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  1. Definitely Kanye west, Elon musk , Michael Jordan , Changpeng Zhao and Rihanna.
  2. That's true mate, if people can avoid unnecessary sex I think they wouldn't get pregnant and have to bring kids into this world without much preparation.
  3. Home sweet home for me. Well I'm always indoors most of the time this days.
  4. When my grandmom was hospitalized we were not given the opportunity to spend enough time with her, the hospital only allowed two persons in the ward at a time and on a weekly basis.
  5. Headaches aren't friendly at all. Lol I rather work alone than been on pain relieving medications because I am trying to work with a particular group of people.
  6. Yeah mate, some friends are really good and can be a good source of inspiration and that's why I don't keep many friends but only a few that I share such a close bond of friendship with.
  7. Thanks for the review, a friend of mine actually recommended whogohost to me as a good hosting company, but I would check up the others you mentioned , I already know about namecheap but I haven't heard much about GoDaddy.
  8. I can't read but I can communicate with people through speaking and I could ask them questions and they could help me interpret the things I can't read and teach me how to read again. Remember as a kid you couldn't read without assistence but as you continued learning now you can do well on your own, as long as the thread didn't include taking away my ability of learning then I could learn how to read again in no time.
  9. I think inflation is getting really High in many regions of the world, mine isn't an exception, the prices of things now cant even be compared to what it was ten years ago.
  10. At this point I don't buy crypto currency long term I just buy and sell and get my profit no matter how little. Keeping Crypto currency at this time can be very risky but if you enough funds you can buy and keep.
  11. To me that OFC isn't generic just because it bears a similar name to another brand. If you have actually visited the place you would still see that they have various differences between the two restaurants. Just like mobiles phones which have similar features and look but bear different names like how Techno and infinix Mobile phones are,I wouldn't call that generic as long as the design or whatever isn't patented.
  12. I like to keep relationships alive as long as it is not toxic, so I do create time for friends , hangouts and family but work time is for work , how else am I going to pay the bills.
  13. Modern is just a word and modern of today could be the outdated of tommorow, I am just an Individual with good reasoning and enjoys to live my life as best as I could, popular opinions doesn't compel me any bit if it doesn't sound reasonable.
  14. That's my point exactly, some branded products genuinely boasts of good quality as well and is worth the price, while some are just overpriced or overhyped and the generic products could even serve more efficiently than the branded products.
  15. Trust means friendship to me, and if you break my trust it would take a miracle before I can trust you again, but I could still hang out with you maybe if we settle our differences but the deed is already done and there is no way I could trust you 100% as I did in the past.
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