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They are also called Sticky Songs or Involuntary Musical Imagery. Do you get these often? I do lol You know when you are in a store & the music is playing. Then you get home later & that song is just stuck in your head. How do you get it out? The only trick I've learned is to replace it with another song, preferably one I actually enjoy. Or, just let it run its course. 

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I get it often. Typically it's a lyric or two, and I can't for the life of me figure out what song the lyric is from. But often I'll be doing something and a song will start playing in my head and won't leave no matter what I do. There was a day a couple weeks ago that I had to watch a 5 minute YouTube video more than 20 times, because the god damn song wouldn't shut the fuck up and kept me so distracted that I never could see the god damn video.

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Here I am singing a commercial I heard 5 minutes ago!

Yeah, these ear worms can be a nuisance but not always, especially now that commercials are playing songs from the 80s! I just wait for the next commercial to change the tune.

At least it's not Barney's or Lambchop's songs  😉  Oh, no, I went there!

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