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    Congratulations on getting healthier!! I don't like going to gyms and using equipment other people have touched (that's before covid even!) but I love to go on long hikes. Every time there is a warm day I like to get out to the park and do a few miles.
  2. Unfortunately the one I want to find is in a wooded area and it's kind of a dead zone for my phone 😞 I have a better phone now so I'm going to try to see if I can get a signal in that area now.
  3. I like watching these movies! There was one time that the tv station playing them had them out of order and I was confused as to why they did that! Crazy. I read the first book because it was free on my Kindle (maybe the lending program?) and then when the movie came out I was excited to see it. Which faction would you be in @ZandraJoi? I know I couldn't be in Dauntless!
  4. I didn't know that about the phone! Thanks. I kind of thought that at least in the park that's near me that if I were around it that I could find it because some people had left comments on a website that it was near water and the log book had gotten wet. That type of clue leads me to a few spots that it could be located.
  5. Lämmchen

    Android 12

    I did the upgrade to 12 and there are things that really bother me. The unlock screen is bright white and I haven't found a way to change it yet. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make the lock screen clock smaller. The only real way is to have an app that has persistent notifications turned on because with a notification the clock gets smaller.
  6. I haven't seen any games but I think that's an awesome idea! I'm not sure why I liked the Squid Games but it held my attention and I often found myself wondering how I could survive. I realized I probably wouldn't have gotten past the first round. If I see any games I'll come back and post here.
  7. We still have our PS2 with about 10 games. We don't play it because it's in the basement packed away. There is also a Wii with a few games as well as some accessories that came with it. Maybe someday I'll hook them up to see if they're still working or when my daughter finally gets a tv I can dump them at her apartment.
  8. Charlie Brown Christmas has always been a favorite of mine. I also like to watch Elf even though it's been played to death but it's my daughter's favorite so it's fun to watch with her. This year I started watching the Lifetime and Hallmark Christmas shows but wow, I do not recommend them. I start yelling at the women for being so shallow and ignorant. Save yourself the headache.
  9. I always wanted to try geocaching but haven't done it yet. My old phone was really bad and I knew I couldn't use it and never wanted to buy any separate device in order to participate. The local park has a geocache to find and I THINK I know the area where it's at but I'm not sure. Have you ever done geocaching? What are some tips?
  10. My thoughts exactly! I remember when my daughter first realized she could get cheats on the internet and I told her she should first try to figure it out on her own. To this day she still prefers to get the cheats. I think that games used to purposely be challenging so that they took longer to play but also maybe the creators didn't realize that they were so difficult?
  11. I've seen enough funny videos online to know that I would not be safe in virtual reality! I can't even walk through my house without my arms flinging out at a wall or doorknob so I can't imagine how I'd be at VR. Now if I could have a padded room to play the games in then that would be ideal. My own little gaming room. I think I like that idea.
  12. Latissimus Dorsi is also used to a small degree. I might have strong back muscles but not strong arm muscles so I'm very weak at arm wrestling and yes the pecs also play a strong role. Don't forget the grimace LOL I'm kidding of course but you can see the strain on the faces of those who are trying hard to win. Maybe they're using the wrong muscles?
  13. I said it was enough to blast the entire neighborhood, not that I would actually do that. Where I live out in the country there are no noise ordinances.
  14. Then it's not true "arm wrestling"? LOL I never knew such rules existed like that because growing up we were never allowed to do it that way when we challenged someone. Of course I never won.
  15. I was on the phone with my husband who was out of town and he asked me to go down to the basement to check for seepage and I slipped and fell down the stairs. I broke my wrist and luckily that was the only thing I broke. When I got to the hospital they asked if my husband did it. I guess they have to ask that question. Good thing my husband was out of town.
  16. I'd much rather have out of control hair. I'd probably use Neet or something similar if I could to try to remove it! I'd be more self conscious about odor unless I could be away from people the rest of my life.
  17. I was a substitute teacher for 5 years so I would choose teacher. I wouldn't choose sub though for obvious reasons. They get dumped on all the time. Once kids got to know me they demanded that I be there sub whenever the teacher would be out and one class threatened to walk out when they saw me in the hallway and learned I was subbing for art (I went to art school so I'm the qualified one to do that). After their threat I had to switch to their class! So I think that I could survive teaching inner city kids a whole lot more than being a cop.
  18. Which movie/s do you think produced the most stars? The first ones that come to mind are Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Class and similar type teen movies.
  19. If I give you the links to the sites that show election fraud you'll probably say that they're biased and won't believe it. Am I right in this? If you aren't aware how desperately that poll workers are needed than you aren't paying attention. Some polls in my own area opened late because workers refused to show up and they had to scramble to get replacements. Even where I used to live this type of thing was big news so I know it's not just in one area.
  20. I will say there is election fraud in every election! LOL I am saying that because it's true. Now, how expansive the fraud has become is something that we'll probably never know about.
  21. I didn't know there was a portable Firefox! I knew that Opera at one time could fit on a flash drive so that was nice. I really hate how bloated Firefox has become. The downloading of each update takes too long and locks up my system most times.
  22. It could be because the snow birds from up north had infiltrated the area? LOL I have friends who have decided to move to Florida for 3 months out of the year and then return to the Chicagoland area once the weather isn't so harsh the remaining months. It could be people like these having an influence on the areas.
  23. If you live in an area where there's a lot of rain or snow then you have the extra care of wiping their paws every time they come back inside. I had a mini schnauzer and snow would cling like pellets to her fur and was impossible to get off! We had a wood burning stove and she would sit in front of it to have the snow melt.
  24. I only use Gmail for email unless it's for a forum where I have the forum name attached. Gmail doesn't give me a lot of spam so I have been happy with it. Plus, I have different emails set up for different activities.
  25. I use Firefox on my PC most of the time. I have 5 other browsers installed but only rarely use them and when I do it's because I can't get Firefox to work with forms or whatever. I installed the other browsers for my forum because members were having problems using certain functions of the site and I wanted to find out if the browser had anything to do with it..and it did.
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