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  1. also in GTA IV, if you decide to spare Darko Brevic, you get the next dialogue all based about how Niko Bellic feels more satisfied now, but if you kill him, you'll get a dialogue showing the emptyness inside him because revenge didn't improve his situation
  2. Mafia 2 to be honest, there are some hints in Mafia 3 actually, but they are indirect and the majority doesn't like Mafia 3 anyways
  3. yep, and the BMW there is one of the reasons you should play MW2006
  4. YES!!! emotional moments (for me) are first priority in games, no matter what their genre is, because they leave an impact on me and make me replay the game later and never forget about it
  5. maybe this is a thing that will happen surely in the future, considering that old people are engaged in gaming in the modern society as well, after "old people" used to claim that gaming is only for kids
  6. hell yeah it is, In Japan you find every single gaming thing that never had the chance to get out of Asia, i always wanted to visit it
  7. Patrik

    The 3070Ti is here!

    true, also, what's the point of releasing 6554584 GPU's when people aren't able to buy them+not much different that's worth the price lol
  8. despite all those fancy things, the console had lot of drawbacks unfortunately such as high temperature and getting faulty most of the times, it looks cool to own but not to game on
  9. yes but no at the same time actually, PSX is a whole other console that's able to play PS1 & PS2 games and much more, 95% of people think that PS1 is PSX somehow lol
  10. Patrik

    MSI GS76 Stealth

    yes, but the 3070 actually became before 3060 this sucks to be honest....
  11. Patrik

    MSI GS76 Stealth

    sometimes i feel like whoever is deciding what specs should these laptops have is just a dumb asf, atleast the 3060 is a decent gpu, you gotta see previous gen laptops having 8 cores i7's paired with 1050ti xD
  12. they are still releasing updates for it, haven't played it for so long, i heard that they are adding a hide n seek gamemode, i hope that will be worth it
  13. Patrik

    MSI GS76 Stealth

    and the question is, why are they bottlenecking the cpu by pairing it with RTX 3060 only
  14. Patrik

    The 3070Ti is here!

    Your thoughts?
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