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  1. A lot of the claims made by Putin are not provable.   Nonetheless, tons of Russians have bought into it, just like some on the American far-right.  Of course, something not provable could be correct, we just don't have enough evidence.

  2. On 3/28/2022 at 8:42 AM, The Blackangel said:

    This is the last time I'm going to tell you this, as you obviously don't understand English and I can't dumb it down any more than this.

    It is not a baby until it draws its first breath outside of the womb. Until that time it is a fetus. After that time it is murder. Before that time it is not murder. it is impossible to kill something that has never been born. By your logic, me choosing to not have a child is no different than having an abortion because I am not giving that potential child a chance at life. When my body discards an egg during menstruation by your logic that is an abortion.

    I am not the only one tired of your deflection and superiority complex.

    I can't argue with this because I would get banned, so I am silent.    Perhaps other members of the forum might disagree and they can give their opinion.

  3. On 3/29/2022 at 2:21 PM, Lamarr the strelok said:

    Whoever the fuck I choose to marry should be a Federal law allowing me to do so.And again we get false equivalencies with the war on drugs.A paper cut is different than having a .45 slug in your brain.I was in federal housing in 2011. I got caught with HALF a marijuana cigarette.(joint) I got served eviction papers.I went to a lawyer to see if I could overturn it. The lawyer said no it was federal law with no exceptions.He had a picture of Obama on his wall and I said it was surprising that he would allow BS like my situation would allow  it.The lawyer said oh no,this law is from the nineties when Newt fucking Gingrich and the rest of the GOP assholes had their contract on America.

          That's it. I would have been homeless because of half a joint if I didn't have family in town.Do you want to talk about crack?Crack is punished 10 times as harsh as powder cocaine. I think it used to be 100 times as punishing but black and Democratic leaders have been trying to get powder and crack cocaine punished on an equal footing.The argument is crack is more addictive than snorting it. Which is not really true but let's assume it is.No one will convince me smoking crack is more addictive than using a needle to do coke. It takes about 5 seconds with a lighter  to turn powder coke into liquid to use it with a needle.This is supposed to be about inter racial marriage.The idea that Dems and republicans are the same on drugs is easily dis- proven by decades of legislation.









    We can agree that banning interracial marriage is silly and brings up images of segregation like separate water fountains.  I mean, get real people, lol.  Also, I'm sure many Republicans don't support it along despite the numerous other ones, maybe, who are looking for a "voting advantage".   Well, not to be off-topic, but I said before that everyone in a certain party isn't the same.

  4. On 3/30/2022 at 10:44 AM, The Blackangel said:

    It would only be over the top only if it wasn't true, and they didn't openly support white supremacy. Even their golden calf refers to nazis as "very fine people" which is something that shows where his personal allegiance lies. The Klan, Proud boys, Westboro Baptist Church, Red Ice, Full Haus, Stormfront, Mannerbund, and hundreds of others all align with the republiKKKlan party and are openly supported by the republiKKKlan party. Then there are the nazis and white supremacists that aren't part of any organizations that also are republiKKKlans. A huge portion of the right wing base is these kind of people. If they all suddenly turned away from politics and never voted again, or switched to another party (not necessarily Democrats), the right wing would dissolve and never have any form of majority or power again.

    Not all Democrats are the same just as all Republicans are not.   For instance, tons of Republicans found Trump too rude, opposed his isolationism and other things.

  5. 7 hours ago, Reality vs Adventure said:

    here is actually a term of what republicans are engaging in the school systems and racial issues. It's not at the point of indoctrination yet, but they are laying the groundwork for it. Actually, a private school is on the news for a teacher getting caught forcing kids to go against president Biden.

    No, I'm against that crap.   We don't need indoctrination for any politics given to kids, no matter what it is or if the view is popular in that area.  I had a teacher like that (in middle school) when I was in school.  She would make off-the-wall comments, xenophobic ones, all the time.  Also, I had a Christian fundamentalist one in high school doing the same.   Anyway, there was this bleeding heart teacher indoctrinating students too a little.   However, despite her sweet intentions, maybe she should have hushed up about it.

    Anyway, I've made conservative comments on here, but I don't believe in pushing it on kids - because they don't really have much an ability to fight back.   I remember that teacher in high school and he would make all these really pompous comments and kids would just look at him like goldfish, lol.

  6. 19 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

    You want to see a victim? Look at the republiKKKlan party.

    Democrats didn't commit terrorist attacks when Bush Sr. was elected.
    Democrats didn't commit terrorist attacks when Bush Jr. was elected.
    Democrats didn't commit terrorist attacks when Reagan was elected.
    Democrats didn't commit terrorist attacks when Teddy Roosevelt was elected.
    Democrats didn't commit terrorist attacks when Eisenhower was elected.
    Democrats didn't commit terrorist attacks when Nixon was elected.
    Democrats didn't commit terrorist attacks when Ford was elected.
    Democrats didn't commit terrorist attacks when Adolf seized power.


    And to try to say the civil war was Democrat vs republiKKKlan is flat out stupid and proves someone knows absolutely nothing about the war, so don't even try that one.

    RepubliKKKan is a bit over the top.  I don't think Democrats are total saints, even not regarding that topic I've spoken of so much on there.   However, I understand that fans want to support the team, though.

    Anyway, this thread has gone off-topic maybe.

    Well, racism is a terrible thing, but like bullying in a general sense, is unavoidable.  My Asian travels was just too much for people to take back home, so they needed to vent their disagreement - and any other aspects of my personality they hate would have flamed things even more.



  7. 11 hours ago, kingpotato said:

    In latin America there used to be something similar like back in 2006-2009, first it started in internet cafes, although they where not open 24 hours some places had like hub areas to eat and play videogames, usually consoles or some type of pc game, but as time passed they dissapeared mostly because home internet and online gaming catched on and it became easier to play at home.

    The internet seems to be fast and affordable pretty much everywhere.

  8. 1 minute ago, The Blackangel said:

    How is that concluding that everyone isn't the same? Of course no two people are the same. It's what attracts certain people to each other. But implying that people are different because of the pigment in their skin, is flat out idiotic. Sure their experiences are different, but that's due to prejudice on ALL sides, not just one. My experiences are different than anyone else's. I'm willing to bet that no one else here has muscular dystrophy. But i don't use it as a crutch to try to garner sympathy. It's part of my life and nothing more. It sucks, but it is what it is.

    So quit trying to make it a racial issue. Everyone is an asshole. No one is an exception.

    Everyone wants to play the victim.  That would include traditional Democratic voting groups and so-called "angry white men".   For instance, I don't want Confederate memorabilia funded with taxpayer money.  Why should people fund white chauvinism and the longing for neo-feudalism?    Yes, and those people think they are victims to a sickening degree.   Everyone owes them something.   Well, I'm just bringing up the example to show a balanced viewpoint.

  9. 4 minutes ago, The Blackangel said:

    So your solution is either you get to make the decision on who can marry whom or they have to get the hell out of your 'murica?

    I was unaware that there were no white people who vote Democrat. As for non-whites voting democrat, that only shows that they're not stupid enough to vote republiKKKlan.
    Also, who made that assumption? Was it Marjorie Taylor Greene? Tucker Carlson? Lauren Boebert? Mike Lindell? The Buffalo Man? Mike Dense? Adolf himself?

    Both the Republicans and Democrats had their hand in The Drug War.  In that case, both I think were trying to keep the poor down.   Well, the democrats might want to keep them down, but not totally down.

  10. 16 hours ago, Reality vs Adventure said:

    The way I see it, is that the the Holocaust was both a racist and religious attack. Those two things go hand in hand with the far right groups like the Nazis and fascists. They exploit religion to use against unwanted types of people. German Nazis saw Jews as the people who crucified Jesus, but it was only a front to the underlying racist issue. That became their rallying cry that persuaded people to hate Jews and demonized them by portraying them as anti christain. And today, the far right hides behind religion to demonize minorities in this country and so the essence of exploiting religion goes perfectly with racism. Because that way you can discriminate and incite hatred demonizing those people and claim it has nothing to do with race. That’s why there is the huge push against transgender, gays, and abortions because that way you can pile them all into the same group and use religion as the tool to make the right wingers hate non christians, even if they were christians.  But racism and bigotry is the driving force, while religion is the vehicle to drive the division. That way they can say they aren’t phobic of those things so they don't alienate public opinion. And anti abortion is their backbone to claim they care about life, when in actuality anti abortion is only a recruiting tool to garner favorable support. At the same time as they grow their base, they get worse and worse in their culture war. All of this leads to genocide eventually. And that's part of the reason we see the attack on the subject of history in public schools, so as to decrease awareness of historical racist atrocities which in return decreases self awareness of racial disparity. So not only is the mask of christianity propelling a cultural racist war in this country, but they are also inadvertently stripping christianity from those they demonize. I think evangelicals probably is where christianity is exploited the most and it's where the far right has dug in their heels, in cult like fashion. 


    Abortions might be affecting more non-whites than whites, maybe by even a large degree.  In fact, some anti-abortion activists claim Planned Parenthood was a eugenics inspired weapon against a non-white population.

  11. On 3/28/2022 at 7:15 AM, Crazycrab said:


    Actually, unless you provide evidence to back up your claim that homophobia is significantly more prevalent within the black community or that the homophobia within that community presents problems that don't exist in others that's pretty much exactly what your doing.  Your singling them out for a prejudice that exists in every ethnic group.

    If prejudice against in every ethnic group, then you have to conclude everyone isn't the same even though they vote for the same party.

  12. 14 hours ago, Reality vs Adventure said:

    Are you saying there are no gay whites that vote republican? What's with your logic always attacking blacks? It's like they are your go to point for everything. 

    The deep south is pretty bad, but is the midwest or mid south any different? They support and are led by the same extremists. It doesn’t matter what part of the country. Look how Arizona in the west has become the far right fringe. Idaho in the north has now passed some heinous laws that are extremist. The mid west/south really is no different. They support the republican motto: leaders should try to outdo each other to see who is the craziest. As long as the voters support that behavior, how are they any different from any other red state? When one red state proposes something or even gets passed, all the other red states follow suit. There is no difference there. Not any more. And you say you are from the mid south or Appalachian region, but you haven't been a good representation of being any different from extremism anywhere else.

    So this topic about interracial marriage even having the slightest bit of debate in the country is very concerning. Because there are voters out there who want to ban it as the poll has shown. There is a senator who thinks that states should make their own laws on interracial marriage. Now I finally understand the real reason republicans always talk about giving power to the states. And that's because they can get their extremism bills passed that way. And one state that gets something passed, no matter how awful, will lead to another state and another. Then eventually we have an unrecognizable country from one state to another. And all that does is create segregation. I wonder what the results would be if every state had a poll on interracial marriage. It should not be done, but out of curiosity and my personal assumption, I bet the number of republicans wanting to ban it would be substantial.

    I also believe in states rights, but interracial marriage is not a states rights issue and never should be changed at the federal level. That would be really insane. The way republicans are worsening their integrity and looking for ways to please their base, I doubt this is the last we hear of interracial marriage.  

    This area has too many interracial marriages for there to be laws without a lot of a stir going on.   Well, I suppose the couples could leave. 

    Anyway, this whole thing is probably motivated by fear of losing political power.  It's assumed a lot of non-white groups (or mixed race groups), outside Asians maybe, are going to vote Democratic.


  13. On 3/25/2022 at 12:02 PM, The Blackangel said:

    Yes I'm sure. I've done the research, I've taken religion history classes, and I've studied several religions and their individual histories. It's a fact that religion has been responsible for more murders and bloodshed than anything else in human history. A few quick examples are the Salem Witch Trials, Spanish Inquisition, Holocaust, and the Crusades (of which there were nine from 1096-1492). You also have your random murders that are due to religious bigotry. But there's still a hell of a lot more than that.

    The Holocaust was less about religion and more about economic envy and scapegoating.   Anyway, the whole Nazi thing was mostly about opposing Jews as a race, not religion.  The Nazi movement cared less about religion.

    Basically, the Great Depression and Weimar Germany made life hard for Germans, so they turned to extremists with easy answers.

  14. On 3/19/2022 at 12:09 PM, The Blackangel said:

    This seems to be becoming a bigger issue these days. It's an undeniable fact that blacks dominate sports like basketball and football. I think baseball is pretty well split down the middle, but honestly don't know. I'm a hockey fan. A lot of people make comments that "hockey is a white mans sport". I have heard it more than once. If that's the case, then basketball and football are not a white mans sport. There was also a soccer player that was sanctioned or something for using a racial slur against another player. The clippers owner was banned from basketball for racism after calls to his girlfriend of the time were leaked. Players in every sport have been fired for racist comments. There was a hockey player a few years ago that was fired in the middle of a game, for commenting that they needed to "get that nigger off the ice" about a black player on the opposing team. I don't remember who the two teams were. I do remember however that he was the best left wing the team had. The only ones that heard the comment were his own team. His coach heard it, pulled him off the ice, and fired him on the spot. The owner of the team had him banned from professional hockey.

    Racism in professional sports is starting to look as natural to the sport as a bat is in baseball. It's a sad, sickening fact.

    It's not cool to say this on the forum, probably, but a lot of groups are massively racist against whites.   If that's the case, then there will also be whites racist against others.

    Anyway, people aren't perfect.  People shouldn't be racist, but sometimes stuff will slip out.  Well, are these people who say racist things, the type who say them all the time?   

    O.K., here's an unpopular opinion:  maybe if people ignored hate speech the heat on it would go to the person who says it.  Isn't that what Gandhi taught? 

  15. On 3/18/2022 at 6:15 PM, The Blackangel said:

    The teaching of Critical Race Theory isn't actually a thing. No public school system in the country teaches it. It's a talking point from right wing radicals to use as a base to attack freedoms. They use it to attack teachers and education in general. They have decided that when all else fails, to make up something completely false and try that. They're pulling shit out of their ass (no pun intended) that is so far out of left field it's circling the moon. They're insane. Plain and simple.

    Well, let's assume they are.   Well, if they get rid of CRT, then Republicans should give up Confederate monuments.   It seems like different groups are just pushing agendas too much.   Anyway, I'm sure enough CRT is taught in schools, sort of. I remember watching Roots in school and several teachers had a bleeding-heart side.

    Well, anyway, should we really push politics too much on kids, no what they are?  It's a type of indoctrination.

  16. On 3/18/2022 at 6:59 PM, The Blackangel said:

    It's not a viewpoints issue. You're entitled to your opinion, the same as everyone else. The issue, is that you take every opportunity to go off on a tangent against blacks, LGBTQ+, and pro-life people. You ignore what the topic is about and show your bigotry for the world to see. That's where the problem lies. By now, we all know you're a bigot. You have made that crystal clear. But if you want to remain at the VGR forum, you need to keep your bigotry to yourself. Post as you like, but the bigotry needs to be silenced.

    You mean I'm stereotyping people into groups.  For instance, If I said homophobia was a problem in the black community, is that saying all blacks are homophobic?  Am I am coming against blacks as a tangent by what I said, simply because people assume I got something against them politically? 

  17. I'm not supposed to comment on this thread no more.  However, since you've all continued to write on it, I will say something.  O.K., you bring up saving lives of the mother.   Well, that might be the case sometimes.  However, I seriously doubt if most abortions are about that.  In fact, they are just a lazy way to get out of a situation - by "murdering the baby".  

  18. The fact is a lot of backward people exist in the GOP and Mississippi was brought up, but it's a backward area like the old South Africa in a lot of ways.  Why is there this movement to stigmatize the whole conservative movement as being backward and inhumane? 

    However, we have to define what is backward.   Well, the mid-south isn't as backward as the deep south.   Anyway, opposing abortion and other conservative ideas are not as backward or seemingly inhuman as opposing interracial marriage.  Well, the idea interracial marriage should be opposed, makes it seem too much like racism should be normalized and that goes against the modern culture "too much".  I mean, not all conservatives are the same.   Somebody's grandpa might be vastly different than the grandson.   As I was saying before, all conservatives are not the same, just as all liberals aren't.   I mean, a lot of blacks are homophobic, but yet vote for Democrats.  Should we call out "hypocrisy"?

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