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Conservative Political Action Conference CPAC 7-point plan for treason and reinstate trump-this is what they are selling now???

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So now at a big conservative conference in Dallas, the republicans outlined a plan of treason to get rid of Biden and reinstate trump. These are the things they talk about. Along with culture war, critical race theory, and a plan of treason, this is what the republicans now run on. Absolutely no policy. Nothing new to the table except treason. Just look at this, they even passed these cards out: (would be good nazi memorabilia for the future to sell on eBay): 





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I've never seen anyone push so hard for a civil war. The only thing left is to take up arms. They called us "snowflake", "butthurt", and "crybaby" for 4 years. We didn't go around doing any of this. Now they're flipping out and losing the little mind they had, holding Adolf higher than their own deity, and screaming that the election was stolen, while committing a terrorist attack against the capitol? They were screaming "Hang Pence" and destroying Democratic offices. Literally anything Adolf says, they want inscribed on gold tablets and put in churches to replace the 10 commandments. These people are sick. I don't know whether to laugh at them or feel sorry for them. The level of delusion here is something I never could have imagined that a human being could fall into. It is truly mind boggling. I just don't understand how a person, let alone an entire demographic, could be so far gone. It's now showing that this isn't just pissing and moaning about losing the election. This is a mental health issue. We all know Adolf has no chance of getting back into the White House. At least not until 2024. And I guarantee they're going to push to repeal the 22nd amendment, and start a monarchy under Adolf.

We have people here in this country that truly need to seek professional help. I'm starting to get frightened by this.

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It currently looks like republicans are still trying this CPAC 7 point plan to re-instate Trump as president because republicans just ousted their own Speaker of the House and now are calling for Trump to be Speaker. On top of that, republicans have had impeachment hearings for Biden. It's funny that they are still trying this plot. This coup d'etat. 

Let me explain what is going on now. America has been paying attention to the fiasco of the republicans in the House of Representatives and trying to pass a budget deal so our government doesn't shut down. Luckily, this past Friday at the last minute, a deal was signed. But it left off aid to Ukraine because republicans are protecting Russia. And republicans have lied to democrats and backstabbed Ukraine after saying they wouldn't block aid. But the republicans are in such disarray right now and are having a sort of civil war against each other. There are probably around 10 republicans in the House who are the extreme extreme MAGA worshippers creating all this chaos.

Well it took republicans around 15 votes to finally elect a Speaker of the House and nearly got into a fist fight. All this happened a few months ago. Kevin McCarthy was voted in as Speaker. Those MAGA extremists in the House wanted the government to shut down. Trump has been telling republicans to shut the government down. Marjorie Greene has been secretly meeting with Trump on how to impeach Biden and who knows what else. I mean, Trump is already running the House. They do as he says. Because Speaker McCarthy passed a budget deal, and Senate democrats agreed and signed off, the MAGA republicans in the House are now saying McCarthy is a traitor who secretly works for democrats. So they ousted McCarthy today, which hasn't been done in like a century. 

So now, this goes back to the CPAC 7 point plan because republicans in the House now want Trump to be Speaker. What does this do exactly? The plan is to impeach Biden, then impeach the next in line who is the vice president Kamala Harris. Then next in line to become president is the Speaker of the House. That is why they want Trump as Speaker. Because they are trying to impeach Biden already. Thing is, it won't work because democrats control the Senate and they aren't gonna boot Biden for a witch-hunt. And that is exactly what it is. Republicans have called witnesses at Biden's impeachment hearing and even the witnesses said there is no evidence of Biden's wrong doing. But republicans don't care. This is their plan. 

Would Trump even consider being Speaker? I doubt it because he would have to drop out of the presidential race. This all sounds ridiculous, I know. It's all a long shot that won't happen. But republicans are trying to make it happen. That's the thing. I'm personally not even worried about it. I just thought this was quite interesting actually, to say the least, that those extremists are still obsessing about this plan to reinstate Trump.

When congress prevented a government shutdown this past Friday, it is only good for 45 days. So some time in November we will be having this fiasco again while republicans have no Speaker, which means it is very likely our government will shut down over the holidays and ruin a bunch of federal employees Christmas because they won't get paid. Republicans don't give a shit about Americans and continue to hold the country hostage if they don't get their demands. And they are willing to do all this in order to block Ukraine aid and protect Putin and sacrifice the economy in the USA. All because republicans are a bunch of crying spoiled fascist brats who hates this country. And they are becoming more and more open about their support for Russia. 

To be continued... More to come, for sure!!!

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