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RIP Jimmy Wang Yu

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If you're familiar with old school martial arts movies, you may know him from his role as a fighter who loses an arm, but still proves to be a tough cookie. 

His health wasn't great in recent years, having suffered two strokes. He never really made many public appearances.

He passed today, which is also my mother's birthday. 

Happy birthday, mum! 


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Read from the starting to the end of the article you shared concerning death of 'Jimmy Wang Yu's death. I felt emotional reading it, he is a popular face in the Taiwan movie industry. He will always be remembered by his performance in the movie tilted: 'One-Armed Swordsman. May his Gentle Soul RIP. 

Happy birthday to your Mom as well, 

Happy Bad good day, lol 

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I miss Lik Cheung as well. He was in a movie called Karado: The Hong Kong Flash. It was a number-one movie in the US during 1973, around the time these type of movies kicked off. But I don't know if he's still a living person.

Lik Cheung was cast in a lot of poor quality, forgettable, Bruceploitation movies, sadly, but he was a heck of a fighter. Normally, they had an actor with a similar alias to Bruce Lee partnered with Lik Cheung, as they battled that huge guy named Bolo Yeung, before his JCVD fame took hold.

In fact, when Lik was younger, he looked like Bruce Lee, but then he had an obvious resemblance to Jackie Chan. He may have retired from acting in films because they basically tried to make him come across as a rip off of Chan. Anybody else would have gotten fed up of that too. 

Unfortunately, no information is available for Lik Cheung online, as his IMDb entry only has his credits and stage names, with no other information listed. Hong Kong databases also have no major information on him as a person. He was also occasionally billed as Chang Nik, or Chang Li at times. He's likely glad to be away from the industry (if he is still alive). 

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