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  1. With a lot of focus on the divide over in the US at the moment, I wanted to see what everyone's thoughts were on what's going on over in the UK (where I'm from) with Brexit. The UK officially left on 1st January, but subject to regular five year agreement reviews with the EU, and a transition of laws/power that still hasn't fully completed. With this in mind, do you think Brexit was a force for change or a force that began to divide the country?
  2. With the majority of people these days streaming music directly via Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and others, do you think traditional iTunes and purchasing single albums/songs dead? I remember a few years back I still downloaded a lot of music from iTunes to my devices, but with streaming services I've stopped all together. Until a quick Google search prior to this thread, I didn't even know you could still buy music! Do you think music is now in a new era of streaming-only?
  3. Do you have a favourite TV Streaming service that you use? I've recently dabbled with Netflix, Now TV, Prime and Britbox, and found Netflix to offer the most content at a pretty affordable price for the amount of time I get out of it. What does everyone else use, or do you prefer traditional cable TV?
  4. Here, here. I think as with a lot of things, gaming can become an addiction which is obviously bad, but gaming in itself can be a stress-reliever and an escape from the goings-on around: I know during some of my darkest moments I've turned to games to take my mind off things for a while. Whilst I wouldn't advocate always doing that, it can be a great help sometimes, and even more generally if you're a bit bored/low during the day - especially with lockdown at the moment
  5. I'm a bit like you Killamch89, I like to have both a laptop and desktop capable of gaming. I think there's advantages to both platforms, though I do personally play most of my games on my PC as it has higher specs. Nothing beats the portability of a laptop though if I'm going away/on a trip and want to keep up with some gaming during it
  6. Oh really, I never knew this. From my research I heard they were one of the better sites. So your experience of G2A has been positive? I'd be keen to hear other's experience with the platform too
  7. I think questioning what we are told and know isn't necessarily a force for bad. I'm a big believer that people should be free to think and question freely as they wish, which a lot of conspiracy theorists do. I think where the lines become blurred is when their views are exerted onto others unwarranted, or they try and claim other's are wrong of 'blind' to not think with the same mentality as them.
  8. Haha I agree. PC Gaming is a core part of the gaming industry: Will always stick by that! I think some games are better on console and I do agree they are a cheaper platform, but PCs still offer greater power and experience in my opinion
  9. As a mobile gamer, in-app purchases are plentiful, and present in most major games. Do you endorse their inclusion in games and do you ever use them to upgrade your gaming experience? Or do you frown upon them and refuse to purchase to play?
  10. I echo the views of Shagger here. I think a lifetime ban is probably a little harsh - especially if compared to penalties for cheating in 'IRL' Games - but allowing them to only play with each other is probably a good call. What goes around comes around they say!
  11. It's good the issue was finally patched. This game launch has been riddled with small bugs like this which should've been ironed out prior to launch really 😞 It is however a really enjoyable and game-changing game so it will be worth these little bugs in the long run!
  12. I don't think they'll be forgotten: There's enough folk that love the retro game industry which will keep them going! I will load up my old DS (that's about as retro as I go!) from time to time to show my younger brother the sort of games I use to play - for as long as people keep doing that I don't see retro games going anywhere!
  13. I'm not overly fond of Playstation as a platform: Just find the UI a little over-complicated. Then again, I'm a bigger fan of PC than console-based gaming overall
  14. You should check out City Car Driving: It's Russian/fictionally based I believe, but the gameplay is quite good and with a decent Logitech Steering Wheel it's quite realistic and simulator-y. As others have mentioned too, Euro Truck & American Truck simulators offer a realistic open-world driving experience: Albeit trucks. Both games have large modding communities though with different car models avaliable
  15. I recently purchased a new DLC for a simulation-based game I've owned for many years, and for the first time did a price comparison across a few gaming marketplaces and saved about $10 in doing so. Do you purchase your games from Steam directly, or do you look for cheaper Steam Keys from other marketplace vendors? Would love to hear other's experiences and if the bargain I found was only a one off...
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