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On 5/1/2022 at 7:42 PM, egghead said:

I am a spiritualist, I do not think God created the earth in 7 days. I don't believe in the stories written in the theologies. However, I believe there is a super power that made it cause everything the scientists are telling us. I don't think anything happened in its own.

So far as I understand, Christianity is basically LORE, and is just fragments of a very ancient -- or several ancient -- religions. To take a book, clearly written by people (not a "God") as uncontested fact is suspect. But that doesn't mean that it isn't based on real events.


My view is that the majority of religions are for control, but could also be referencing great wars of the past (likely still going on today) between literal good and evil; and I believe they also reference great catastrophes. The simple mentioning of "evil" to somebody can trigger a snicker from them because you actually have to encounter evil people to understand that they exist, are very real, that they are very active, and that they mean very serious business. 


The leader of the evil tribe in many religions is a member of what are called the "Archons" (effectively a form of bi-pedal, upright walking humanoid reptilian creatures). The "Snake" in the Bible that tempted Adam and Eve in the original translation was actually a bi-pedal, upright, walking humanoid reptile creature -- but it was edited out in future revisions.


The "Chieftain" among the Archons (or what could be the "Draconians") would be Satan, or Shaytan. The Chief Archon I personally believe has a decent probability of being real, and if it is real, has a significant footprint in the modern day world and politics. It's just a really smart and evil creature that is the head of a reptilian tribe that has different innate abilities by contrast to human beings, so his (or "their") goal is allegedly to create a carbon copy of the authentic version of reality for a plethora of reasons. 


If the Chief Archons had people arguing to the public on behalf of what they seek to do with humanity and its world, we could call those people arguing the Archon's "attorneys", effectively arguing their case while the Archons hide in the shadows doing the manipulation. In some religions, the Archons are call Djinn. As unfortunate as it might sound on this board, with it appearing to lean left as usual with a gaming forum, the Archons attorneys would (currently) be elements of the left wing media machine and its cohorts. Not that Republicans are angels; many of them are terrible, and many of them are RINOs(Republicans In Name Only). But there is a small faction of Republicans that are what you would call a "populist" wing.


If the ancient "Archons" exist, which they probably do and could probably be actually found pretty easily; they would seemingly not like the "populist" wing of the Republican party -- because it isn't really the same Republican party from several years ago. It's very creative, flexible, and unpredictable. One of the characteristics that humanity has is innate creativity, whereas the THEORETICAL archons are like masters at counterfeit and copying other stuff. So if you thought of a good thing to patent as a human being to make great money and help humanity; that would be your innate ability to do that. But the hypothetical archons would be experts in basically stealing your patent info for themselves.

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14 hours ago, ForwardSlashDownPoke said:

It's correct that CRT is more or less taught in "higher education" areas, if you could actually refer to some colleges teaching such courses as "higher education"; however, it has been revealed to have been taught at lower levels on the news.


I've seen the lefts modules that are part of CRT or a reflection of it, and all it is is basically teaching other to hate white people.

You're watching right wing conspiracy theories. It's not even offered in lower education like high school or grade school.

That is another right wing squawking point. No one is being "taught" to hate white people. They either like us or don't. This "white persecution" the right wing loves to use is, in fact, complete bullshit.

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