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  1. Their is nothing wring having both game consoles running in your house. But i prefer play station consoles than the pc type. So I'll choose PS5 than the PC version. I can't even have time to play my PC when i have PS5 working perfectly cos the game play is super.
  2. It's quite hilarious to hear your gaming experience back then, during your high school. Same happened to me, i play a lot of games hiding under the desk so that my teacher don't discover I'm playing games.
  3. Among all the games you posted, I found soccer the best amongst all. That is to say that your dislike is another person's like. I love playing football games, especially EA FIFA games. I own an offline gaming shop, where I host gamers through PS4, XBOX ONE consoles. I love playing FIFA games on those consoles, cos the quality its fantastic.
  4. Hmm, I heard about the live streaming gaming platform developed by facebook owner zuckerberg. I hope it develops speedily to drag worldwide views and recommendations. I heard many criticising such development, but I don't think anything wrong with is idea. I'm a game lover, and I'm planning to get the Facebook live streaming gaming app, to get a taste of what it's all about.
  5. The beauty of any console game centres to the scintillating graphics. The graphics adds an awesome lightning and designs around the background. Making all enjoyable, I love to see the football field on a fine astro mode, and some artistic colours around the stadia side.
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