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Would you rather your farts smell like freshly baked apple pie or your breath is always minty fresh?

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I have pretty good breath so I'd like farts to smell like freshly baked apple pie because when I normally drop some, they claim I'm a terrorist for using such deadly chemical weapons. If you dropped me in Afghanistan and I farted, the Taliban would go back into hiding instantly. Which would you pick and why?

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9 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

My farts are the kind that could rip the stitching out of Levis. But my breath could knock a maggot off a meat wagon. That one's a medical issue though. So I would honestly prefer my breath to always be minty fresh.

Totally understandable in your case but my farts are deadly - I typically have to be very strategic with them in public places so that I can pin it on someone else.

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