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  1. Voted for my favorite member for the month. Goodluck to everyone.
  2. There are some type of games where you can get the overpowered weapons. One thing I like about the OP weapons is that you become unbeatable with time.
  3. I am happy that Super Mario games are not on Playstation consoles. I like playing on Xbox instead since that is part of the reason I bought it.
  4. You can now stream most of those games using the PS Now. I think the subscription fee is now just $10 monthly ( a bit high in my opinion).
  5. That's another angle to look at this because, if the new changes is restricted to some few countries, the rest of the world will keep on playing on Consoles too.
  6. I don't have to pay for the internet connection here because I have access to free wifi. Watching some ads can be boring and that is the reason I prefer more of paid games.
  7. Most of the people are addicted to playing games on Playstation consoles. They have the market and can dominate as they wish. It is just a matter of time before Xbox gets it totally right.
  8. I had the Bluestacks emulator before it started having issues with loading. That was when I switched to Nox and it has been an enjoyable experience since then.
  9. Are Xiaomi accessories now readily in the market? This is the question we should ask when buying those devices because it matters a lot.
  10. Samsung has been in the business of making mobile devices for a very long period of time and I don't think there is any company that can give them a run for the money in the Android market.
  11. The funny part of all of these mining apps is that they will make you believe that you are making progress, but the reverse is the case at the end of the day since you can't withdraw those earnings.
  12. I enjoy watching basketball and following the teams in the USA is what I do most times. I am a Football fan, but watching basketball is no big deal to me too.
  13. I can't rap, but have some songs that I did when I was 14. It was one of the best music that kept me then when I face challenges from life.
  14. They rested on the laurels of making one of the best games then. The push to build better versions must have died down.
  15. There are a couple of games recommended by friends that I haven't played. Sometimes, I feel stupid not playing those games, but the new WWE game is one I should play soon.
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