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Reality vs Adventure

USA caste system and Jim Crow laws were researched by German eugenicists to help form the Nazi Nuremberg Laws

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We all know the USA has a major racist problem, but I have come to learn that just maybe, maybe a more correct term would be a caste system in the USA that has also held down Europeans that first came to this country with the English being at the top of the caste system. Eventually all Europeans became at the top of the caste system while blacks and others were always kept at the bottom, purposefully, and still happens today. The 'white privilege' is the top of the caste system.

There is a book called An X-Ray of Our Country:How America's Caste System Has Shaped History by Isabel Wilkerson. 

It describes how American eugenics and the Jim Crow laws which kept black people oppressed, was researched by Nazi eugenicists and those books written by American authors were big hits in Nazi Germany. German researchers were sent to study how the USA subjugated African Americans. Those Jim Crow laws in the USA helped form the Nuremberg Laws in Nazi Germany. That is a pretty incredible piece of information to discover. 

So to look at systemic racism, we actually should be looking at an entire caste system, which I think is the problem in the USA as having our first African American president etc. And the upset of balance to the white privilege caste will ultimately lead to war or genocide in my opinion. And it's a pretty spot on opinion since the USA is repeating history of the Nazis and has an extremely dark racist/caste system. 



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Yeah, and that's ironic the US ended up having to go into a world war and defeat them.  Well, that's why I don't want to pick on Germans.  Racism is a universal thing.  I mean, you can find hardcore antisemites in the U.K.

However, to non-German nations' credit, the populations simply didn't give into racism to the point Germans did.  Nonetheless, I think a lot of Allied policies after World War I fueled it, like rubbing it into Germany.  In that case, so much of the people were in poverty and that bred extremism and especially when the Great Depression hit, it was the nail in the coffin.

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