josh Revell (hilarious btw) and WTF1. Although I think I might have caught some of his videos once in a while.
  5. There are some sites that are really intrusive with thier adds and I have a separate browser on my phone with a built-in add blocker for those but I never use it here.
  6. I don't blame his boss. I hate to sound like a corporate stooge here but in all seriousness, if your at work and it's during your work hours then: We all like gaming and I'm sure many of us would rather be doing it then our jobs but gaming is an indulgence, responsibilities come first.
  7. I can appreciate just about anything but the one type of music that drives me nuts is House, especially when they repeat the same beat over and over for 16 bars or more. It's so fucking lazy.
  8. Game data and save data are separate on PS4 so I would assume they are on PS5 as well. You should also be able to back up your saves on to external storage like a thumb drive or onto the cloud if you have PS+.
  9. This is sweet chin music to my ears! I knew that both of these companies are greedy as hell but I must admit I never thought it would come to this! I should have though, it was only a matter of time before the unfettered greed of both these monopolistic conglomerates locked horns against each other. I guess FIFA figured they weren't charging enough money given the billions of dollars that Ultimate Team makes across Madden and FIFA. Now that government's across the world are on the verge of shutting down their money printing gambling mechanics it's not exactly surprising that EA aren't so keen to pay the bill. This is pretty stupid on the part of FIFA because no other publisher is going to pay that kind of money if they can't get a return using the same bullshit monetisation. I harbor no sympathies though. If this means that FIFA, or at least the current exploitative EA Sports FIFA disappears I'm so fucking in! Fuck FIFA and fuck EA!
  10. NOTHING! I hate the winter! It's cold, dark and expensive. Everything everybody else seem to like about the repulsive time of year is something I can't stand about it. I despise being cold, I'd rather be in the sweltering heat siting in a bath of my own sweat. It actually find easier to stay cool when it's warm rather than warm when it's cold but that's probably because I'm not in a warm country. The worst thing though by a country mile is the snow. Yeah it looks pretty and it's fun when you're 5 but it soaks your feet, closes every road and grounds every plane. Then it hardens and you can't even walk anywhere without falling on your ass! FUCK... THE... SNOW!!!!
  11. I'd hardly call those games "Unique", but on an interesting note PES 2014 was released on November 8 2013, making it the last ever release on the PS2. it is pretty dumbfounding to think that not only were Fuckonami still releasing PES games on the PS2 when the PS4 was just coming out, but EA but released FIFA 14 on the PS2 as well a couple of months earlier. It just shows how dated and underdeveloped these games truly are.
  12. I'm not quite sure but I heard their area of expertise was mobile games. Of course, I hope I'm wrong about that because the mobile gaming market is an absolute cesspool right now. I already mentioned in the OP that this developer was famous for Oxenfree, but I have now just realized that I made a mistake in the OP. The developer is Night School Studios not Nightale. So this confusion is most likely on me and I apologize. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_School_Studio Night School Studios are not a exclusive mobile exclusive developer. According to thier wiki of the 4 games they've made and the additional one that's currently in production only one was was exclusive to. Mobile with another being on iOS and Mac OS. Most of their game are multiplat on PC and Console.
  13. Thanks. I'm making progress on the guitar, the lessons on Rocksmith are getting harder now. I have, however hit a little snag on the bass. The Nutt (the bar at the top of fretboard that holds the strings in place) has broke so the bass is out of commission until I can replace it.
  14. I just started with Rocksmith and I think that would have made a HUGE impact on my life if there was something like that available when I was kid. I didn't take lessons as a kid and that would probably be a good thing since with my ADHD me and my instructor probably would have annoyed the fuck out of each other. So Rocksmith would have been perfect for me.
  15. For it's simply how much any media product, wether it be a game, movie, book or whatever, sucks you in. It's not something I feel I can define with a set of specifications. Sometimes I will get immersed in something and sometimes I won't, even if it's something very similar. Hell sometimes this happens to me when it is litteraly the same thing. On my first attempt to watch Stranger Things on Netflix I didn't get into it at all but on my second attempt a few months later I binged it and was totally addicted.
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