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  1. been taking a look around so far i like what i see can't wait to try this
  2. sealing the tubs doesnt cause condensation?
  3. maybe i get ps plus to try this game not sure tho havent decided yet so ...
  4. i almost think more fun would be a game based on austin powers or matt helm movies with a goofy sense of humor
  5. i never heard of this looks fun tho. maybe i will sign up not sure yet, whats a few bucks to find out rite?
  6. u did know ellie was always gay rite
  7. sometims when i play fallout 3 i sit down look up what feels like 1 sec later five or six hours have passed!
  8. fallout 3 cause i have played it so much!
  9. i want another version of that NES game where u ride around jousting on ostriches or something like that? can't remember exactly
  10. how is it no one has mentioned Fallout 3! Fallout 3 had an epic ending.
  11. when i am not gaming i am thinking about gaming does that count?
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