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Halo Infinite improves progression in new update

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Halo Infinite has updated their progression system from only 50xp per game to 300xp 1st game, 200xp for game 2 and 3, 100xp for games 4 to 6. After game 6 it will go back to 50xp for playing a game.

Here is the article: https://www.windowscentral.com/halo-infinite-343i-increases-xp-battle-pass-progression

 My thoughts on this: As someone who spent two weeks trying to rank up to tier 1, and then managed to get to tier 4 in one day, this made progression far better. I would still like to get exp from playing good, but 343i has at least made the progression from bad to okay.

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This whole thing is crap - why not get experience per match at a fixed rate? Microsoft and others continue to screw up their best games with their greed and it's quite sad. I was excited by the announcement but the in-game issues have made me interest wane after a few days.

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