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  1. Boy would it be hilarious to take your own texts and appear on one of your favorite radio talk show hosts; LIVE, such as the non-George Soros funded Alex Jones show and talk about how inadequate, authoritarian, antifa, Hitlarian moderation staff such as yourself threaten to ban Republican for criticizing drag queen story hour. You are ridiculous and you should honestly consider moving to somewhere like South Africa or Venezuela. You'd be more at home. Chili dogs really are something like 300,000 bolivar's a piece and they go up by the hour. You'd need to roll in your entire wheelbarrel full of bolivar's that you get paid from your game moderation job to collect a single chili dog. That's the leftists vision of the "21st century future" under people like you. Fantastic news for freedom though: Leftists are slated for a historic political loss in November during the mid terms.
  2. Dude I could care less about your theories as well. I posted facts about conspiracies. You aren't trained in law; you're a video game forum moderator. I just posted facts about a recent "conspiracy" that took place just a few days ago. You're so fucking stupid you don't even know what a conspiracy is and nobody spread any "homophobia" on these boards -- LITERALLY FUCKING AT ALL EVER. What you are saying is that you are some left wing piece of complete utter trash who is having a meltdown because I criticized literal drag queen lard asses dressing up in drag and dancing in front of children while being protected by armed militias of violent left wing retards who should be in prison. I get banned from every single left wing video gaming board and I have more to offer this board that 10 versions of some left wing clown like you combined. If you'd like to debate me out in public on LIVE radio, I would embarrass you in front of all of your clown friends. You have zero authority to warn anyone as I own my own business, radio show, video gaming forum, have multiple world records, straight A's in college, and 57 competitive gaming #1 ranks. All little clowns like you do is hide behind a computer like a little ho and run your mouth about republicans in an internet bubble. As soon as somebody criticizes your PROVABLY FALSE beliefs, you have a little hissy fit and a meltdown then try to ban the opposition like Hitler. No need to ban me, bitch. I would be more than happy to stop posting at this left wing shithole voluntarily if your shitty ass left wing website (that has literally no viewers) does not even tolerate Republican perspectives. You're a fucking loser ass dirtbag. You'll have like 16 regular posters on your board with thousands of registrants. You are a clown... And I will actually sue if I continue to go to VIDEO GAME message boards and keep getting threatened by mods. Consider your punk ass warned with a discrimination lawsuit.
  3. It's not ridiculous it all; in fact: it's a pretty normal and basic conquering tactic that goes back literally centuries if not thousands of years to get warriors and men to learn musical instruments and the arts of femininity so that when the population in which they dwell is abused by authoritarian regimes, the men do not resist the abuse. I've mentioned in other topics how human beings can have their minds "erased", or fractured, and then have a new personality sort of implanted via MK Ultra (CIA Mind Control) techniques; and more and more people aren't simply waking up one day and "deciding" that they are queer, or a 3 year old boy "deciding" he is a female one day. This stuff is factually being pushed onto the populace, although its debatable how much and to what extent the content is being pushed. Even just last night I looked at right wing journalist Andy Ngo's Twitter and there was a fairly outrageous display of full grown men in drag queen strip tease dance shows having a large drag event where they were teaching literally children how to give the drag people tips like a stripper, and antifa were guarding the event with an armed militia with AR-15's, etc. Is this country serious about this stuff? That is pure decadence at its finest, and if and when the country collapses, don't say you weren't warned because the moral decline and the decadence comes before the collapse. The big lie is that you are being sold some sort of ridiculous "progress", when in fact humanity has likely already gone through various phases of a build up to high levels of technological achievement only to face a great catastrophe (whether it is natural or planned); and then they have to restart everything again. Also known as the great reset and very similar to how there were actually 5 versions of "NEO" before the one in the original Matrix trilogies. Yes, there are conspiracies. And yes there are conspiracies all the time. I study law and conspiracies happen on the daily. All a "conspiracy" is, is when 2 or more people collude in order to commit a crime -- similar in a way to contract law. Yes, yes, yes there are "conspiracies" -- but the various intelligence agencies have convinced people that there's no such thing as a conspiracy and what a ridiculous idea the notion is. ANTIFA plots conspiracies in writing right on Twitter on a constant basis. This is an uncontested fact. Some of my knowledge is also well ahead of the 21st century, which would technically make me ahead of you; so good luck with that one. Trying to prop up a society that is going to a very GENERALIZED and cookie cutter process of collapse via decadence and moral decline is not some sort of way of traveling into the future. This awesome 21st century future you're bragging about is going to feature your local neighborhood lemings in bread lines after the collapse while things head towards a banana Republic like Venezuela. And chili dogs will, of course, be 200,000 dollars a piece, but since we are dealing with the grand "future" of humanity -- inflation will be so downright spectacular and wonderful in the 21st century version of America that chili dogs will increase in price by the hour (just like they do in Venezuela as of August 29th, 2022). And if you don't like chili dogs being 17 billion dollars, or whatever form of currency they have after a collapse, then snitches will rat you out as an enemy of the state and a person will likely be placed on the terrorist watch list.
  4. So far as I understand, Christianity is basically LORE, and is just fragments of a very ancient -- or several ancient -- religions. To take a book, clearly written by people (not a "God") as uncontested fact is suspect. But that doesn't mean that it isn't based on real events. My view is that the majority of religions are for control, but could also be referencing great wars of the past (likely still going on today) between literal good and evil; and I believe they also reference great catastrophes. The simple mentioning of "evil" to somebody can trigger a snicker from them because you actually have to encounter evil people to understand that they exist, are very real, that they are very active, and that they mean very serious business. The leader of the evil tribe in many religions is a member of what are called the "Archons" (effectively a form of bi-pedal, upright walking humanoid reptilian creatures). The "Snake" in the Bible that tempted Adam and Eve in the original translation was actually a bi-pedal, upright, walking humanoid reptile creature -- but it was edited out in future revisions. The "Chieftain" among the Archons (or what could be the "Draconians") would be Satan, or Shaytan. The Chief Archon I personally believe has a decent probability of being real, and if it is real, has a significant footprint in the modern day world and politics. It's just a really smart and evil creature that is the head of a reptilian tribe that has different innate abilities by contrast to human beings, so his (or "their") goal is allegedly to create a carbon copy of the authentic version of reality for a plethora of reasons. If the Chief Archons had people arguing to the public on behalf of what they seek to do with humanity and its world, we could call those people arguing the Archon's "attorneys", effectively arguing their case while the Archons hide in the shadows doing the manipulation. In some religions, the Archons are call Djinn. As unfortunate as it might sound on this board, with it appearing to lean left as usual with a gaming forum, the Archons attorneys would (currently) be elements of the left wing media machine and its cohorts. Not that Republicans are angels; many of them are terrible, and many of them are RINOs(Republicans In Name Only). But there is a small faction of Republicans that are what you would call a "populist" wing. If the ancient "Archons" exist, which they probably do and could probably be actually found pretty easily; they would seemingly not like the "populist" wing of the Republican party -- because it isn't really the same Republican party from several years ago. It's very creative, flexible, and unpredictable. One of the characteristics that humanity has is innate creativity, whereas the THEORETICAL archons are like masters at counterfeit and copying other stuff. So if you thought of a good thing to patent as a human being to make great money and help humanity; that would be your innate ability to do that. But the hypothetical archons would be experts in basically stealing your patent info for themselves.
  5. Well I actually said that "it seems" to do so; but the issue here is that a person looking to understand the nature of God -- or gods -- would need to understand some pretty complex fields, and have at least a mild to moderate grasp on cutting edge (or "modern day") science. Explaining the entire footprint of cutting edge science to you would be a little tricky as it goes into about 5,000 different directions, each of which have extremely advanced and cutting edge developments.
  6. Well I don't know about Le Pen being some sort of "Nazi" or "fascist"; that sounds like "fake news". But there are some "fascists" in the United States who go by the name "antifa". They pretend to be good guys while constantly plotting crimes right out in the open on Twitter in writing, and as opposed to being good guys, they actually operate like the Nazi's or radical islamic terrorists -- the latter of which has a "my way or the highway" type of attitude. You see: Radical islamic terrorists believe that you need to believe exactly what they do otherwise you are a cursed infidel. The radical islamicist would basically be the "antifa" people, and the "cursed infidel" would be republicans, regular doughnut shop owners who happen to be white, etc.
  7. I'm not sure what the problem is with everything you just posted. Who cares if people want to send their children to private schools? I'm not sure how the abolition of public schools would work, but if it were done properly, then I wouldn't take issue with it.
  8. This is what you would call fake news; at least kinda sorta. You are aloud to clone animals, but it is not legal to splice animal DNA with human DNA and create these types of creates -- which is why they allegedly do it deep underground in secret bases. Pictures are fake though.
  9. Boy would I love to debate a person like you on LIVE radio. What in the world even IS "toxic masculinity"? Do you understanding that when males testosterone is at peak levels that this is basically what leftists would refer to as "toxic masculinity"? It's called being a male. Are you aware of the chemical compounds that are in food and water in the United States that can potentially reduce testosterone in males? Do you know what those compounds are and what they do? Honest question, brother; I am sincerely not trolling you. For the record I am more of a Pragmatist; or a Republican-Pragmatist, to be specific -- and all that means is a practical Republican, as opposed to one who governs their thinking, views or daily life through a theoretical lens of ideals or Christian beliefs. Estrogen mimickers all throughout the plastics in the United States, from a practical perspective, whether you are left or right, is a bad thing -- NOT a good thing. There's no other way to spin it. Your Spartan question is kind of an interesting one, but could have a complex answer that I won't get in to right now. But it's possible there could actually be the opposite in some modern societies. Meaning: The genetically strong warrior breed could theoretically be identified earlier and then basically nerfed in various ways. You can take the most dangerous Spartan warriors of their origianl era and have some tyrannical lunatic drip feed them estrogen in their good every day and before you know it they would have low testosterone, motivation, and would mimmick female in some ways.
  10. More people are identifying as LGBTQ because it is likely an intentional push (via the media machine and their cohorts) by the left. I don't watch any Matt Walsh, but I would imagine he is probably pointing out Captain Obvious type stuff, whether people want to hear it or not.
  11. I personally think it's fantastic that conservatives are taking over school boards and stuff. They just had a big sweep nation wide within the past few days. I don't see any downside to it.
  12. Right wing politicians are sweeping the entire planet right now dude, Boris Johnson was more along the lines of what some folks would call a "RINO" (Republican In Name Only); kind of like Mitt Romney. Wasn't he like super pro wide open borders for the UK?
  13. I do not and will never listen to the Young Turks broadcast by any of the people whom of which conduct it. I prefer right wing news or something right in the center like simply watching the various Congressmen "chat" during C-SPAN. The Young Turks are just left wing hacks. The left has an agenda to make women and American society overly-promiscuous by design, so (whoever this dude in the video is) is just upset that said plan could potentially turn back around. Roe versus Wade is ultimately just kicked back to the states to decide abortion laws anyway.
  14. Is it actually happened? The correct answer to the question is "Yes and No". The terms "white supremecist" or "racist" practically have no meaning outside of a left wing social bubbles these days because the left over uses the phrases to the point where they've become inapplicable. Essentially anything the left does not like, particularly during an election cycle, is claimed to be "racist", which is why they're losing major figures at CNN and having to rethink their entire political model. The entirety of their political game is race baiting, racial identity politics mixed in with ANTIFA communism while claiming to be some sort of liberators (while ANTIFA people, of course, constantly brag about crimes right out in the open on Twitter in writing and then actually go and do them).
  15. Theory, belief, "component of a world view"; you are nit picking semantics at this point. What I said still stands.
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