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  1. I've always loved the Diablo games, since back when the first one came out. I tried playing Diablo 3 but I just couldn't get into it; the fact that you can just constantly respawn at the spot where you die with basically no penalty was extremely off putting to me.
  2. So I recently started playing Diablo II Resurrected. Its been years since I played the game originally. The last time I played it was wayyy back even before they added the synergies to the skill trees. I don't know if the changes in difficulty were made in the past, or if they altered the difficulty for the remaster, but it is DEFINITELY harder than I remember. I started with a Necromancer (which I've never played btw), and soloed normal mode which was mostly not hard, although by Act 5 It was taking for EVER to kill things. Then I did a Paladin and grinded myself to lvl 35 before attempting to start Nightmare, and man... I am just getting slaughtered. Freaking Griswald in Tristram 1 hit KOs me in Nightmare. I can barely handle some regular groups of enemies with a boss amidst them. My Paladin can DEAL damage but he can't take it. My Necromancer can't take damage either, but with him I use a blood golem to take aggro. Fortunately there almost always seem to be people doing Cow runs, Baal runs, and whatever else one might need to do to grind at a given level, but I really wanted to solo my way through the game before doing group runs.
  3. Hah... you know, I've thought about it. I'm not sure I'm terribly fond of the idea of having to constantly chatter away trying to sound interesting while I'm gaming though.
  4. I consider video games to be my whole reason for being. There is nothing in life I'm more passionate about.
  5. I've really been wanting to play one of these kinds of games lately, but I just can't seem to find any that interest me (or any like, at all). I thought about playing Triangle Strategy, and I probably will eventually, but for now I want to look at other options. From what I've read it sounds like the story is kind of average. I'm also a bit reluctant to play more Disgaea games right now, because I loved Disgaea 1 and 2, but story-wise D3 was a huge step down in my opinion (I think right now I'd prefer something a bit more serious anyways. But if someone wants to convince me that Disgaea 4 is way better than 3, by all means go for it).
  6. Not too long ago I saw the trailer for Metroid Dread and thought it was pretty awesome. I've been thinking about Metroid in general a lot since then and decided it was a good time to play some of the Metroid games I had never played yet (Metroid Prime 2 and 3). Anyways, I think it looks like it could be a really good game.
  7. So I'm playing Metroid Prime 3 for the first time and its really fun. I usually hate dealing with motion controls but for some reason in this game I find them very tolerable (most of the time). However, I've had some technical problems. Sometimes when I try to aim the wiimote to the left, the cursor will suddenly go over to the right side of the screen. Its pretty inconsistent with how frequently it does this, but it can get pretty annoying sometimes, as I'm sure you can imagine. Is this abnormal? I can't imagine that the wiimote is supposed to do this, but I never play games that are heavy on motion controls, so I have no idea if my Wii U was always like this or if this is a new thing.
  8. YES. I've played this game many times. Its awesome! In my opinion its an unsung masterpiece.
  9. 2D games are always going to be a thing. If nobody played them then they wouldn't be making them. Just take a look on the Nintendo Store at all the retro style games they have for sale on there. A whole lot of people like hand drawn style graphics as opposed to PC generated polygons.
  10. I'll never forget way back when I first got my smartphone (something I had not ever been interested in doing until my brother outright got me one for Christmas). It didn't take long before I started looking at the games on there, and I started playing one that -seemed- pretty interesting, called Brave Frontier. It was pretty, kind of interesting, and fun. The battle system was literally just Valkyrie Profile. There was something strange though. It cost "energy" to play a stage, and energy regenerated slowly over real time. I thought this was really dumb but for some reason I kept on playing. Before I knew it I was addicted, playing the game every day, and going so far as to wake myself up in the middle of the night to use my energy before it could max out and stop regenerating. It took me a LONG time to pull myself away from that game, but once I realized how horrible an effect the game had on me and how bad of an influence it was, I knew I had to stop. Afterwards I swore I'd never play another game with an energy system again. Much to my surprise, last year I found myself playing another stamina game on the PS4 called Genshin Impact. It took me awhile to realize that the stamina system was even there, and when I first did, it didn't seem like a big deal, because I was able to progress through the story and freely wander a huge open world with enemies, puzzles and treasure scattered across the land without needing to use "stamina," which is here called "Resin" (Yeah, I see what you did there. Make up a new name for it, because the minute gamers see a stamina / energy bar many will turn tail and run). Eventually I came to the realization that this game was essentially a "scam" if you will, much the same way that Brave Frontier was. Granted, with a lot less restrictions on your freedom. The game as it is right now actually has a lot of great qualities and might actually be worth playing, in my opinion. ultimately though, the point I'm leading up to is this: These games are SO plentiful now. The stamina system is so prevalent that it would seem to have been a major (or THE major) prominent factor in the creation of a new genre of game. "Mobile" is literally a genre now, rather than a console. I think this whole situation is extremely troubling. The fact that not only are games with these kinds of systems considered acceptable, but they actually have a whole genre to call their own is truly disturbing to me. There seems to be a huge number of people that think this kind of system is ok - normal even. Whereas if you ask me, any "real" gamer who's old enough -should- be able to tell that something is off with one of these games. I think a game totally dominated by a stamina system can hardly be called a game at all, but rather it becomes like a job, or series of chores that you're committing yourself to. If you really want to progress in one of these games, the game controls you by dictating to you when and how long you are allowed to play. A game should be controlled by the player, not the other way around. The scariest thing to me is that people don't even see it. It makes me worry for the future of gaming. Not that I'm worried that stamina systems would ever dominate the gaming industry as a whole, but just the fact that they're growing in popularity and becoming more normalized seems dangerous.
  11. You should check out Corpse Party, if you're interested in survival horror/visual novel type games (and if you don't mind that there's no combat). A lot of the suffering is more psychological than physical, and the actual gruesome things that happen are mostly not shown visibly but rather demonstrated through dialogue and narration. Having said all that, there's some pretty nasty stuff that happens, and practically right from the start the game is relentlessly cruel and unforgiving to its characters.
  12. I can sort of relate to this. Every once in awhile there will be something that I just don't like. Then, as time passes, I constantly hear damn near universal praise for the thing, and it makes me actually hate it. I don't know if this is common or if there's any logical reason for this phenomenon, because I can't think of one. One example of this is Family Guy (the cartoon series). But OH MY GOD Paper Mario takes the cake on this with me, I think. I always thought Super Mario RPG was such an amazing game. Many of you old schoolers -may- recall that Super Mario RPG was a joint effort by Nintendo and Squaresoft (who later merged with Enix to form Square Enix, and were the creators of a lot of the best old school RPGs, in my opinion). Since Paper Mario is the next Mario RPG game after SMRPG, making it a spiritual successor of sorts, I couldn't help but measure Paper Mario against its predecessor. At the beginning I was really hyped, but as I made my way through the game I gradually saw it being totally inferior to SMRPG in every way; the story wasn't that great, the music was average, the dialogue wasn't nearly as good... The battle system was the most stupidly simple I'd ever seen in a game. And who in their right mind makes a turn based RPG where the largest amount of damage dealt never exceeds two digits??? I think it is SO stupid. Looking back on it now, the game seems like a cheap SMRPG knockoff. Now we've got a whole freaking franchise of these stupid games that everyone loves for reasons that completely elude me (The exception is Super Paper Mario which I actually like a whole lot, but it is very different from the others). So yeah... At this point I hate Paper Mario and the fact that they keep making new ones with, from what I can tell, the same problems as the first one.
  13. A 2D game where there's literally nothing but a ceiling and a little blue dot, and all you can do is stand in one spot and jump over and over again, attempting to make the dot touch the ceiling.
  14. This is kind of how I view sports, and people who are incredibly into them. Its really confusing to me (largely, I'm sure, because I'm not competitive and don't understand the appeal of sports in the first place if you're not actually playing them). People who love to follow sports get so incredibly emotional about whether team X wins against team Y or not, and when I see people getting super outraged or depressed that Team X is losing or whatever, its just mind boggling to me. I'll never understand it.
  15. Well, its technically an anime (based on a manga which I haven't read), but with an extremely fantasy RPG type of setting - Slayers. I've always thought that I would love more than anything to join Lina Inverse's party and go on adventures with her around the world. That feels like heaven to me ❤️
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