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  1. I never did this myself but I heard that if you put the virus in the purifier at the end of Fallout 3 you will permanently suffer consequences because it turns out that you are a “mutant” too. I never put the virus in because I think it is wrong but it still stands out to me as an impactful moment since I can imagine it being a lesson about racism.
  2. i usually buy games that seem similar to games i already like whether with how you play them or what they are about or even setting similarities
  3. that is crazy dude. i have lived in hot places but nothing like that just uncomfortable after a few minutes. that is insane.
  4. i read someone say something like that YT "brought a knife to a gun fight," and that seems to sum it up. they just didn't pack enough value in for it to make sense.
  5. it's not a bad way to waste time though. i mean what else are u going to do for 30 minutes? house chores i guess.
  6. lol i hate when i have to wait for something for like 20-30 minutes. it's too short a time to do anything much so i end up wasting it on something stupid (like solitaire)
  7. dude that is crazy. and it seems like it gets hotter every year.
  8. yeah i just heard that. i wonder what that means will happen to shows like Cobra Kai. i hope they keep making it or that it gets picked up by netflix or prime or something.
  9. what else do you suggest to watch on YT Premium? i haven't found anything cool on there other than Cobra Kai. i tried watching Origin but it didnt grab me.
  10. Minesweep isn't bad u're right. but Solitaire is kinda boring after a while.
  11. ther are lots of funny quotes in RDR especially at the gambling tables
  12. what other windows games do u like if any?
  13. how do you do mindfulness and how does that help with burnout
  14. nothing on YT Red except Cobra Kai lol.
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