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Is The Matrix Awakens Becoming a Full Game?

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Remember that tech demo you could download that came out during the recent Matrix movie? It was done in Unreal Engine 5 and I guess there's rumors that this little demo, could in turn become a full fledged game. Honestly I'd be for that, even though I'm not really into the Matrix. What they showed during that demo was pretty awesome. But, could they replicate that into a full on game? I honestly don't know. 

The game is actually being delisted tomorrow, and that's why people are thinking it could point to a possible game coming down the line. What do you think? 

Read more here - https://www.fortressofsolitude.co.za/is-the-matrix-awakens-becoming-a-full-game/

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There are so many things to factor that drawing such a conclusion with the limited info we have right now is pointless. It could also just as easily fade into obscurity for all we know. Until we get some kind of official announcement, I'd hold off on drawing any conclusions as to the future of this demo.

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