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  1. On 10/2/2022 at 7:53 PM, aerodynamik said:

    I have preordered it a few weeks ago and played the BETA. Still lots to do, but so far so good. Really like what they've got so far and the slide cancel / dolphin dive is hilarious.

    Idk I played the beta and I liked it but Im not sure if its worth 70 dlls

    On 10/2/2022 at 8:35 PM, Syntax said:

    Was the beta good? I'm also on the fence about ordering MW2 with what happened to Battlefield 2042.

    It was good, in my opinion the third person view was kinda dissapointing, specially since people tend to camp more in that mode

  2. Anybody playing Call of duty WW2 recently?

    I was itching to play some COD this week and found out that Blackops4 is basically empty, it took me full 10 min just to get on a match on domination and full 5 for team deathmatch, idk if it was just the servers that day or what and lets not talk about black out.

    WW2 on the other hand is very active but only on the main modes like team death match, domination, kill confirmed and war

  3. On 9/5/2022 at 11:00 AM, Gonassis said:

    what game? A tabletop game? 👀 sounds cool lol.

    "The adventurer picks up the sock with the name on it and brings it to the dragon to patch it's wound. He notices that the dragon has lit a fire with its breath, so he sort of understands and adds twigs to the fire, it surges up brighter, lighting up the surroundings"

    "The adventurer now takes a closer look at the dragon's wound, still feeling unsure of himself, but deciding that this tending takes priority, he decides that the sock is not enough for it, so he rips off his longshirt's sleeve to make a bandage for the wound."

    "the dragon stays still enough for him to do so, and when he finishes he says..."


    What does he say, and what does he do next... (comment the next scene)

    He says: bring me some cocaine and hookers!! XD hahaha just kidding


    The Dragon says: "Gratias ago amice. Ave gaudeo te incolumem videre. Sed hostes puellam rapuerunt. Vade post eam"

  4. It looks okay I guess, I mean Im more interested in the story rather than gameplay. I wouldnt say Im dissapointed, Im not suprised either, rather I would say thats how I expected a new gta game to look like.

  5. Idk, Theathers are still a great part of the movie business , something that streaming will not be able to kill and that is the experience of actually going to the movies, of creating a memory and enjoying the night out, Im quoting Quentin tarantino on that, he said something like that on an interview once I cant remember which but I will try to find later to further explain my point


  6. Yes and no

    I think it really depends, like for example on one end we have great shows like Castlevania, Arcane, stranger things but on the other hand we have shitty productions like the recent Resideng evil show or the death note adaptation

    Basically Netflix has a lot of content, more than hbo, disney or prime, but more doesnt always equal to quality

  7. Skyrim was also full bugs at release, hell even after more than 10 years its still very buggy, it only because of modding that the bugs were kinda fixed. And Skyrim is also very repetitetive. Does that make Skyrim trash? No.

    Saying a game is bad because it had bugs upon release its not even an argument anymore (sadly and its not the way it should be, fuck I cant believe I even said that) but it is what it is.

    Im not saying the new battle front games are hidden gems or under appreciated works of art.

    But they are good enough on their own and the reason why fans hate them its because of the microtransactions, if it wasnt for that we would had those two games in a higher regard.

    2 hours ago, killamch89 said:

    I'd have to disagree with you there in some regard - the original release of Battlefront 2 in 2017 was full of bugs in addition to the microtransactions and yes the gameplay is fun but then it does become repetitive as well.


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