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The Blackangel

Americans Should Be More Upset About The Right Wing Assault On Education And Teachers

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8 hours ago, LeoGrun said:

they are able to place additional restrictions on the media that the U.S. government cannot because we have the first amendment 'right to be stupid'.

The U.S. government can’t put restrictions on media because we have the 1st amendment? Shouldn’t banning books fall under that violation of the 1st amendment? 17,000 digital books were banned even for adults at a public library in Texas by a state judge. Shouldn’t banning discussion of history fall under the violation of the 1st amendment? If a student asks a question, can’t the teacher be allowed to answer without fear of losing their job? Shouldn’t banning diversity in college courses fall under the violation of the 1st amendment? This is like the 1950’s red scare where republicans are trying to fire and jail teachers and librarians, and fire, sue, and get rid of tenure of professors all for being considered woke. This is the 2020’s ‘woke scare.’ Same thing.

The 60’s civil rights movement is easy to explain why it happened, because most of those old slave states segregated blacks. Racism in the 80’s and 90’s and even today has a lot to do with systemic racism. Yes, it does exist. But if anyone says systemic racism exists, then others may say:

9 hours ago, LeoGrun said:

racism is a social tool used to control people

Claiming racism “is a social tool to control people” is like stating systemic racism doesn't really exist and is only used as propaganda to control voters and make them paranoid. No, saying systemic racism exists means we should be aware of it and try to fix it by banning racist gerrymandering so that representatives are not racially motivated in their legislation and they will be forced to legislate for all people in their non racially gerrymandered districts. Even the supreme court ruled that Alabama violated the constitution by racially gerrymandering blacks out of their representation and Alabama, currently today, refuses to honor the supreme court ruling and the state legislators should be criminally charged. Gerrymandering is the most dominant factor contributing to systemic racism. Unfortunately, banning gerrymandering requires a constitutional amendment which republicans would never vote for because many of them condone systemic racism. But of course, that’s all just progressive propaganda to control people right? Critics that think fighting racism is a progressive idea belittles the need to fight racism as if it's just a political ideology instead of a humanitarian issue everyone should be concerned about. Kind of like saying we need clean water is just a progressive ideology but the whole world needs clean water! How is that political or a progressive issue? The supreme court just ruled against clean water regulations. Plus a great example of systemic racism is the Flint Michigan water crisis which had lead in the water greatly affecting a dominant black community and the republican governor and other republican politicians were criminally charged for covering up and neglecting to do anything about it. 

9 hours ago, LeoGrun said:

Anyway, the problem isn't that history must be told as a narrative, or that that narrative might benefit some people. History does not really exist in factual absolutes most of the time. The only real solution is to attempt to teach competing narratives and perspectives. We shouldn't teach in a way that presents slavery as a correct or good thing. However, teaching slavery in a way that explains why it was useful and to whom it was useful is important (this answer is not actually just 'white people', by the way). Understanding that racism is a social tool used to control people, not just the people who are being transgressed. Rather, the group in power controls each other with racism to create fear and a common enemy. Of course in the real world you're more likely to marry outside your race than your tax bracket, but never mind that. 

I’m sorry but I have to disagree. Maybe I’m missing the point of what you are trying to say, no offense. Let’s talk about these 3 concepts: 1) Teach competing narratives and perspectives 2) Teaching slavery why it was useful and to whom it was useful 3) Racism is a social tool used to control people.

1) There are some wrongs in this world where there is no middle discussion to be had, or competing perspectives, and genocide and slavery are those wrongs. People who want to have competing perspectives take it the wrong way and will try their pro nzi propaganda. Republicans have tried to push opposing views in history and there was a secret recording of a school board meeting at Southlake Tx, Caroll ISD, where a school official said there should be books of opposing views about the Holocaust. You see, that’s what happens when you push for opposing views of violations of human rights because that opposing view is from the view of the oppressor. Imagine if that was never secretly recorded. And imagine how many schools actually have proposed similar opposing views and was never caught or recorded all because of a false belief that everything needs opposing views.

2) I may need you to clarify what you mean by how slavery was useful and to whom it was useful. I know it was free labor and free sexual abuse and it was a market to sell off humans. So we know it was useful to oppressors. And that’s it. To even think slaves benefited from any skill is wrong. They benefited from their freedom! And in the long run, slavery has made those southern slave states less competitive, least educated, and take the highest amount of government aid because they were too dependent on slavery and segregation to actually better their states. And of course there will be other factors at play, but it's no mere coincidence that many of those former slave states under perform most other states. 

3) I've explained a bit above how thinking racism is a social tool used to control people is not a correct assumption because systemic racism is in fact a real thing. I believe you are half right and half wrong. You are right because look what happened to the Jews during the Holocaust. That was racism used as a social tool at its finest. Even today republicans are using the powers of government to make white supremacist style laws. Their authoritative agenda is to racially divide people and demonize minority groups, and make laws suppressing them. This is the type of thing that leads to genocide. Democrats or progressives aren't making laws to ban discussion of history, ban diversity, ban books, suppress voters, etc. So yeah, racism is a tool used to control people, and republicans are exercising that tool through power of the government. Progressives and democrats use power of awareness and public opinion. Republican philosophy is against the larger public opinion and so they have given up trying to expand their voting base and instead are bent on taking rights away. Their recent coup attempt is a perfect example how they just want to take power instead of earning it from the people. And they are using kids as political props in two fronts: one is to declare everything as porn and ban it, even books for adults at public libraries. And two, declare everything is CRT or woke and ban everything else including more books written by minority authors. A poem written by a young black girl, Amanda Gorman, for President Biden's inauguration was banned in schools. That really saddens me because I remember posting a video of her giving her poem during the inauguration right here on VGR. And I really liked it, but it got banned.

If making a civil rights amendment to give people freedom is the same thing as using racism to control people, then I'm baffled. Luckily that's not the case. All you have to do is look at what bills are being passed and by who. Democrats are not making bills to oppress people out of racial victimhood. Republicans are making bills to oppress people out of their claims of racial victimhood. 

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Right after Florida passed its new standards that teaches schools that blacks benefited from slavery, now Florida has approved of a non-accredited curriculum called PragerU for K-12 grade. And it is a far right extremist ideology, I mean don't take my word for it just look it up on their website. There are a series of videos that teachers can now use to show kids and let me give you some titles of those videos: 

ESG: Woke to Broke

What does diversity have to do with science?

Was the civil war about slavery?

The inconvenient truth about the democratic party

Why I left the left

What are judeo-christian values?

The truth about gender affirming care

Should you care about Israel?

The DEI disaster

Why Americans are buying guns

The sexualization of children

Who wants to follow California?

The whiteness of wokeness

I mean, this list of videos just goes on and on and this is the material now allowed to be shown to kids? The whole point of anti CRT and the laws passed for schools was to get rid of any politicization of schools!!! So it was all just a lie obviously. Laws for you but not for me. They say everything woke, liberal, or democratic is wrong, but everything a republican says is approved by the state. This is officially what indoctrination actually is!!! Teachers are now allowed to teach this junk in Florida. Yes, we are looking at a nazi regime in the works right before our eyes. 



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Holy Shit!!! 

Another day, more suppression of students! This time it's Texas. The new Houston Independent School District Superintendent who oversees HISD, the largest school district in Texas encompassing Houston, the 4th largest city in the country, will eliminate librarian positions in 28 schools and turn those libraries into disciplinary centers. I mean, am I supposed to start cussing how ridiculous this is, or find some logical explanation? No, it speaks for itself. It's a specific attack on Houston schools because Houston is a liberal area. So that's why they are doing that to Houston schools, and not any other schools in the state of Texas. It's systemic racism, open discrimination. The Texas governor also attacked the city of Houston, and only Houston by making voting suppression laws ONLY FOR THAT CITY ALONE!!! I mean the whole state has voter suppression now, but the new laws only attack Houston by saying if voting machines run out of paper in Houston, then the election has to be void and redone. Yeah, so now the governor is gonna make sure to not allow Houston to order enough paper right? haha. So now, no other school in Texas will eliminate librarians and turn libraries into disciplinary centers, only Houston. What message is that sending? That punishment has a greater need than libraries? Psychologically, students could associate libraries as a punishment area? What symbolism is this? Disclipine is the focus for Houston instead of books? And of course we all know these are baby steps. It will continue to get worse and worse as more and more books get banned. So libraries in Houston with be bare dusty shelves and filled with kids who have behavior problems? 

Look, I've been in this position before in school. I was always late for school and yeah I skipped classes. So I was sent to ISS or In School Suspension where I had to sit alone all day at a desk, couldn't talk or do anything the whole school day. And I was always late to ISS so I would get an extra day, another extra day. My teachers began to forget to send me any homework and I would just sit there all day with nothing to do and my grades were failing. I would always have to go to them after school and ask for homework, and they would send me a pile of shit I didn't know where to begin. Then they would just forget about me again. I had so many days accumulated, I was forced to start the next school year in ISS. At that point, plus a fight here and there, I got kicked out and had to end up doing homeschool. I know exactly what they are doing to these libraries. I know what it's all about. Those kids are gonna rack up more days, get left alone in there for behavioral issues, and they will miss out on their friends and other school activities and always be stuck there in the fake library to be disciplined. And that's the whole point. Texas wants to punish Houston for being liberal. They are blatantly attacking schools and elections for that city alone, not for other cities in the state. This is sick. It's vindictive, hateful, fascist, racist, and just fucked up. 




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We modeled our government system after the Romans. We all know their civilization collapsed partly due to the governing system they used. The American government was predestined to collapse and throw the country into complete chaos. That's what's happening right now. Chaos is ruling the land. The government has no power anymore. The title "President" is just that. A meaningless title. No different than calling someone "doctor" like Dr Martin Luther King Jr. We have no country anymore. If someone was to invade, we would fall immediately.

This wasn't a bad country 30+ years ago. I just wonder who it is that's going to overtake us. Probably either Russia of North Korea.

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I know governor DeSantis is trolling the USA to be relevant and it makes me look like a troll having to share what is going on. It seems every week now Florida is banning things from schools. This needs to be heard though. Are you ready? DeSantis is now attacking Shakespeare's novels because republicans think Romeo and Juliet sexualizes children and could now be banned, among other Shakespeare stories. Not only that but Florida wants to now ban psychology college credit courses for seniors because the subject material contains gender and sexual orientation. What psychology course doesn't have some of that in it?  What the fuck ever, bunch of prude ass dip shits. Colleges are saying that they will not accept any alteration of their college credit psychology course. If it is altered, it will not be accepted as credit. So now Florida wants to ban the course. 

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Republicans have banned African American history college credit course for seniors in another state, Arkansas. Their reason is because they now say African American history is indoctrination. Other states are reviewing the course and no doubt will get banned in every red state. 

1) Florida and Arkansas banned African American college credit course

2) Around 30 states have either banned or trying to ban CRT, discussion of racial history in schools

3) Florida schools now teach blacks benefited from slavery

4) Florida is now using a non accredited PragerU to show right wing propaganda videos to kids in schools

5) Texas banned discussion of civil rights amendments to the constitution in schools

6) Red states are now banning diversity and inclusiveness in universities

7) Psychology college credit course is under attack in Florida 

8] It's open season to ban whatever book you want, except not the bible

9) Teachers can now go to jail for having a banned book

10) Public libraries are shutting down, and republicans are proposing to jail librarians

11) Entire catalogs of digital books by the thousands are getting banned

12) Texas and Florida has terminated people in their education dept and instated their political cronies

13) Texas is turning school libraries into detention centers in the largest county of the state, Harris County Houston

14) Tenure is being taken away from professors, censoring their free speech and research

15) Affirmative Action is banned from college acceptance, now they are trying to ban scholarships for minorities

16) Trans in sports is getting banned, required genital exams of kids 

17) Can't say any gender related terms in Florida schools

18) Public taxes is now legal to be used for tax exempt private religious schools

19) School football coaches, teachers can now openly pray in the classroom  

20) Texas forced all schools to hang a large poster of the 10 commandments in all classrooms   

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