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  1. I am running out of interesting games to play. With this being said, do you guys have any recommendations for PlayStation 4 games? Preferably newer games, but older games will work as well if I haven't already played them. Let me know what games you guys think of, and I will check into them. Thank you all in advance.
  2. Fortnite is having a Duos Cash Cup Tournament on March 7, 2022 at 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Here is a screenshot of the official Cup information found on EpicGames.com Will any of you be participating in this Cash Cup Tournament? Why or why not?
  3. I recently found out that Fortnite was doing a collab with Assassins Creed. This collab is one of the many Fortnite has been doing. They will release an Assassins Creed character soon in the item shop to be available to purchase worldwide. Here is a photo of the character they will be releasing: What do you guys think of this collab?
  4. I used to have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on CD for my PlayStation 4, however, I'm not certain where it's at. As of right now, you can purchase Call of Duty: Modern Warefare from the PlayStation store for only $19.99 instead of $39.99. I'm not sure how long this offer will be available, but I will be purchasing this game sooner than later to start playing it again. What do you guys think of this ongoing deal?
  5. This looks amazing. Unfortunately, I don't currently game with a mouse or keyboard, I'm more of a PlayStation person. However, if I did play with PC or use a mouse and keyboard I would definitely purchase one of these. Thank you for sharing this with us, I'm sure many others will take part in this offer!
  6. I have never heard of Dying Light until now. I feel like 500 hours is a very long time for a game. With this being said, either they've added a ton of things that probably shouldn't be included in the game, or they've done an amazing job and they've spent a ton of time putting it together. Either way, I will check it out to see what I think of it. Thanks for sharing.
  7. I'm not too big on my K/D ratio. I normally always play Fortnite, this is my number one game. However, I've played it for so long that my K/D doesn't really bother me too much. I started out as a bad player, I'm decent now, but it's factoring in my K/D since I started the game. With that being said, I'm not too worried about it.
  8. Woah that's crazy. That is an extremely good deal. I will definitely be hopping on the deal later today once I get off work. Thank you so much for sharing this information with us! I would've missed it, if you hadn't of shared it.
  9. One of my favorite PlayStation 2 games would have to be Crash Bandicoot. I really enjoyed playing that game at a young age. I've not played nor heard much about it for a long time now. Are there any new Crash Bandicoot games out right now?
  10. I am well acquainted with the Call of Duty series. Now as for the image you've shared, Infinite Warfare, I didn't even realize this was a thing. I normally only play Call of Duty on PlayStation consoles, but if this is a free to play mobile app for Infinite Warfare I will definitely check it out in the near future. This could be something I could play on my phone while I'm working (I work from home).
  11. I would consider Clash of Clans to be a strategy game. You have to be conscious of how you lay out your village, then you have to strategize when attacking other villages in order to get battle stars. This is probably the only strategy type game that I play, but I highly enjoy it. Do you guys play Clash of Clans? Why or why not?
  12. I am normally always listening to music. Music always boosts my mood when I'm feeling down or having an overall bad day. When I listen to music, I normally always listen to Christian Contemporary music. It's so soothing and overall just filled with love, compassion, and joy. Do you guys listen to Christian Contemporary. Why or why not?
  13. I have used various PC brands such as HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, etc over the years. Out of all the PC brands that I have tested, I would say my favorite would have to be Acer. Acer normally seems to last the longest for me. Dell and HP are good computers, but their performance seems to degrade within a year. Which type of PC brands would you guys recommend and why?
  14. Hello everyone, I just recently finished watching all of the TV shows I liked until more episodes come out. With this being said, I am searching for recommendations. I like TV shows that are more on the crime/drama and action side. I normally use Peacock or Hulu+ as my streaming platforms, I do not have cable or satellite TV. What shows would you guys recommend?
  15. This is awesome! I'm excited that you decided to create this thread. I'm a fan of Epic Games, but I'm not too involved with their news or game freebies. This is a big help, thank you for sharing and keeping us updated.
  16. I have never noticed any type of tutorial for Minecraft. I feel that Minecraft is pretty self explanatory, but if for some reason people are unable to figure it out, there should be a ton of tutorials and resources available on Google search. I'll try to search some and post them here if I find any worth reading. 🙂
  17. I haven't thought to check 3rd party websites for cheaper games. However, I normally wait for games to go on sale in the PlayStation store before I make a purchase. Other than that, if I really want a game I normally spend full price or look to find the cheapest price on a retailer website such as Walmart.com, Amazon.com, and select others.
  18. This is absolutely crazy. Rockstar Games have made a ton of money just from GTA 5. Not only have they made a ton of money from selling the game, but they've also made a ton of money from addons you can purchase in the game. When they release the new stuff for the new generation gaming consoles, I believe they will eventually hit 200 million if not more. We will just have to wait and see what happens.
  19. In my personal opinion, I believe video games can negatively effect you depending on what type of game your playing. For example, if you're constantly murdering people in a game, especially if playing the game at a young vulnerable age, I believe that it can mess with your view of life and make it seem more like a reality than just a game. If I'm not mistaking there has been some scientific research to back up these claims, but I'm not sure where to find the research.
  20. If you are like me, you absolutely love everything about Spider-Man. I purchased the Spider-Man game as soon as it came out, and I'm glad I did. If you have not purchased the Spider-Man game, I highly recommend that you do so. Lucky for you, the game is now only $15.99 for a limited time. The original retail price is $39.99. This deal is only available for the next 8 days, so get it while the deal lasts! This offer can be located in the PlayStation store.
  21. If you are a fan of the Far Cry franchise, then I have a treat for you. For a limited time only, Far Cry 4 is on sale for $6.59 in the PlayStation store. The regular retail price is $19.99, but for the next 8 days you can get it for only $6.59 plus tax. Do you guys enjoy Far Cry? Will you be buying this while the deal is on?
  22. I am way behind, I wasn't aware they were making a Modern Warfare 2. As for your question regarding Vanguard, I absolutely love Vanguard. In all honesty, I thought Vanguard was one of their better games, I'm not sure why they didn't make their sales quota.
  23. I have had Amazon Prime for years and I never knew that they offered this service. I will definitely be checking this out to see if I can find anything that may interest me.
  24. These chairs look amazing! I am absolutely interested in purchasing the Spider-Man chair. It's a little out of my budget right now, however, hopefully in the next month or so I will be able to purchase it. I really like how VGR offers select sponsored deals, it's very intriguing.
  25. I had saw an advertisement for a Bingo app earlier last year, I believe it was called Bingo King. It's basically a gambling app, where you add money to your account, then you can use this money to pay your way into different Bingo tournaments. I played this game and started out making some pretty good money, then I wanted to get riskier. So, I had used my winnings to gamble a larger amount of money, then in the end, I ended up losing all my money plus some. Would you considered paid Bingo matches competitive gaming? Why or why not?
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