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Do you like playing Games alone or with friends?

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5 hours ago, Dannyjax said:

Such a mood for me isn't always about the game I'm going to be playing but how I feel internally which would be better if I play alone and switch off from playing online with any friends. I would have more satisfaction playing alone at the time than playing with friends. 

Sure one, their are some point when you feel, you just needed to play alone and not sharing gaming time with anyone, just you and AI opponents. 


1 hour ago, Heatman said:

If you're my friend, I feel that you have the right to correct me whenever I'm doing something wrong. It's what friendship is about for me which is making and helping each other get better. It was why I had to understand his reasons for doing that. 

I understand, that's what close friendship is all about. To keep it going, you just have to over look so e certain conditions or acts from your friend. And again, attention is needed to each other, and not divided attention just as you've explained. 

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