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  1. Borderlands. I know major throwback lol.
  2. Samus Aran. She rolls up into a ball, got an ultra cool space suit, got an energy cannon for an arm, what's not to love.
  3. The Prince and Elika in Prince of Persia 2008.
  4. I like Bing. I know the results aren't as accurate as Google's but the user experience is superior in my opinion.
  5. Scottypops


    Welcome to VGR!
  6. Scottypops


    Agreed, this generally is a true statement, at least in my experiences too.
  7. I've run cheat codes in GTA and COD games in the past. Are cheat codes considered cheating?
  8. Bored of gaming? Are you kidding? With this lineup of upcoming games: RDR2, BF5, and FO76...not to mentioned Cyberpunk 2077 just around the corner! I don't think I'll get bored of gaming anytime soon.
  9. I'd have to go with the Beatles.
  10. Shapeshifting. You could literally be anything you want.
  11. This has happened to me but it's super rare. Just gotta deal with the temporary inconvenience.
  12. It just depends on my surrounding environment. Tablets having larger screens thus are more immersive but mobile devices are more practical due to portability.
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