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The Blackangel

Will Be Gone

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I don't know if it matters, or if anyone cares, but starting this Friday (10-8-21) I will be gone for several days. We're flying out to Indiana to buy my dream car, and then driving back. We'll be stopping at hotels on the way, So we may not be back until Monday (10-11-21). Hopefully we'll be back sooner, But there's always the chance that we won't be back before the work week starts. We're not going to push ourselves, because I'm not taking the chance of hurting my car. If I get drowsy, we're stopping. And with this car, no one drives it but me. It's my baby, and I'm taking care of it as if it were a human child. I don't know if I've posted a pic of it yet, but either way here she is.

1987 Chevy Camaro Iroc-Z T-top




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20 hours ago, Reality vs Adventure said:

Wow, a true beauty. I hope you have garage space to keep it out of the weather. Enjoy!!!

We're working on cleaning out the garage this week to make enough room for her.

10 hours ago, killamch89 said:

Yeah, we looking forward to an update.

I'll post some updates when I get her home. My best friend and her son want to model on it, so I may take some shots like that. I'll block out their faces, but I may get some good modeling shots of her. I think my niece wants to model on it too. So she may get in on that. But either way, I'm posting a bunch of pics once I get her home. I do have other pics from the current owner that I can post if anyone is curious.

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12 hours ago, The Blackangel said:

I decided to say screw it and post the rest of the pics that I currently have.



Camaro 3.jpg

Camaro 1.jpg

Camaro 2.jpg

Camaro 5.jpg

Camaro 6.jpg

Camaro 7.jpg

Camaro 8.jpg

Camaro 9.jpg

Camaro 10.jpg

That V8 Engine looks sweet. Have you tried redlining it as yet? Also, the interior looks well maintained for the most part. You got a pretty good deal...

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