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The Blackangel

Will Be Gone

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On 10/13/2021 at 9:06 PM, The Blackangel said:

Yeah, none of it is a major issue. I just want the AC/heat checked out because when I tried to put the AC on, it just blew hot air. Thus, my window was down the whole way home. But I have gotten too modernized. I've gotten so used to cars having a single key that functions as both a door and ignition key, that I forgot that older GM vehicles had a separate door and ignition key and forgot to ask for the door key when I bought the car. All I have at the moment is the ignition keys. So I'm gonna have to use my slim jim to get the door open in order to drive it to the shop. But the guys there are really good, so I know they could put in new key locks for the doors for me. I'm not sure what that would cost, but I know they can do it.

My girl however, is pissed at me though. She wants to take it to work when it's all licensed and good to go, but NOBODY DRIVES MY BABY BUT ME.

I never knew Gm vehicles were like that - can you imagine just losing one of the keys?

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