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  1. I purchased a new HP laptop a few months ago. The model is the 14-dk0xxx and making the purchase from John Lewis; the total bill came to £499.99. During a sale, and after reading some positive reviews, I decided to buy the PC. No regrets, it's truly a great machine, and their customer care is excellent after the device experienced a manufacturing issue.

  2. A brand to compete against the largest three competitors in the Industry??? It's unlikely! To the best of my knowledge, no one has done this before, so I would implement the ability to play cross-platform with any console, regardless of the video game. My idea would be unique and would attract a lot of customers. 

  3. My phone storage was formally 16GB but after upgrading, it's now 64GB. I'm relieved for the extra capacity as this means I have room for more Apps on my iPhone. Here is a list of productivity applications installed:

    • All word-processing programs from Microsoft Office
    • Notepad
    • Weather app
    • Clock
    • Reminders/Google Calendar
    • Banking App(s)
    • PayPal for Business 

  4. Were you ever able to get this connection issue fixed for your switch? After researching this technical bug, I found the error code and the resolution steps from the Nintendo Support Team. It's either a problem with the DNS or ISP settings. Give this a try, and let me know how it goes. 

  5. People who get physical over this need to take a break from playing computer games. Gamers need to realize that gaming is only a passion of theirs, and it shouldn't become an obsession. People should control emotions, as there are bigger debates in the world than a discussing which console is the best. 

  6. Exciting and at the same time, informative video you've posted. Gamers are only cheating themselves if they choose to. I thought there was anti-cheat technology from the stage and online to prevent these types of scandals. Unfortunately, people will do anything for victory and money. 

  7. Unfortunately, my answer to your question is yes. It was Call Of Duty Black Ops. I can remember playing countless hours of Zombies and hearing my disk spinning inside my Xbox 360. One day, some maps stopped working and kept freezing, and soon later, the whole disk wouldn't load. When COD wouldn't start, I examined the CD, and this is when I realised the scratches. 

  8. No one can say for sure, but I think they are going to remain focused on Consoles and PC. This part of the gaming sector has been filled already by competitors like Nintendo.  Microsoft has already released the Lumia Smartphone so who knows, they might do a handheld platform for gaming. Only time will tell.

  9. My first option would be the Xbox Series X, and then the PS5 as my second choice. Regardless, I am not going to purchase the console straight away as I'm anticipating for the price to go down, after some time. There is no better feeling than playing a game for the first time on a new platform. 

  10. Money is one problem, and, time is another. It would 1,000's of dollars to purchase, and, then you have to spend on video games for each platform. Let's say you managed to buy every console, where will you find the time to play? You'll have a huge backlog. I would only pick one to own as it's greed to possess all of them. 

  11. I often talk to my family and friends who are into gaming. Whether this is a story, discussing a title, or arranging a gaming night, this is a discussion point which I'll talk about. I prefer chatting about games on forums due to anonymity and this allows me to dive deeper into what's being discussed. 

  12. Just the one controller. I don't tend to play split-screen with other my friends anymore. Generally, I will connect in a Party Voice Chat and use the multiplayer feature to play computer games with my mates. 

  13. I don't rage if something goes wrong, gaming. I always try and resolve the issue or problem as raging isn't a way forward. Once I was playing GTA 5 Online, and a modder lowered my XP to 0, from 99. After switching sessions, I contacted Rockstar Support who replied within 48 hours and reinstated my original level. 

  14. Around 3 to 4 years ago, I owned an iPad Mini which was primarily used for Gaming. They're okay to use for playing games, however, you need to make sure your device has sufficient specifications. I lent my tablet to a friend, who was playing and then dropped the device which cracked the screen.

    That was the end of iPad Gaming for me! 

  15. I would classify myself as a Mobile Gamer, without a doubt. Some of the games I used to play on my iPhone are Smash Hit, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Temple Run 1 & 2, Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Mutant Roadkill, and last but not least let's not forget an all-time classic. Candy Crush!

  16. Any sport can be done without one although, I fear society will look down on us. Sports that could still be socially acceptable without a crowd include but are not limited to the following: Fishing, Football, and Tennis. For example, someone could still participate in a Tennis Tournament without an audience watching. 

  17. I have only seen glimpses of Frozen Two on YouTube. As much as I'm a Disney Lover, I can't seem to bring myself to watch any of the Frozen movies after reading some of the negative reviews. I will never forget the annoying, catchy Let It Go Track from the first film.

  18. I got the same results. A screenshot of them is attached below. Either, the system is unreliable or we both share the same interests. Nonetheless, the questions were interesting and the quiz was fun to take. 


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