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  1. Do you like game music? I personally am pretty obsessed with the OSTs from a few games and listen to some tracks quite often.
  2. What is your opinion on anti-cheat programs like BattlEye or VAC? I think that they are a necessary evil, but it troubles me that they are becoming more invasive and seem to be detecting things that are not cheats (e.g. virtualization). The manufacturers also refuse to admit that there could be false positives because they want to sell their products.
  3. Do you use cheat codes in games? I don't use cheat codes if I'm playing seriously, but they are useful if you want to test things about the game or just mess around.
  4. HolisticStorm

    Power supply

    What kind of power supply do you have in your PC? I have a GAMDIAS 850W power supply. It's RGB and 80 PLUS GOLD. It's a controversial choice, I'm sure, but it's served me well so far. My friend told me to keep a fire extinguisher handy. :P
  5. I've had a pretty poor experience with every Intel product I've tried other than CPUs. They should probably, like @Empire said, stick to CPUs.
  6. I think 8 GB would be adequate for basic use, but it's definitely the bare minimum to use your computer comfortably in 2021. I had a laptop that I used at work that had 4 GB, and it was horrendously slow if I had more than one browser tab open. I think that 16 GB is far more reasonable if you are doing anything beyond the basics.
  7. I have always found the Surface to be WAY too expensive for what it is. There are other comparable devices that are quite a bit cheaper or at least have better price/performance.
  8. I already found my true love, so bring on the suitcase so that we can ride off into the sunset in a Lamborghini. ;)
  9. AMD is the future. Intel and NVidia have been improving incrementally at best, but AMD has advanced by leaps and bounds in just the past few years.
  10. It hasn't ever bothered me. Maybe I'm just weird. I actually find that I notice it less if I'm intensely focused on something; I notice it more when I'm using my PC casually.
  11. Linux gaming has advanced light years since just a few years ago, so if you give it a few years, it is very likely that Linux will be viable for gaming. I have also heard rumors that Microsoft may use the Linux kernel in a future version of Windows.
  12. Have you ever had issues with gaming so much that it affects other aspects of your life? I think that I have always been able to game in moderation so that it does not affect my life negatively.
  13. HolisticStorm

    Linux gaming

    Does anybody here game on Linux? I have used Linux on and off. It is pretty amazing how many games will now run natively on Linux, but it still cannot compete with Windows in that regard. I am going to set up a VM with GPU passthrough soon so that I can have near-native graphic performance on a Windows guest running under a Linux host. I think that this will be the best approach; it isn't perfect, but it's the best way to game comfortably without allowing Microsoft constant and unrestricted access to your data.
  14. What strategies in games do you find annoying or cheesy? I find it very annoying in open-world games when people use griefing to help their friends win battles. I love open-world games, and the potential for griefing obviously comes with the territory, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating when it happens. ;)
  15. I used to have a PC that had really bad overheating issues. Whenever I opened games, I would either get bluescreens or horrendous lag. Since money was tight at the time, I took the side off the PC and put a box fan next to it to blow air into the case and cool it so that I could play games without the overheating issue, at least temporarily. Disclaimer: Don't do this. ;)
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