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  1. That's a shame about the achievements, I've recently got into achievement hunting and Donut County seems to be the sort of game I'd enjoy getting them in. I'm glad you enjoyed it nonetheless, I look forward to trying it myself! Ahem, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands for me still. It won't be long before I'm back at my PC and playing something besides. ^^
  2. I absolutely love it and find myself replaying it every few years. The only problems I have with it are the mixed feelings I have to the Midnight Club DLC, and a bug that prevented me from using the Super RDX perk that had to do with save files. It's very much what we call a AA game today, but it still holds up well as one of the few games that tried to take Assassin's Creed head on and succeed pretty well. A shame it was Pandemic's final game, as I hear they were a highly revered studio.
  3. Not to resort to such an easy cliché but Wii Sports was incredible, especially the boxing. Most of the mini-games aren't all that intensive, but when I had Wii Sports for Christmas I worked up a sweat and fought tooth and claw to win at pugilism. When I'd bought myself a new smartphone I'd installed Pokémon GO which had rekindled my love of walking. I eventually walked without the double whammy of getting fictional digital creatures, and that really improved my physical and mental health. I've heard of, but haven't played myself, these games that tell a story as you're jogging like a
  4. Madness of Deathwing, from World of Warcraft's Cataclysm expansion. The idea behind the Dragon Soul raid was meant to be a climactic end to the expansion, with Deathwing being not so much a three-phase boss but the undying, agonised force of nature that he was. In theory, this works. In practice, Madness of Deathwing was only exciting to those who were seeing casual raiding for the first time in the "Looking for Raid" (LFR) function and difficulty. Experienced raiders saw - and still remember - this fight as slapping a dragon's gummy toes. Still, he dropped Kiril, Fury of Beasts, which re
  5. It appears you may need to reload a save. From the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP): You might be able to use some sort of console command to make her invincible but I'm afraid such things are beyond my ken. 😞
  6. So after Electronic Arts' failed Rocket Arena and Microsoft's bled-out Bleeding Edge (by Ninja Theory, of Hellblade fame), EA have decided to publish another attempt at a multiplayer space that's already bloated...? Given it has a price tag of 19.99 USD, which is $19.99 too much, I don't expect this game to see many of its 9-weekly long seasons even with crossplay across major platforms. If they don't get their act together with the free-to-play alternative before launch (afterwards isn't good enough) Don't get me wrong, it looks fun. Damn fun, but only as fun as the teams you're in, whic
  7. I'm going to keep my eye on this as I'm itching for a new kart racing experience, but the only other Hot Wheels game I've played was World's Best Driver and it.... wasn't great. Releasing in a world where digital adaptations of action figures and toy cars can be monetised for $1.5billion, I can easily see Hot Wheels Unleashed being a quick cash grab. Between this pre-rendered trailer and the Steam store page showing only cars without any other information (despite requiring actual gameplay) leaves little room for optimism at the moment. Hasbro's ownership of the license hardly allays conc
  8. I do find it surprising, but there's a number of reasons I've seen why don't see this happen often. The first being that games enthusiasts think multiple endings are good, when really it depends entirely on the talent of the writers and their confidence in the story they want to tell, and the audience they want to tell it to. With multiple origins if one is bad it could well turn off the player for the rest of the game, but comes at a lower risk because there's other beginnings to choose from if one doesn't work out and won't sour the past, say, 40 hours of gameplay. The second hypothesis
  9. Yes and no. I think Josh Sawyer's a great worldbuilder but not as good a narrator; I think Chris Avellone's a great narrator but not as good a worldbuilder. Without either, you don't have a good fictional story, and now Avellone's no longer with them (and given the accusations against him, might not be with anyone for a good long while), I doubt another Fallout game by Obsidian's going to be all that good. There's an argument to be made that with a greater budget and other resources Obsidian can make good games. There's an argument to be made for their games being more charming because of
  10. This hardly belongs in Gaming 'News' because there was little to be optimistic about in the first place. Paradox Interactive has canned developer Hardsuit Labs, whose webpage on Google opens up saying "we make great games", despite having only made one under their current name. They were formerly known as Zombie Studios, who had made the lesser known Spec Ops games, Blacklight: Retribution, and had worked with the US Armed Forces on certain titles. In addition to having a fickle publisher though, Hardsuit Labs were also making a game based on Onyx Publishing's World of Darkness universe 20 yea
  11. When I read the title I had to double check because Dying Light's that good zombie property, not the other one that's going through the game dev equivalent of musical chairs. I'm disappointed to hear that Techland's yet another studio that wrongly thinks workplace abuse makes for a better game, but at this point should I be at all surprised? Thanks for sharing this, even if it has made me feel gross.
  12. I did a write-up on this last year for HubPages' LevelSkip branch, and I'll tell you what I told everyone at the time and before then: Anthem could not have improved significantly via its Next update. People often cite No Man's Sky as the single example of a game redeeming itself while (likely unintentionally) ignoring the myriad examples of games that didn't, or Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, unaware of Japan's gaming and corporate culture and the cost that comes with it. Anthem Next wasn't going to see the collossal changes to the point of making a brand new game with the same name, and
  13. I agree with Bioshock 2, I enjoyed it for the time but the last time I played it I didn't enjoy it as much. I may play the remasted version on PC and see how it fares. I've recently completed and enjoyed Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin. I'm grateful to not have experienced the issues other players have involving hitboxes and detection, and some other issues plaguing the game. Few, if really any, of the other problems players had bothered me. I've enjoyed it, and might even do New Game+ one day, but for the time being I'm playing the other two games which are suiting me just fine.
  14. Charlie Brooker's really into video games, so I'm sure if someone pitched the idea of a game to him with Black Mirror branding he'd be able to lend a lot of creative direction to it. I'm sure the thought has crossed his mind, and perhaps Bandersnatch was a 'backdoor pitch' for such a game?
  15. I'm not sure if this counts but each of the races in World of Warcraft has their own language, which when heard by another race (especially on the other faction) comes out as gibberish. For example, the Pandaren language consists of two words: om and nom. Gnomish used to be binary code (1 and 0). This is not exclusive to player speech though; a few excerpts of the game, mostly made-up gibberish with smatterings of apostrophes, can be translated. For instance, 'Lok'tar Ogar' means 'Victory or Death', but this doesn't quite work when saying 'Lok'tar Illidari', which literally translates to 'Vict
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