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  1. https://www.ign.com/articles/tony-hawks-pro-skater-1-and-2-remake-first-screenshots-revealed

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 is a remake compilation of the first two games in the acclaimed skateboarding series, and the first screenshots showcase developer Vicarious Visions' impressive work on modernizing the originals.

    Check out the gallery below for our first look at the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 remakes, which VV studio head Jen Oneal spoke to IGN about ahead of the announcement. The gallery includes comparisons provided by Activision of locations in the original games to the same spots in the remake.

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 will be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Game Store on September 4, 2020, with preorders offering fans early access to a demo of the iconic Warehouse level.

  2. 4 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

    You are either extremely ballsy or extremely stupid to give me an order. I'm leaning towards the latter.

    Give you an order? There was no need to come in and shit all over the thread if you had nothing to contribute. Go create video games and let us enjoy our thing.

    Tonight's show was pretty enjoyable, and WWE should hold more shows on the roof more often. Let's have some shows during the daylight in the summer, please.

  3. The way this thread works is you start off by posting what would terrify you more between 2 subjects, the person after you would reply and they would name off 2 more subjects etc. I'll start off by giving an example:

    What would be more terrifying to you....

    A Jurassic Park movie that went straight to DVD or a Jurassic Park movie that was made exclusively for the Syfy channel.

    The person that replies would answer and then post their own etc.

    By the way, the one I gave as an example is the first one to reply to lol.

  4. You love to laugh, right? You love to smile? What are some of your favorite movies that do just that?

    1. Ace Ventura
    2. Coneheads
    3. Mars Attacks
    4. Austin Powers
    5. The Mask
    6. Tropic Thunder
    7. Talladega Nights
    8. Dodgeball
    9. Coming to America
    10. Grown Ups

  5. Found this on another forum and figured I'd post here. As we all know, movies tend to get remade quite a bit, and sometimes with a setting update to contemporary times of the new film's release. So thought I'd ask guys what are some movies that can't be remade in your opinion, or at least if they were, can't be updated to modern times. Will list a few I think will apply as well:

    Jurassic Park
    The Exorcist
    Ace Ventura

    Just to name a few. Thoughts?

  6. We all love fast food (at times), but eat too much of it (depending on what you do and whether or not you're relying on it with work etc). That being said, what are some places that you just have to order from? It doesn't necessarily have to be 10 places, just a ranking of each.

    1. Taco Bell
    2. McDonald's
    3. Burger King

    That's it for me lol.

  7. 8 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

    By that logic I’m not allowed to be a hockey fan because I don’t like basketball.

    And you want to bitch about hypocrisy? You’re acting like the only valid viewpoint on fake is your own. The next time you say the word “hypocrite”, you had better be looking in the mirror.

    Fake = the stories and acting. Not fake = the bumps they take. Point is, people don't need to be constantly told wrestling is fake every time they want to talk about it, or admit that they like it. At this stage of the game it's merely something to annoy people with. 

  8. 7 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

    I used to watch, but lost interest after Wrestlemania 24. I just couldn't take a fake "sport" anymore. It's nothing more than a grown man's soap opera. If I'm gonna watch something like that I stick to UFC fights. It's real, unlike prowrestling.

    Wrestling is as real as all the shows you watch on television. We get it, it's fake. 

  9. In here we can talk all things wrestling! That's if you watch, of course. This thread will be updated with the current champions in all the major companies, as well as rumors and show results!

    In here we can talk all things wrestling! That's if you watch, of course. This thread will be updated with the current champions in all the major companies, as well as rumors and show results!


    WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre
    United States Championship: Andrade
    Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch
    Raw Tag Team Championship: The Street Profits
    WWE Universal Championship: Braun Strowman
    Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn
    Smackdown Women's Championship: Bayley
    Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The New Day
    WWE Women's Tag Team Championship: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross
    24/7 Championship: Rob Gronkowski
    NXT Championship: Adam Cole
    NXT North American Championship: Keith Lee
    NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Jordan Devlin
    NXT Women's Championship: Charlotte
    NXT Tag Team Championship: The Broserweights
    NXT UK Championship: WALTER
    NXT UK Women's Championship: Kay Lee Ray
    NXT UK Tag Team Championship: Gallus

    I'll be adding more this evening!

  10. On 4/24/2020 at 4:37 AM, skyfire said:

    It seems like WWE franchise is on some sort of the financial turmoil or maybe the lockdown issues affecting them. So they have tweet on this. 


    Not a financial issue. 2K20 was a buggy, unplayable mess and the game was in trouble long before the pandemic started.

  11. On 4/25/2020 at 7:36 AM, Shagger said:

    I think this is a good thing. WWE hasn't had a good tie-in game since 2K took over and they only got worse, culminating in the disaster known as WWE 2K20. This franchise needs a break to get it's shit together, and honestly if WWE were to look elsewhere to produce the games that might be for the best.

    Incorrect. 2K14 and 2K17-18 were some of the best games 2K put out.

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