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  1. Best FPS I've ever played, yep. Aliens aren't really aliens, which makes it even better. As for the thread's topic, Flat Earth comes pretty much on top of the list. I've been in big Discord servers solely dedicated to flat earth theory. It's quite amusing, really... until they banish you into a specific channel for trying to debunk them. "Illuminati" aren't that unlikely. Sure, the whole thing about pyramids and all is a little crazy, but the idea of a group of people secretly pushing the world where they want it to go is not.
  2. Since Johnson has been criticizing devolution, I wouldn't be surprised to see the UK's unity weakened for a bit. That shouldn't come close to what the US are currently going through, though, especially considering the traditionally conciliatory British political culture. However, if we're talking on a global scale, the Brexit will weaken the Western bloc, which is becoming more and more relevant now, against the Eastern bloc that's reforming with China at its head. Seeing how the US are declining and how well the EU is remaining united on the mainland, it's not crazy to say the EU will eventually become a much more significant power pole, both relatively (due to the US' decline) and absolutely.
  3. Lol, nice justification... 🤦‍♂️ Chances are she'll remain popular among those who are already "converted" to hardcore nonsensical conspiracy theories, but she won't gain much more influence, unless the US literally fall victim of a cult, which would be horrible. That's highly unlikely, though.
  4. Does anyone around know interesting Crusader Kings II mods? I've been into After the End recently, but I'd like to find something more than doesn't involve me installing some unzipping tool from some Russian guy I don't know (like Historical Immersion Project).
  5. One of the rare threads I've seen that mirrored my exact feeling when it comes to the events around the Capitol. A divisive leader like the thankfully ex-president could only ever lead to this. It looks like the civil war has been avoided, though... at least for now. And Biden can't do worse than him; the bar is pretty low, after all. Let's just hope it won't devolve into violence... ...remember they may have AR-15s too. 😒
  6. Rofl. - So, what crimes did Mr. Biden commit that make you think he should be impeached? - EXISTING, SIR. EXISTING. I'm not American, so I'm not sure, but don't you literally need to have commited a crime to get impeached?
  7. Hi there! I've been lurking and trying to find a fun game site, and heh, this one came up. I clicked without knowing what I was looking at, but when I saw someone had linked a teaser of a game where you're literally Jesus, I knew I was in the right place. =D
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