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  1. Well, he hasn't said the worst statement ever made on the internet or the news so fans should be a bit easy on him and since he didn't in any way directly insult her person but made a rather sarcastic comments about her.
  2. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks this game has been taking too long to release already. New trailers are released daily and my curiosity is already to the roof I just want the game to released.
  3. This is sad. The legacy he left behind and the fun gamers derived from playing the games he developed Would not be forgotten.
  4. I could remember we had a conversation about this game @Kane99 and I said the hype that it got is always going to get people into playing the game but so far I am not hearing much about it on the internet to give us the impression that's it's doing really well. I am impressed by this as well though I already gave up the thought of getting this game.
  5. This is interesting, so we could just give a voice command and the video game automatically loads on our screen. Well that's good and I am looking forward to what this technology would be like when it is eventually released to the market.
  6. That's true, multi platform Games sells faster you could make a game with so much interest and people who are currently anticipating its release an exclusive in the first few week just to give it more attention since people would be very curious as to what the final release is like and after a couple weeks release it on other platforms that has usually helped to boost sales for some games in the past.
  7. They aren't even planning bringing more exclusives to Xbox but instead it said that we would getting fewer and fewer exclusives in the coming years. There isn't any need whatsoever to make cod an Xbox exclusive.
  8. It's been almost a year since the first announcement of this game was made and i think they should release it already , I don't know the exact date but I think they've taken it to 2023. I enjoyed the earliest release of sonic and since this one is coming out in this generation of Consoles I hope it is worth our time as well.
  9. They are capable in my opinion they have worked on a number of interesting series like halo , the witcher they were also on crysis and evil dead. Judging from their past performances they are more than capable to develop this game on their own.
  10. I thought by now we've already gotten used to what 2k games does and the micro transactions that is always featured in their video games. At this point I am not concerned if they still choose to go that Lane but I am only hoping the design and performance isn't as buggy as what we got in WWE 2k22 and other WWE Games they've developed in recent times. If the performance of this game is good and comes with quality game play just like what we have in fortnite I think that would compensate for all the micro transactions that is in them.
  11. An interesting comment, in general he isn't sueing them Based on a more broader reasons but he is only sueing them Based on Sony's activities in the UK. I don't think this case is going to go in favor of him but he is fighting for a good purpose and over here the price of the more recent PlayStation 3 , 4 And 5 are really expensive even for the average man we just buy them because we love video games.
  12. I don't really know anything about breaking bad TV show. But if their show is as good as I have read it to be on this thread I don't think video game development is something that is far fetched, with the right plot first created then working to develop characters that would make a statement and then the working mechanics in general. And I really feel the game shouldn't be exactly what the show is they could bring in new ideas and a lot of plot twist to make it interesting.
  13. Atari had a good run in the late 90's in terms of console and they haven't really been doing so much since they were outperformed by other competition, the NFT is a way of them getting back into the gaming world since NFT's are speculated to be used in VR world.
  14. I wanted to mention COD but I remembered I just loved first person shooter games and COD happens to be one of them I got hooked. I actually was anticipating the release of black - ops back then and got it immediately it dropped.
  15. Beavis was such a nuisance and was prone to making irrational decisions throughout the game. If there is a physical copy available right now I would go in search of it this is one of those such games I want to add to my collection.
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