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  1. am I only person who never has played this game?
  2. @The Blackangel so how is it on Switch? less buggy?
  3. cool videos thanx for sharing. brings back memories of my first time playing too
  4. does it defy the point of gaming tho or is it just finding a different way to play a game? i feel same as u tho i don't get it really but i admire the focus it takes
  5. honestly u know what i would just make more fallout 3. even though that game is huge it isn’t enough i could always play more. everytime I get to the end I am so sad, just don’t want it to end ever.
  6. i hear something different every week seems so i dunno but i am not holding my breath
  7. i am not really sure i think prolly was a Mario game though
  8. i remember playing lots of fighting games in grade school but always at friends houses. i kinda wanna get into them again but don’t know where to start anyone suggest anything for a newbie?
  9. true tho stuff like this why i don't look for platinum just not worth it with a lot of games
  10. like u i am interested in this game but no bro have not played it yet
  11. this is true but some are worse than others don’t you think
  12. so bro what would you replace gaming with to make you feel better if u gave it up for $$$$$$$$$?
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