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  1. I can't wait to hear the news and have my coffee. Also need to go to work as I have bills to pay.
  2. Quarantine was good for me because I became fitter and also had a lot of time for myself. Also I improved in my cooking and related better with my neighbours. Generally it was a good but someday were boring.
  3. Samuelkanu


    Marijuana is highly destructive more than alcohol. I know this because I relate with some people who abuse these two substances. It's effect has not really been fully understood. It has to be totally banned in my opinion because the harm surpasses the benefits.
  4. I have known this a long time ago that we are the worst thing to live on earth. Our destructive ways are incomprehensible. Destroying everything from environment to other living things.
  5. Pickup lines doesn't really mean anything to me. Having one might make you use it at the wrong time. I let the occasion decide the words to say or use
  6. No two players are ever the same because we humans are different. But it depends on your preferences as to style and what you think a good footballer should be able to do or look like. Personally I prefer Ronaldo to messi
  7. Some sports need spectators and some it doesn't matter. A sport like swimming can go on without na crowd. But for football it néeds crowd to cheer you on because they would inspire you to bring out all your energy and help the team win.
  8. My favourite sport and the one I love to watch whether on television or life is football. There are so many skillsets to it and also it attracts so many people. It's the world's favourite game
  9. There are so many conspiracy theories that no one is most interesting to me. From the Bible to evolution to Illuminati, it's just endless and adds to the mystery of the world. But the one about we humans living and having a second Life after death does not add up.
  10. Europe coming together was a great idea and concept. But it would be totally impossible to be fully united because of the differences in language and culture. There was a lot of ego involved too. Some countries thought they were the losers and others the gainers. But it was to help all . British pride led to Brexit and they might pay heavily for it in the future.
  11. Hello everyone and compliments of the day. I am new here and I hope to make friends and learn as well. Hope I am welcome.
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