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  1. I am really impressed by sheer abundance of flavor choices when it comes to the powders - twelve in total. Before I try Sneak and purchase the Starter Bundle I have the following questions to those who have tried Sneak's product line. How long does it take for Sneak energy to kick in and take effect? Per the FAQ page, each Sneak pouch contains 150mg of caffeine per serving -is that more than, less than, or in line with similar energy drink products? Is Sneak truly 100% sugar free? How is the carbonatation and fizziness? Is Sneak easy to drink quickly (or even chug) or does it need to be sipped and consume over an hour like a Monster drink?
  2. I hate ads in free software! Video Convert App sounds like it’s worth checking out.
  3. Thanks for the share @DC. I just ordered one. This is VERY high quality compared to the alternatives available online.
  4. These are super bad ass chairs and very high quality. I have a friend who owns the Captain American chair and he has said it's well worth the money. Now that the chairs are on sale I will definitely make a purchase. I am deciding between Captain American and Ant Man.
  5. So, is it limited to three randomizations? Can’t wait to see what I get.
  6. I used to game online a lot more often. But over the years, I’ve done it less and less. The narcissistic crap is just too much. And I don’t want to play with a lot of screaming 12-year-olds. But maybe I will give it another try with this service. It would be great to have online gaming back.
  7. That monitor is a bit out of my range atm, but it looks amazing. I really want to upgrade to something like this when I have the cash. I'll be tuning into the Twitch stream on October 3.
  8. Thanks @DC for sharing. I looked at the Gametusy website and watched the adult trailers on PornHub! I'm going to register an account. I just hope no one votes to kill off my favorite characters, lol. Everyone on here is way too hot to die 😄
  9. Forgive me if I am missing something but is Nintendo officially dead?
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