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  1. agree with @kingpotato lockpicking is awkward in fallout compared 2 skyrim
  2. yeah that is not weird to me at all I think it is because of muscle memory ur hands get used to a device and how to use it and it is hard for brain to task switch back 2 previous muscle memory
  3. if anyone has bought the outer worlds and can share what it is like i would love to hear about it
  4. i have back problems so i think bad things already happened to me but couch is less painful than chair?
  5. sorry bro it took so long 2 reply. that was a great explanation. i look forward 2 checking this out!!!
  6. aside from pushing wrong buttons, what r the dumbest ways u can remember dying?
  7. i hear a lot about Kojima like all the time everywhere. what makes him such a big deal? @killamch89 @skyfire i think u both have mentioned him
  8. can somebody maybe @kingpotato explain to me pleaz how emulators work and how to get started with them
  9. @LadyDay says she likes sim games cause they r creative what are other games that are creative?
  10. i said i game on my couch and @skyfire said that is not good. couch feels comfy and i don't get headache or backache or anything. why is couch bad for gaming? anyone else game on their couch not on a gaming chair.
  11. nope when I buy a game i have to play it I don’t have the $ to burn to buy stuff unless I need it
  12. if you weren’t broke what would you get.
  13. i prefer fortnite its goofy sense of humor and the fun world events
  14. so far havent got anything from nov did you bro
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