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  1. I would say the biggest competitor to the GTA franchise would have to be the Just Cause franchise. Just Cause is similar to GTA in many different ways, and I know a ton of people who would prefer to play Just Cause over GTA any day. Overall, I believe GTA is still the most played game between the two, but this is definitely GTA's biggest competitor at the moment, in my opinion.
  2. Hello everyone, I was looking at some deals the official PlayStation store was running. I located Just Cause 3 for only $2.99 plus tax! The game's original retail price is $19.99, but if you're interested in purchasing this game for instant download you can get it for limited time in the PlayStation store for $2.99. If I'm not mistaking that's around an 85% discount. What do you guys think of this deal? Is this something you're going to purchase?
  3. Hello, that's a great question! Unfortunately, PlayStation does not offer a design your own controller feature at this time. However, they do have several different colors and designs you can purchase directly from the PlayStation store such as: red, blue, black, blue camo, green camo, etc. If none of those suit your needs, there are a ton of controller covers on Amazon and other online retailers. You basically take the controller cover and put it over your remote. You should check those out, some of them look really neat.
  4. Excellent question! The last game I played was Fortnite on PlayStation 4. I normally only play a select few games, Fortnite and Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer. My work schedule has been pretty hectic lately and I'm just now getting over COVID, so I haven't been able to play games as much as I would like. I'm thinking about hopping on to play with a friend here in the next hour or so.
  5. I've heard about this over the past several weeks. I'm honestly not sure how I feel regarding this agreement they are planning to make. I highly doubt that Microsoft would make Call of Duty an Xbox/PC only game because they would lose out on a ton of money from PlayStation players. I truly hope it doesn't come to that, but large companies seem to be pretty money hungry the majority of the time. If Microsoft feels that they could sell more products because of Call of Duty fans it wouldn't surprise me if they decided to go that route. I guess we will all just have to see how it plays out.
  6. Hello everyone, My name is Devin, I am 20 years old. I enjoy bowling, playing video games, spending time with friends and family, and I enjoy posting in online communities such as this one. I hope you guys are just as excited for me to be here as I am. If you should have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to let me know!
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