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  1. Nintendo Labo is pretty... interesting. I find it hilarious that Nintendo released pre-cut cardboard with games they built to support the cardboard. I'm sure it has its values but I just can't see how this isn't taking advantage of brand name for sales.
  2. I miss the community aspect of the games and the over-reliance on graphics to be the standard for a good game. I will never forget the evenings spent with a microphone, my Xbox 360, and a group of friends playing together and meeting new people while playing grifball. Gaming has followed everything else in life. It's about the money and notoriety. Casual gaming is no more imo.
  3. Many games are released on multiple platforms. The industry seems to be moving towards cross-compatible online gaming to ensure there's one fan experience instead of separate, micro-communities between systems. This would be okay if people didn't sometimes own multiple systems. How do you choose which system to buy a game for if you own more than one? Have you ever bought the same game twice? What circumstances led up to that?
  4. Recently, a competitive match led to quite the shake up in the competitive smash scene. Ally was everyone's bet as he has a proven track record with Snake. Bocchi is a teenage newcomer playing as an underdog character Isabel. With the odds against her, Bocchi was able to pull forward and beat Ally in an astonishing last minute victory. She has since stated that Isabel shouldn't be considered a good character and that she isn't top tier. How do you feel about the Bocchi upset? Do low and mid tier characters have value in the right hands? Does playing as an over-powered character truly show someone's skill as opposed to winning as an underdog?
  5. During their presentation at 2019 E3, Nintendo and the Developer working on Animal Crossing announced the delay of the new game into 2020. They later provided a rationale for this delay. Basically, they stated that their employees' work/life balance was more important than quickly pumping out a game. Personally, I applaud them for taking this stance. How do you feel about their rationale for delaying one of the major Switch titles? Should other companies follow suit? Do you think this mentality would lead to a stronger gaming industry? Discuss your feelings on the delay as well as how their mentality could impact other parts of the gaming industry.
  6. I have owned every Nintendo system except the Nintendo Wii U and SNES. I find Nintendo consoles to maintain playability well beyond their expected shelf life. For instance, I have had my 3DS for 7 years and I still play it regularly. My Nintendo 64 and GameCube are on my entertainment system with games played occasionally. I'm currently working on buying a Gameboy Color to replay the old Pokemon games.
  7. I personally think it's a case by case basis. Currently, I am subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass because the games appealed to me. I will play through the games that interest me than unsubscribe when I find myself no longer playing them. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is worth it for me as 1) I can often get a $1 deal for both live and game pass and 2) it's not a contract so I can cancel when I want. I hate that I don't keep the games but if I really want a game, I'll shell out the money for it eventually.
  8. This is a fun thread! I think for me, the only thing I say from a video game constantly is "Hadoken!" I'll randomly say this for both on context and out of context real life interactions. I'll also occasionally say, "I'm sorry, I took an arrow to the knee" when I can't do something.
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