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    Bargain_Bin_Gaming got a reaction from StaceyPowers in "Games as movies"   
    Spec Ops: The Line.
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    Bargain_Bin_Gaming got a reaction from kingpotato in If you could create a video game what would it be?   
    Probably something Lord of the Rings related. I'd love to do something during Aragorn's time with the rangers. I don't know, just something LOTR overall. 
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    Bargain_Bin_Gaming reacted to UleTheVee in Soo, none of the Best Buys had any copies of the game I preordered..   
    I mean, that's the point of a pre-order right? To let you have the benefit of getting the game as soon as it comes out. What's the point of pre-ordering if you won't get it?
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    Bargain_Bin_Gaming got a reaction from kingpotato in Regrets after purchasing a game ?   
    GREAT topic. I had to really think about it. I had to look over all my vast video game collection. Lol I've always had good luck doing research about games before I buy. That being said, I can give some thoughts:
    Watch Dogs 1- Everyone knows what went wrong with this game. Graphics not what they were supposed to be, average story telling, features promised that weren't there. I hear Watch Dogs 2 really improved on things, so maybe I'll check it out one of  these days. Especially, since Watch Dogs 3 is expected to be announced at E3. Anywho.
    Mass Effect Andromeda- Yeahhh....the game was broken. I went in before release having low expectations and it hit. Graphically speaking, it was a shIt show. Story was horrible in comparison to the original trilogy. If it was a stand alone title with no other game to compare to.....not a terrible story I suppose. Anyone that has played this game AND the original trilogy, know all about this. If I had bought this for $30 after all the patches, I probably wouldn't have even listed it here.
    Call of Duty WWII- I should of known better. Lol. Campaign, especially in comparison to World at War, was super PG and almost romanticized war. Maybe that's just me. Multiplayer was terrible. My first COD since I believe Black Ops 2? And my last since. I. Should. Have. Known. Better. 😂
    That's all I got out of my collection of Xbox One and PS4 games. If I still had all my older gen games, I'd probably be able to think of more. I'm sure others will post and remind me. 
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    Bargain_Bin_Gaming got a reaction from DC in Help with gaming headset for recording for YouTube   
    Not sure if this is the best place for this question BUT,
    I use PS4 Share to record Gaming Walkthroughs for my YouTube channel. I use a cheaper Turtle Beach headset to do Audio for it. That being said, it picks up pretty decent feedback from the AC vent in my apartment. Would upgrading to a better quality of headset help with this or is it irrelevant?
    Any input would be super helpful.
    Thanks guys!
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    Bargain_Bin_Gaming got a reaction from DC in What games were you obsessed with as a kid?   
    I'll chime in!
    Star Fox
    Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Much much more so than OOT, go figure)
    Star Wars Rogue Squadron
    Mario Cart 64
    Super Smash Bros
    As you guys can tell, the N64 was a BIG part of my childhood. Lol.
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    Bargain_Bin_Gaming got a reaction from DC in Hello all! Excited to discuss!   
    Hello everybody! I'm a 27 year old from the Gulf Coast area that goes by Memphis online! I've got an Xbox One, PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch.
    I've also got a YouTube Channel called, Bargain Bin Gaming, if anyone would like to check it out! 
    I'm looking forward to discussing all things gaming!
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