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  1. i will start : PC : A bit expensive parts (especially during the shortage that's currently going on and miners), games aren't always easy to play (plug and play) and some troubleshooting has to be done sometimes PSP : analog ghosting issues that makes playing impossible till you change the whole analog stick (or fix it using some plugins that adjust the sensitivity) PS2: slow loading times for PS1 games that i'm emulating in it (as it supports only USB 1.0), memory cards are a bit tough to get locally (unless you order them online) how about you?
  2. planning to play in it every single game i couldn't do in my childhood including games that i just found about in even 2022!
  3. i do 🙂 i'm using an LCD TV for now and it's doing so goood with the HDMI Adapter 😛 Aliexpress is your friend if you don't mind waiting for like 20-30 days 🙂
  4. a small update since i didn't post here since a long while, the adapter came in the last month, the quality is way way better than it is with the regular A/V cables, the adapter was sooo cool and cheap
  5. there are categories in speedrunning where records are made without using any single bug or strats 🙂
  6. Waiting for a comeback from AMD, this is actually a battle that i'm enjoying as a geek, Intel could have better integrated gpu's as a plus for them if they focused on them
  7. happens when Rockstar gives the work to beginner studios, happened with War Drums studio before and it's the same now with Grove Street Games lol
  8. Forgot to mention that i'm using it with a very old CRT TV (that's not eyes friendly) and planning to get the HDMI adapter for better quality, larger display and more comfort!
  9. Hello VGR again! Today i managed to get a PS2 (Slim model) for 35 bucks, it came with a 8mb Memory card, 2 Controllers and and the necessary cables (AV Adapter, Charger etc..). Fired it up, plugged the controllers and played Metal Slug 5 and had real fun. Why did i get it? i didn't unfortunately have the chance to get it as a kid (i actually had the Phat PS2 but sold it because my iq was low), and wanted it since long, but today managed to get it since things are different now! Planning to play God of War, Mortal Kombat SM (Shaolin Monks), Disney Pixar up, Jet Li rise of honor and many other titles (including CO-OP games with my brothers when they are free). What would you recommend me (including games or tips to have it spending the maximum possible time with me 😛 )
  10. and many years of jail to serve for sure 🤐
  11. Congratulations !! 💖 I can't believe that it has been a year already, time flies real quick, Glad that i spent it in the right place ❤️
  12. 0.5 Rating on Metacritic, like why? Rockstar promised keeping the original vibes but with a modern look, yet people hating 😞
  13. it's okay if it happens once in a while, like the GTA Trilogy appeared after atleast 20 years of the old titles
  14. i honestly don't care about what studio/company made a specific game, all i care about is the game itself, being neutral towards companies is the best thing you can do in an era where all companies are looking after money and not players (mostly)
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